Jessica Isabel Rowling Arantes – Everything About J.K Rowling’s Daughter

As far as authors in modern literature go, there are fewer names more popular than that of J.K Rowling, the woman whose imaginations birthed generations of literary fans, particularly in fantasy through her Harry Potter series. Harry Potter wasn’t the only thing she created however, she also birthed Jessica Isabel Rowling Arantes, her daughter from a very short marriage to Jorge Arantes.

Unlike her mother who has spent the past three decades in the media spotlight for one reason or the other, Jessica Isabel Rowling Arantes has managed to join a very short list of children of celebrities who have found a way to exist outside the popularity of their parents.

Still, our curiosity is piqued on who she is and we have been able to gather the following information. Learn everything you need to know about Jessica below.

Jessica Isabel Rowling Arantes Biography

J.K Rowling might look upon her daughter, Jessica Isabel Rowling Arantes, with joy as part of the gifts of her beautiful life but when she was born on the 27th of July, 1993, it did not feel like it. At the time, Jessica’s mother was in an abusive relationship with her father, Jorge Arantes, who was a journalist.

When Jessica was five months old, her parents finally got divorced and her mother was forced to raise her as a single mother. The divorce caused Jessica and her mother to relocate from Portugal, where she was born to Edinburgh, Scotland, where the magic of Harry Potter was created.

The first book in the Harry Potter series was published when Jessica Isabel Rowling Arantes was just four years old in 1997. The resulting popularity and fame that came from the book’s publication ensured that details such as the education history of Jessica Isabel remained unknown in order to protect her.

After what presumes was the completion of her academic journey all through college, Jessica Isabel Rowling Arantes appeared on the public scene as an Instagram makeup model. She is also an entrepreneur and has established her own clothing line, ‘JC. Closefit’. She also has a makeup company, Jeisa Arantes Makeup.

Not much is known about the writer’s daughter but since she became an adult, she has since relocated back to Portugal where she continues to live her life away from the attention of the media.

Net Worth

Anyone who has spent considerable time on the internet or who enjoys reading knows Jessica Isabel Rowling Arantes’ mother, J.K Rowling, was once worth a billion dollars, earned from her Harry Potter books. Although she did give a considerable sum out of it away, she is still worth several millions of dollars. The daughter, however, doesn’t share a similar level of wealth although she has lived an admirably comfortable lifestyle for a majority of her life.

Through her makeup and beautician profession, she has been able to earn what many outlets report to be an average of $100,000 per year. If it seems small, you need not worry. She is one of the heirs to a $900 million fortune.

Personal Life

Jessica Isabel Rowling Arantes
Jessica with her husband, Ronny Dias

Part of Jessica Isabel Rowling Arantes advantage to living outside of media spotlight is she has been able to cultivate a personal life outside of the attention and pressure of living up to a media standard. Although born to an English woman, Jessica has spent considerable time living in Portugal, enough to learn the language and be married to a Portuguese man named Ronny Dias.

How long exactly the couple has been together is currently unknown but their relationship has since produced, along with love and companionship, a daughter named Laura Dias. The exact date Laura Dias was born is unknown as well.

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As for her relationship with her mother, her relocation to Portugal and her preference to publicly go by Jessica Arantes does little to show evidence of a close relationship between the two. For now, the state of her relationship with her mother is unknown to the media. But we do know she has two other siblings – David Gordon Rowling Murray, and Mackenzie Jean Rowling Murray, who were born out of her mother’s second marriage to Neil Michael Murray.

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