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We can never get enough of the antics from the multi-talented Jim Jefferies, the Australian stand-up comic star has succeeded in creating a cottage out of “stupidity”. He is one of the prolific comedians making waves in the American entertainment industry. His unparallel comic skills have made him a fan-favourite; thus keeping him in the limelight for a long time.

Interestingly, he is not just a comedian, Jim is also an actor, screenwriter, and political commentator. He played a recurring role alongside Peter O’Fallon in the 2013 FX series titled Legit and he is currently the star of the popular late-night comedy show titled The Jim Jefferies Show since 2017. Learn more about the comic star below.

Who is Jim Jefferies?

Jefferies was born as Geoff James Nugent in Sydney, Australia on February 14, 1977. He was raised in Sydney where he got his basic education. He obtained a bachelor’s degree in musical theatre and classical music from the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts situated in Perth. Adopting the name Jim Jefferies, he started his comedy career while he was in the academy and after his graduation; he moved back to Sydney where he performed as a standup comedian at different clubs and shows.

He Explored New Comedic Territories in the United States

In search of a larger audience, Jefferies decided to take his career to the United States where his professional career began in earnest. While in the States, he became a regular performer at the Manchester Comedy Store. He got his breakthrough in 2007 when he was attacked by someone from the audience while he was doing his normal routine at the store. After the incident, Jefferies not only became popular; he also garnered international recognition. He further incorporated the footage of the incident into his comedy video titled Contraband, released in 2008.

While his popularity continued to increase, Jefferies released his first box office comedy special titled I Swear to God in 2009. He started performing in popular events including Glastonbury Festival, Fringe Festival in Edinburgh, Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Just For Laughs Festival, and Reading and Leeds Festival, among others. He also featured on Comedy Central sitcoms such as Edinburgh and Beyond, Comedy Blue and The World Stands Up.

Alongside his fellow comedian Eddie Ifft, Jim started the 2010 podcast tagged Jim and Eddie Talkin’ Shit; the show ended in 2012. He also played a recurring role along with Peter O’Fallon in the FX sitcom titled Legit from 2013 to 2014. However, the series was scrapped after the second season.

He tried his hand in acting with Me and My Mates Vs Zombie Apocalypse

Jim Jefferies made his first film appearance in 2014 starring Alex Williamson and Greg Fleet in the feature film titled Me and My Mates Vs Zombie Apocalypse. The movie was released in Australia in 2015 and the following year, it was released in the United States, UK, and Ireland. He also starred in other movies such as The Librarians in 2014, Punching Henry in 2016 and Killing Hasselhoff in 2017.

In 2017, the comic star started his self-titled show on Comedy Central. The show revolves around controversial issues, politics, culture, and comments on emerging top stories across the world. Currently in its second season, the show has been successful since its inception and has gained millions of fans worldwide.

Additionally, Jim Jefferies has appeared as a judge on comedy panel shows including The Heaven and Earth Show; Never Mind the Buzzcocks, 8 Out of 10 Cats, as well as The Green Room with Paul Provenza and @midnight on Comedy Central. He has guest starred on radio shows such as Fighting Talk, Opie and Anthony, and BBC Radio Saturday Morning Sports Show. The comic icon has also organized several comedy tours in the United States, Canada, Australia, and beyond. You can check his website for more information on his upcoming tours.

How Much is Jim Jefferies Worth?

The Australian comedian has garnered wide recognition through his witty and interesting jokes. He has recorded tremendous success since he followed the path of comedy and has amassed huge wealth for himself. Jefferies’ net worth is currently pegged at $5 million. He earns his fortune from his comedy shows as well as other endeavors.

Family Details

Jefferies with his partner Kate Luyben

Jim Jefferies is from a middle-class Australian family. His father worked as a cabinetmaker as well as a maintenance worker in high schools while his mother earned a living as an auxiliary teacher at his school. According to Jefferies, his mother is a very fat and obese woman; she often yelled at her students which caused him much trouble while in high school. He has two older brothers with whom he was raised. Surprisingly, his older brother was considered the funny one in the family; little did they know that Jim was going to be a great comedian in his generation. He was inspired after watching Eddie Murphy’s comedy tape titled Delirious.

While he is doing what he knows best, Jefferies is also balancing his career with fatherhood. Although he isn’t married yet, Jim had a long relationship with an amazing Canadian actress named Kate Luyben. Kate is well-known for her appearances on television films such as Two and A Half Men, True Blood, Criminal Minds, Legit, and many more.

The pair started their relationship in 2011 and the following year, they welcomed their symbol of love, a son who they named Hank Jefferies. He was born in November 2012. Meanwhile, when Jim is not busy with work, he loves to spend time with his son. He is not married yet because he thinks it’s a horrible idea, thus, he is currently focused on reaching the climax of his career.


The prolific comedian has joined the long list of those who don’t believe in the existence of supernatural beings – atheists. He believes that his religious stance has been a major influence on his success as a comedian; hence, he doesn’t associate himself with any form of religious group or association.

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