Jessica Wetherill – Bio, Family & Facts About Mike Glennon’s Wife

Most people know Jessica Wetherill best as the wife of professional football player Mike Glennon. But, outside of being Mike Glennon’s wife, not much seems to be known about her except that she is evidently not part of the famous world. That’s because Jessica is really not the talking type. That notwithstanding, we have gathered some vital information about her below.

Who is Jessica Wetherell?

Jessica’s date of birth isn’t exactly known but she was born in February 1989. This makes her a few months older than her husband who was born in December of the same year. Her parents are Deborah and Edward Wetherill. She has a degree in Business Administration which she obtained from NC State Poole College of Management. She is of white descent and holds an American nationality. Beyond this information, there are no further facts on Jessica’s early life, childhood, and other related details. Also, her professional career history is scarce.

Jessica Wetherill’s Husband and Family

Jessica Wetherill
Jessica Wetherill, Mike Glennon and their kids – image source

Jessica Wetherill is Mike Glennon’s wife. The couple met in their freshman year while attending North Carolina State University. The college sweethearts had a romantic outdoor wedding in June 2015 and it was fundamentally attended by family and close friends.

The couple welcomed a new member into their family on August 3rd, 2016. His name is Brady and his father had said it will be cool if he becomes a footballer like himself. In November of 2018, the couple announced the arrival of their second child, another son named Austin John.

Mike Glennon is known to a generation of football fans as one of the most famous athletes of the United States. Currently, he plays for Oakland Raiders of the National Football League (NFL). Mike started his NFL career in 2013 and his first contract was with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Virginia native who began to play quarterback from high school has also played for Chicago Bears and Arizona Cardinals.

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Facts About Mike Glennon’s Wife

Her name has changed

Jessica Wetherill adopted her husband’s name right after their wedding. She is now known as Jessica Wetherills Glennon.


Jessica Wetherill’s height is among the many details about her that remain unknown. However, it is obvious that she is some inches above 5 ft as her husband Mike Glennon who is 6 feet 7 inches tall obviously towers well above her.

Net Worth

Just like information concerning Jessica’s professional career is not established, her net worth is also not known. But Mike Glennon has been able to pile up enough wealth for the family. The footballer first drew the attention of football fans worldwide when it was alleged that he could be earning as much as $15 million as his total annual income. Many wondered why he earned that much, given that his accomplishments in the field weren’t hugely significant.

It was later reported that he received $7 million as salary while playing for Tampa Bay Buccaneers which made him the highest-earning quarterback backup in the league. His biggest contract thus far was with the Chicago Bears. Initially, his contract with the team was pegged at $45 million – an amount that shocked many curious football fans who thought his performance in the past wasn’t up to that much.

The public concern appeared to be true when Bears released him before the expiration of the deal and replaced him with newly drafted Mitchell Trubisky. Even though he had only made four appearances during the time, Mike didn’t lose out entirely on the financial part of the deal. He was paid $19 million, including a signing bonus of $3 million, a base salary of $8 million, $5 million in roster bonus and other bonuses.

Also, his two-year contract with the Arizona Cardinals which came immediately his 3-year contract with the Bears was cancelled, earned him $8 million with $4 million signing bonus as guaranteed money. The deal has a base income of $1 million and a cap hit of $2 million.

With this in mind, Mike has gathered $20 million net worth for himself and his family of which Jessica is included.

Social media presence

Jessica is active on social media, especially Instagram. Even though she is not on the loud side which has left her followers at a mere 2,300, she usually allows her little circle to have a glimpse of her precious time with family. The majority of her pictures are those of her husband and two sons having some happy family time.

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