Jillie Mack – Age, Net Worth & All About Tom Selleck’s Wife

Jillie Mack is a British actress who is known for her portrayal of Joanie in Silverfox, an action/adventure/crime movie. She is also known for her work on Adventures of Nicholas at Roaring Camp, a TV movie in which she played Brittany. Over the years, she has won admiration for her calm disposition and very homely outlook.

Apart from being known as an actress, Jillie Mack is also known for being the wife of Tom Selleck, one of America’s most famous and legendary actors who is also a producer and California Army National Guard veteran. Their marriage has been well-talked about and she is admired for the way she handles being married and being a mother with being an actress.

Jillie Mack’s Age and Bio

Jillie Mack was born on the 25th day of December in 1957 in Devizes, a market town and civil parish in the center of Wiltshire, England. Even though she is now widely known by fans as just Jillie Mack, it is noteworthy that her full birth name is Jillie Joan Mack.

The identities of Jillie’s parents have remained vague over the years. Also, it is not certain if she has any siblings with whom she grew up in England. Apparently, this is mainly because she has not spoken much about her childhood and family.

Growing up, she fell in love with dancing and started attending dance classes from when she was a very young girl. She however later took interest in acting when she started school and soon began taking part in stage plays and theatre productions. In fact, by the time she had graduated from high school, Jillie Mack had already participated actively in several high school theatrical productions, gaining lots of experience in acting.

Jillie Mack has since gone on to make a name for herself in the acting industry, winning over many fans who are fascinated with her work. It is noteworthy that it was while taking part in a stage production that she met her husband, Tom Selleck.

Jillie Mack’s Net Worth

Jillie Mack has actively taken part in the making of several TV series and feature films and has also worked extensively in the theatre. In the process, she has won the admiration of several people in the UK and the USA. It is apparent that her work has fetched her a considerable amount of wealth over the years, however her exact net worth at the moment is not public knowledge as it is still under review.

On the other hand, her husband, Tom Selleck is reported to be worth about $45 million.

How She Met Tom Selleck and Became his Wife

After finishing from high school, Jillie Mack gave her entire time to acting and took part in several theatre productions across the United Kingdom. It was during one of her theatre performances that she met Tom Selleck who would later become her husband.

Jillie was, precisely, taking part in the theatre production of a musical, Cats in the UK when she first met Tom. Cats had become very popular because it was a massive hit and Tom had traveled all the way from the US to England just to see it. He became very impressed with Jillie because of her performance in the musical that he met with her after the show and struck up a conversation. They picked interest in each other straight away.

At the time of their meeting, Tom was already a divorcee and so he asked Jillie out to dinner and she agreed. They started dating soon after. They were seen together in many places and fans began to speculate that they were dating.

Jillie Mack
Jillie Mack and Tom Selleck at an event.

After being together for a while, Jillie and Tom got married at a secret ceremony in 1987. The news of their marriage came as a surprise to some fans. The couple has been together ever since their marriage and their love appears to be growing stronger with each day, serving as an inspiration to many admirers.

Their Children

The marriage between Jillie and Tom has produced a daughter called Hannah Margaret Selleck. The couple has always professed their deep love for Hannah whom they constantly dote over. Tom also has a son from his previous marriage called Kevin Selleck. The entire family has lived together in peace for a long time.

Her Movies and TV Series

Jillie Mack has appeared in many TV series and feature films over the years. She made her first appearance on TV in 1984 when she was cast in Magnum, P.I., a TV Series in which she played the role of Sally Ponting. In 1985, she starred in Stephen King’s Golden Tales.

In 1987, Jillie scored roles in two series; first she made appearances in The Wizard then starred as Jayne in Tales from the Darkside. The next year in 1989, she joined the cast of Hooperman.

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Jillie made her first appearance in a feature film in 1991 when she was cast in Silverfox, an action/adventure/crime movie to play the role of Joanie. She was widely hailed for her work in the film. Jillie appeared as Charlotte in Frasier, a TV Series in 1996. The same year, she voiced the role of Brittany in Adventures of Nicholas at Roaring Camp, a TV Movie.

In 1997, Jillie Mack starred in Fired Up, a TV Series in which she played Eleanor. In 2000, she scored a role in The Queen’s Nose. Nearly two years later, she was cast in ER, another TV Series.

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