Who Is Jessica Steen? Here Are 5 Interesting Facts You Need To Know

Adored with such great acting skills and gorgeous appearance, Jessica Steen is one of the few Canadians who has achieved so much success in the entertainment industry. The Gemini Award-winning actress has not relented in her effort to make a huge breakthrough in the industry despite being featured in over thirty films.

Among the films that aided her rise to fame include Small Gifts, a TV movie where she acted as Nora, and the police drama series Flashpoint, where she was featured as Donna Sabine. While we look into her other performances in TV movies and series, we would also take a look at other interesting facts about the beautiful actress.


The charismatic and talented actress is a Canadian by the origin and she belongs to Dutch and Scottish ancestry. She was born in Toronto, Ontario, on the 19th of December 1965. Unfortunately, information about her academic background has not been found yet, but it is believed that Jessica had quite a good educational stance following the exposure she received at an early age, thanks to her lovely and very supportive parents.

Talking about her parents, Jessica happens to be among the many actors and actresses whose passion for big and small screens were inspired by their parent’s career in the industry. Jessica’s mother Joanna Noyes has been into acting long before she gave birth to their adorable daughter, while her father, Jan Steen, combines his career as an actor and a movie director. Jessica even co-starred with her mother in the children TV series, The Sunrunners.

Jessica’s Acting Career

Picking up acting as a career at the young age of eight, Jessica made her screen debut with the Canadian TV series The Sunrunners, in which she co-starred with her own mother. After such wonderful entrance into the world of entertainment, Jessica began to receive more acting roles. She appeared as Tracy Gordon in the 1986 movie, Young Again. She also appeared in the Canadian-American science fiction series, Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future which ran for twenty-two episodes between 1988 and 1989Her big screen debut, however, was with the 1989 American drama film, Sing, where she appeared as Hannah Gottschalk.

Jessica’s other movie appearances include Dog Watch, Armageddon, Apocalypse IV: Judgment, Flip Phone, and Left Behind: World at War, to mention a few. As per her appearance in TV series, you will find her in Striker’s Mountain, The Truth About Alex, Walt Disney’s Wonderful World of Color, Christmas in America, Principal Takes a Holiday, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, and many more. Her most recent TV appearance as at 2018, is as Dr. Rebecca Froy in the “Judgement Day” episode of the American medical drama series, Grey’s Anatomy.

Her Net Worth

With an acting experience of three decades and still counting, it is only natural for Jessica Steen to garner a huge amount of wealth. Although her yearly income from acting is not yet known, it has been assumed that she is worth about $2million. The Canadian actress is no doubt enjoying a very luxurious lifestyle.

Is She Married Or Does She Have a Boyfriend?

With the grace and elegance Jessica carries especially while playing a role on both the big and small screen, one would think she would have tons of men around her. But the opposite seems to be the case as the beautiful actress appears not to be interested in relationship matters. Jessica’s silence on the matter has raised some questions about her sexuality. She has not revealed anyone as her boyfriend neither is there any information about her past relationships.

However, there are rumors that Jessica once lost a lover when she was much younger and being affected by it, she has remained reluctant to love again.

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Life Outside Acting

Jessica is full of activities, hence, when not acting she engages herself with some other relevant activities. When asked how she spends her time outside her career, she simply said she does many things. Steen is an animal rights supporter and an environmentalist. She is also skilled in stilt-walking, fire-twirling, and fire-eating. Above all, she is a certified diver.

As someone who also enjoys traveling, Jessica Steen has visited places like  Jamaica, Costa Rica,  South Africa, Caicos, Turkey, New Zealand, Belize, Mexico, Cambodia, Thailand, and many other places.

Height, Weight, and Body Measurements

There’s no gainsaying that Jessica Steen is a beautiful woman. She is 5 feet 3 inches tall and weighs just 54 kg with her chest, waist and hip measuring 34, 25, and 35 inches respectively.

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