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It should be hard to find anyone who doesn’t know a thing or two about Deontay Wilder as he is one of the most famous names among professional boxers. The American boxer held the WBC heavyweight title from 2015 to 2020 when he lost to Tyson Fury in a seventh-round TKO. Even though it is generally known that Wilder has been in a relationship with Telli Swift to whom he is now engaged, she is not the first woman in his life. Before Telli, there was Jessica Scales-Wilder.

Jessica Scales-Wilder is the ex-wife of the popular heavyweight boxer. She is also the mother of three of the professional boxer’s five children. Since this is virtually Jessica’s only claim to fame, coupled with her rather high tendency to be media-shy, facts about her have been hard to come by. However, we will endeavour to provide you with all the facts that are worth knowing about her.

Jessica-Scales Wilder is a Bit of an Actress

She was born as Jessica Lynn Scales somewhere in Alabama. It was also there in the Yellowhammer State that the belle was raised. Although her date of birth is surprisingly missing, Jessica’s father is named Simon Scales while her mother is Lynnette. She is a citizen of the United States of America and belongs to the Afro-American ethnicity.

We are still working to get other details about Jessica-Scales Wilder’s early life and upbringing. As for her career history, we have only been able to find out that she acted in a 2018 short film titled To Stay And To Serve: Life On Wigton’s Homefront. However, we cannot yet tell her exact role in the historical short movie.

Her Marriage to Wilder Is Her Claim to Fame

Her marriage to the famous heavyweight boxer took place in 2009. But the exact date of their wedding is not available to us. Nonetheless, we can tell that the marriage collapsed after producing three lovely kids, but the details of how the marriage ended is still a mystery to the media.

In spite of the obscurity surrounding the life of Jessica-Scales Wilder, her marriage to Deontay Wilder continues to pique the interest of many. The reason for this is not far-fetched, she was once the wife of a world-famous boxer. You simply cannot talk about Jessica-Scales Wilder without making copious references to her ex-husband Deontay. So, here is an opportunity to know the professional boxer to whom Jessica’s public image is tied to.

Jessica-Scales Wilder with her ex-husband and daughter
Jessica-Scales Wilder with her ex-husband and daughter

Jessica’s ex was born as Deontay Leshun Wilder on October 22, 1985. As the former WBC Heavyweight titleholder (a position he assumed in 2015 and held until 2020), he is nicknamed ‘The Bronze Bomber’ for winning the Olympic bronze as an amateur boxer in 2008. Until he was defeated by Fury in February 2020, Jessica’s former husband was rated third best heavyweight boxer in the world by both Transnational Boxing Rankings Board (TBRB) and the highly prestigious American boxing magazine, The Ring.

She’s The Second of Deontay’s Three Partners

Among the women with whom the heavyweight boxer has been publicly identified as romantic partners, Jessica-Scales Wilder comes second. Before her, the boxer had a long-term affair with Helen Duncan. Although the relationship didn’t metamorphose into marriage, it produced a kid. Then, after Jessica, Deontay started dating Telli Swift who is the only one who has featured on E! Network’s WAGS series among the three.

As for Jessica, since her marriage to Deontay ended, she has not been seen with any other man in public. From this, we can presume that she is currently single. But that may not be the case as it’s possible she has a lover but has decided to keep their romance away from the prying eyes of the public.

She Is Not Naieya Wilder’s Biological Mother

Deontay Wilder’s lovely first daughter Naieya made news headlines sometime in 2014 after the boxer announced that she’s been totally undeterred in her life despite being diagnosed with a crippling birth defect even before her birth in 2005. Then, just because the boxer was still married to Jessica-Scales Wilder, many online media began to report that Naieya was Jessica’s first daughter. This is not true, Naieya’s biological mother is Deontay’s first partner, Helen Duncan. So, Jessica is not Naieya’s biological mother, she was once her stepmother though.

Even though Jessica is no longer married to the professional boxer, it is believed that she still plays a motherly role in his first daughter’s life as they nurtured a strong bond when she was her stepmother.

Jessica Scales-Wilder’s Life Now Revolves Around Her Three Kids

Even as she is not the mother of the boxer’s first daughter, she has three kids of her own with the Bronze Bomber. Yeah, Jessica-Scales Wilder shares three lovely kids (two sons and a daughter) with Deontay Wilder. Her sons are Deontay Wilder Jr. and Dereon Wilder while her daughter is Ava Wilder. Their respective birth dates are not available to us yet.

It is rational to believe that Jessica does something for a living and doesn’t depend entirely on what she gets from the boxer as spousal or child support. Nonetheless, her life since she parted ways with Wilder has been very obscure. Hardly can anyone tell what she has been up to but of course, she devotes a lot of time raising her kids.

Like other facts about her, it is not known if she has found another lover but that wouldn’t be a problem as she is a good-looking fellow. An Afro-American lady, Jessica-Scales Wilder has black hair and dark brown iris. Details of her physique such as her height, weight, and other body measurements are still lacking at this time. She is, however, a very attractive woman.

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Her Net Worth Compared to Deontay’s $30.5 Million

For a woman once married to a popular boxer, it is not unusual that a lot of people among other things, want to know how much Jessica Scales-Wilder is worth compared to her ex-husband who is now a multi-millionaire.

Although her career history is not known, Jessica’s net worth is widely estimated at $1 million. There are speculations that the wealth is a result of the child support she gets from her ex-husband who’s worth $30.5 million as of 2020.

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