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More than just being an avenue to spread information faster and educate a multitude of people, bypassing infrastructure deficits, the internet has also become a place to sell goods and services, and through social media, particularly Instagram, modeling, has joined the ranks of services offered through the internet. One woman who has taken advantage of this is Jessenia Vice, a fitness model.

Her life as she herself puts it has been about turning negatives into positives and as a successful model in a competitive field like social media modeling, she has achieved exactly that. Read everything you need to know about Jessenia Vice below.

Who is Jessenia Vice?

Jessenia Vice was born Jessenia Katherine Gallegos somewhere in New Jersey on the 5th of September 1984 to interracial parents and she was raised in Newark. Not much is known about her in terms of siblings or her parents’ profession but as a child, Jessenia battled obesity, well into her high school and teenage years.

By the time she entered her 20s, Vice’s obesity became a health concern which in turn forced her to make a dramatic turn in her lifestyle, kickstarting a journey that has led to her being a fitness expert, model, and trainer.

As her body improved and she got healthier with well-defined body shape, she became a source of attraction for modeling scout and got her early gig as the face of Nelly’s Apple Bottom Clothing. She became the face of several magazine covers from Maxim Espanyol to Shock Magazine.

While her modeling career grew, Jessenia Vice also developed an interest in the entertainment industry and so far, she has made appearances on national TV networks like MTV. She has appeared on The Tyra Banks Show and in multiple music videos for several hip-hop artists, including 50 Cent and Fat Joe.

Jessenia Vice with 50 Cent
Jessenia Vice in 50 Cent’s music video “Big Rich Town” (image source)

Her entertainment career has also seen her work as a radio host and star in the TV show, Crew. Outside of entertainment, Jessenia Vice is also a trained nurse, a personal trainer, and an athlete.

As a social media personality, she exists on Instagram via the handle, @iamjessnia, and on YouTube via the channel, Jessenia Vice.

What is Her Net Worth?

Through modeling for several magazines, becoming the face of brands like O.Y.E Magazine, and income earned from being a fitness trainer, she has been able to accrue a net worth estimated to be around $1 million.

Her Personal Life

Being a public personality, it is expected that those who know her and her fans would be curious to know the man or woman in Jessenia Vice’s life. While it is established that she is straight, a relationship might be off the cards for Jessenia for a while.

Not only is she focusing on her career which has been established to be of diverse interest, but she is also a victim of domestic abuse at the hands of a terrible partner. The damage inflicted by the partner was not only physical but were psychological, causing a drop in her self-confidence.

While she has been able to overcome the immediate troubles of the relationship through the help of her family and friends, the lingering effects still exist. Thankfully, Jessenia Vice is noted for being someone who finds a way to turn a negative experience into a positive one and there is no doubt that in the near future, she will be with a partner who loves and adores her. Until then, the model is single.

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Family Life

Unfortunately, there isn’t much known about Jessenia Vice’s family. While we know that she had a difficult childhood battling obesity, the only other information available to the public is she grew up poor and in a dangerous environment, living among gang members and drug dealers.

However, the economic status of her family has not stopped Jessenia from having a loving and close relationship with her family members, as shown by the troubles her family has helped her overcome in the latter stages of her life.

Other Facts About The Model, Jessenia Vice

  1. Her exercise routines include bodyweight exercises, core exercises, crunches, bicycle kicks, and scissors.
  2. As a fitness enthusiast, Jessenia Vice eats an average of six to seven meals in a day.
  3. She has a body height of 5 feet 3 inches with a weight of 56.7kg. Her body measurements are 34-25-37 inches for her bust, waist, and hips respectively.
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