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Whatever one thinks of journalism as practiced today, there is no denying that it is still one of the most important professions in our society. As efforts are being made to correct and steer back the profession into an honest and less-flawed path, it is important to take a look at some of the men and women working in the profession. Here, we take a look at Jim Hoffer who is an investigative reporter.

Too many people who follow the news, particularly Eyewitness News and are a fan of Morning Joe’s Mika Brzezinski, are likely to know Jim Hoffer, both as a television personality with a famous ex-wife and as a reporter who has won the much-coveted Emmy award for his work and professionalism. Learn more about him below.

Background Details

Jim Hoffer began his life as the son of Patricia Hoofer on the 1st of November, 1963. The identity of his father is unknown but the notable reporter is believed to have been born in New York where he was raised. If Jim was raised with siblings, that is a fact that is yet to be disclosed.

Outside the familiar dynamic of his upbringing, he had his post-high school education at Temple University, Philadelphia where he studied Communication and Media. Having completed the requirements of the school, he graduated to hold a bachelor of Arts degree in the subject.

Immediately after graduation, Jim Hoffer began his life as an investigative reporter, joining WTIC-TV. After a couple of years with WITC, he moved to Channel 7 where he joined the Eyewitness News Investigative Team. He joined the popular investigative team in June 1998 and has remained with the team ever since.

Over the course of his time working for Eyewitness News, Jim Hoffer has worked on several stories with a few of them earning him the prestigious Emmy Award. He is famous for a 2009 report about a gas company, Con Ed which had poor evacuation policy for gas leaks. A further report on the company in 2014 showed that the company has a backlog of 811 unrepaired leaks, one that sparked security outcry in New York.

In another report, Jim Hoffer investigated the alleged sexual assault of Justin Kuchma who was an inmate at Rikers Island. Also in another, a report led to the closure and criminal prosecution of a Medicaid fraud operation in Harlem. His multiple hard-hitting stories have resulted in several Emmy Awards that his Ex-wife once said freaked him out when they were spread across their house.

His Personal Net Worth

Journalism can be highly rewarding financially, especially for those who appear on television as anchors or hosts. It isn’t, however, a financial remuneration scale shared by every aspect of journalism, thus making some like investigative on-field reporters less wealthy than their network television peers. Regardless, having spent several years in the industry, delivering excellence, Jim Hoffer has been able to amass a net worth of $2 million.

His Marriage to Mika Brzezinski Lasted 23 Years

Not every great thing is meant to last, regardless of what they might be. Jim Hoffer got married to a fellow journalist, Mika Brzezinski in October 1993 but the marriage came to a complete end in June 2016 after they got separated in 2013.

The couple had met while they were on their jobs working for WTHN-TV in 1992. They went straight to the altar after about a year of dating during which they had two daughters – Emilie and Carlie. Emilie, their oldest was born in 1996 and is a graduate of John Hopkins University while their second daughter is a graduate of Dartmouth College and was born in 1998.

His Wife is the Daughter of Former National Security Adviser

Jim Hoffer
Jim Hoffer’s ex-wife Mika Brzezinski during an event

Mika Brzezinski is one of America’s most powerful faces on television, particularly in Journalism and it isn’t her first experience with power. She was born to Zbigniew Kazimierz Brzezinski who served as a National Security Adviser to Jimmy Carter, a former US President.

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His Wife has Remarried Since their Divorce

Jim Hoffer has not yet returned to the altar for another chance at lasting love but his wife, Mika has. She married her co-host on the popular MSNBC show, Morning Joe, Joe Scarborough in November 2018. It is a not surprising ending as Jim Hoffer is believed to have divorced Mika as a result of extra-marital affairs with Joe.

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