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Jessi Combs is an American lady who dares to redefine every stereotype about the womenfolk that society has built over many centuries. Some people know her as a female welder, but in the ‘what I do’ page of her website, she describes herself as a driver/racer, metal fabricator, TV personality, brand representative, public speaker, and author.

Yes, she is all these and perhaps more. For instance, she is also an auto mechanic. The Drive Magazine that reports on car racing even describes Jessi simply as “the World’s fastest woman” but subsequently modifies the description by adding “…on four wheels”.

Here, we take some time to pay attention to the life, career and family life of this unique woman. We will start off with her biography and net worth, then we dwell on issues around her relationships – like who is her husband in case she is married. Otherwise, we’d try to know who her boyfriend may be. So, come with us for a ride with Jessi Combs.


February 27, 1983 is Jessi Combs’ date of birth while the place is Rapid City, South Dakota. Although we cannot find specific details about Jessi’s family background such as her dad and mom, we have an important bit of information from her background that explains whom she has become. By her own testimony, her grandmother once was into car racing even to the point of becoming the model for the tire maker BFGoodrich (formerly, Goodrich Tyres). The irony is that Jessi never knew this grandmother of hers in person. But it seems she took her car racing gene.

Then, may be, the same love for doing tough things led Jessi Combs to decide to take up a discipline in a male-dominated area, that is, metal fabrication. She was offered an interior design scholarship, but she rejected it. Instead, she went to WyoTech (formerly, Wyoming Technical Institute) in Laramie WY, to undergo their Street Rod Fabrication, Chassis Fabrication, Collision and Refining as well as Trim/Upholstery programs. She eventually graduated with a degree in Custom Automotive Fabrication.

Jessi did not only pass through these WyoTech programs. Instead, she is reported to have graduated from them at the top of her class. So, most probably in recognition of her performance and uniqueness, she got a very special kind of job from WyoTech marketing department as soon as she graduated. Jessi Combs was employed with another student named Ben Bright to build a car from scratch. Jessi and her colleague had only six months to build the car which was to be presented at the Special Equipment Marketing Association (SEMA)’s fair. The job was eventually well delivered and the car was auctioned for charity at the fair.

Jessi Combs car race
Fred Williams of MotorTrends interviews Jessi Combs: Image source.

After the job with WyoTech marketing department, Jessi Combs went ahead to make a mark on her own. She initially had in mind to focus on building car chassis, but with time, she attracted a kind of attention that made her the media sensation she is today. She was invited by Velocity TV (and later, Discovery Channel) to be a guest fabricator on the TV program Overhaulin. Overhaulin is a TV series which showcases a team of mechanics and designers building machines. It has so far aired on three major channels which are TLC, Velocity and Discovery.

Jessi Combs’ work on TV continued. In 2008, she was a presenter for hit show MythBusters to stand in for Kari Byron during the latter’s maternity leave. Between 2011 and 2014, she served as the host of All Girls Garage, a Velocity Channel’s program that showcases an all-female mechanical workshop. In 2011 also, Jessi started recording an auto blog named The List: 1001 Car Things To Do Before You Die. But, as per TV career, Combs is perhaps best known as the anchor of Xtreme 4×4.

Another area of Jessi Combs’ career life where she has made a profound mark is in car racing as already hinted. She has come in the first position in five prominent car racing competitions and second in another three between 2011 and 2017. In 2013, she set a record as ‘the World’s Fastest Woman on 4 wheels’ when she drove the North American Eagle (NaE) Supersonic Speed Challenger with a 398 mph average run and at the top speed of 440 mph. By doing so, Jessi Combs broke a 48 year old record set in 1965 by Lee Breedlove – a 308.5 mph run average.

What is Her Net Worth?

It is from all these sources and more that Jessi Combs has gathered a net worth of $1 million as widely reported. Being that she has not retired yet, you have every reason to believe that her net worth will still increade the more in the years to come.

Is Jessi Combs Married, Who Is Her Husband Or Boyfriend?

There is only one record that we can find of Jessi Combs ever getting married. It is her marriage with a co-host Ian Johnson. But the marriage is said to have survived onlya few months. Perhaps, that’s why details about it are so hard to come by. It is rumoured that the marriage collapsed due to Jessi Combs’ bisexual relationships but we have not been able to confirm this rumour.

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However, apart from marriage, there are reports of Jessi Combs’ several heterosexual romances which seem to cast doubt on the bisexual rumours. She has, for example, been reported to be romantically involved with a number of men such as another of her co-host, Chris Jacobs.

Jessi has also been romantically linked with Patrick McIntyre. But, she later confirmed that her friendship with Patrick is purely platonic. Of late, Jessi’s social media post does not show any indication of her being in any romance. So, it may be safe to assume that she is totally single right now.

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