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As a two-time UFC Light Heavyweight Champion, Jonathan Dwight Jones (more popularly known as Jon Jones or Jon Bones Jones) has every rightful claim to fame – especially in the world of mixed martial art (MMA). Yet, not many people know about his girlfriend (and now, partner) of many years, Jessie Moses.

Here, we are focusing on the mother of three who has been Jones’ girlfriend right from high school. You will get to know quite a lot about her life and career as well as never-told truths about her romance with the MMA superstar. So, please, don’t just go away.

Jessie Moses Bio

The white American, Jessie Moses was born in the year 1998 in Endicott, New York. While we know her mother as Sheila Ryan, details about her father are a total mystery which we are still doing our best to unravel. We don’t also have details about her siblings (if any) or the professions of her parents and other family members. This is most likely because Jessie likes to live low-key and keep her life completely private. So, let us get busy with what we already know about her.

First off, she attended Endicott High School located in Binghamton, New York where her partner Jon Jones was a year her senior. As already hinted, that was where and when the romance between her and Jones got incubated and took off. Not minding that Jones eventually left Endicott to attend Iowa Central Community College, the duo had already bonded enough to continue their relationship which is exactly what happened.

Jessie Moses eventually proceeded to receive her college education at Broome Community College in Binghamton, New York from where she got a degree in political science in 2009. However, the elegant lady has not proceeded to get a job as the custom often demands. Instead, she chose to devote all her time to rearing her children and making her home. She even gives her job description on Facebook as ‘Full Time Mommy’

Details Of His Parents, Partner, and Children

Jessie Moses family
Jessie Moses, her partner Jon Jones and their daughters: Image source.

As already mentioned, very much of Jessie Moses’ family life before her partner came to prominence is in the dark. Thus, we can even know her mother’s name as Sheila Ryan all because Jones credits her for being largely instrumental to his career success.

Coming to her partner Jonathan Dwight Jones, he is a popular UFC MMA fighter. Jones once said that he began his MMA career in April 2008 because he needed to pay his bills. Since Jessie got pregnant while still in school, and Jones did not have any meaningful job at the time, he felt he needed money badly and thought that MMA would be the best place to get that money through.

Meanwhile, he worked as a bouncer at a local pub while he built his MMA profile. Jones went so hard at it that, by the time his first daughter was born, he is said to have won four fights. Apart from being a two-time UFC Light Heavyweight Champion, Jones holds the record for being the youngest UFC world champion ever, having won the championship for the first time at the age of 23.

Jessie Moses’ relationship with the MMA fighter has produced three children. She gave birth to her first child and daughter named Leah on July 11, 2008. In a year and six months, the couple received another baby girl in the person of Carmen Nicole. That was in December 2009. It may interest you to know Carmen was named after Jones ‘ late sister who once died of brain cancer at the age of 17.

In any case, her birth was widely believed to be ill-timed, considering that she arrived in less than two years after her elder sister. Perhaps, in order to make up for this and adjust effectively, the couple waited for another four years before the third girl Olivia Haven was born on 4 March 2013.

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Other Facts About Jessie Moses

1. Jon Jones has given the world a hint as to the secret of his long-term unbroken relationship with Jessie Jones. He testifies to how Jessie’s mother was instrumental for his career success by helping to shape his mindset.

2. Jessie Moses has social media accounts, which is surprising considering her laid-back attitude which makes her try to shun the spotlight. You can be a fan by connecting with her on Facebook or Instagram.

3. Her favorite TV shows are Grey`s Anatomy, Private Practice, Desperate Housewives, and Brothers and Sisters.

4. Jessie Moses’ partner Jon Jones already had a daughter with another woman before Jessie gave birth to her first.

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