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Jessi Smiles is a social media star whose path to fame began on the defunct video sharing platform, Vine. She started sharing comedic themed videos at a time when she was told by some people that she was not funny enough. Before too long, she would come to amass over a million followers and continued to go even higher. Apart from Vine, Smiles also has a good presence on Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube where she continues to share her funny videos.

Who is Jessi Smiles (Jessica Vazquez)?

It was on August 17, 1993, that the social media star was born as Jessica Vazquez in Miami, Florida, United States. Of Cuban descent, she was brought up alongside her brother Joey Vazquez but the marriage between her parents Christina and Rubin Vazquez ended when she was still a baby.

Nothing more is known about her father who was said to have worked with AT&T as a technician. On her part, her mother went on to marry a media personality, Joe Ferrero. Smiles has three brothers, one of whom is autistic.

For her education, she found her high school days pretty much not the best time of her life. She revealed that she was mostly misunderstood by people who did not get her jokes. She also suffered from depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder. When she was in her senior year, the social media star was homeschooled.

As a young girl growing up, she had an interest in a lot of things including basketball and becoming a ballerina but somehow, she did not bring herself to settle for one thing for a long time. In spite of all the challenges she had, she considered herself funny and that led her to start her Vine channel which in no time attracted hundreds of thousand followers which later grew into more than 3 million.

Being one of the forefront individuals on Vine, Jessi Smiles decided to start her YouTube channel in 2013 and by 2019, it has already amassed over 900,000 subscribers and close to 100 million views. In 2016, she started her JessiStyles channel which centers on beauty and makeup. The channel has more than 200,000 subscribers and more than 5 million views.

In the same way, Jessica Vazquez also enjoys a good presence on other social media platforms including Instagram and Twitter where she has close to half a million followers and almost a quarter-million followers respectively.

Husband and Children

Jessi Smiles
Jessi Smiles and Nassim Ssimou (Image Source)

Jessi Smiles is a married woman who walked down the aisle with Nassim Ssimou. Nassim, just like his wife, is also a social media star who is very popular on Instagram. The first time the two met was in Los Angeles, outside a gay club. Soon afterward, they started dating and then Smiles and Nassim began living together.

In 2017, she took to social media to announce that she was engaged to Ssimou with whom she was expecting her first child, who was later born in the same year.

Previous relationships

Before meeting the man that later became her husband, Jessi Smiles was in a number of relationships that did not end well for her. She once got into a relationship with a man she was so much in love with that she left home and started living with him, something that was strongly opposed by her family. Unfortunately for her, the relationship did not last long before she was dumped by the boyfriend.

She also got into a relationship with Curtis Lepore, another social media star and actor. Only a few days after they met, they started dating and made it public. This relationship also did not last very long before it ended with allegations from Jessi that she was raped by Lepore who denied the allegations before later pleading guilty to felony assault and then it was reduced to a misdemeanor after a year.

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Being one of those that popularized Vine, she received recognition as one of the best Viners before the six seconds video sharing platform closed for business. Smiles received a nomination for Shorty Award’s Viner of the Year and has been recognized with the same award for Best YouTube Comedian.

Her Net Worth

Smiles has been very successful as a social media star for many years. Thanks to this, she has a net worth that has been estimated to be around $100,000 US dollars.

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