Best known today for PrankvsPrank, or the PVP channel on YouTube, Jesse Wellens became famous after posting a video of his girlfriend eating cinnamon. The prank went viral after another prank war video was posted by his girlfriend Jeana Smith. The couple started posting videos on their websites before forming a YouTube channel and eventually became famous.

The American vlogger, prankster, artist, diversion analyst, filmmaker, music author, and YouTube star has a total asset worth of $2.26 million.

With close to 10 million subscribers, the YouTube channel PrankvsPrank was voted as the best prankster by the USA today in 2013. Wellens is also a singer and his rap song ‘Cookie Dance’ which he released on iTunes ranked #68 on the UK Singles chart.

On the channel, Jesse Wellens was able to have some videos gathering as much as close to 50 million views, with many others having as much as 30 million views. There are many others that are still between one and two million. Most of his videos are less than 10 minutes long and they cover different kinds of pranks.

Jesse Wellens

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Apart from his prank channel, he also runs BFvsGF where he vlogs about his daily love life with his girlfriend. He also found an acting role on BlackBoxTV and Fight of the Living Dead making him a big name online. Wellens is looking forward to changing his online fame to the mainstream media by working in movies and television series.

Overall, on the prank channel and BFvsGF, they have gotten close to 5 billion views and 19 million followers. In 2015, the show won the Streamy Award for the Best Prank Show and in 2016, it won the award for Best YouTube Ensemble.

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Also, as far back as 2013, USA Today rated PrankvsPrank YouTube’s best pranksters while making a list of its YouTube’s top 10 pranksters.

Mom, Daughter and Girlfriend

Jesse Wellens and Jeana Smith

Looking at the relationship life of Jesse Wellens, it becomes very interesting how life can sometimes bring a goose to a gander. This is mostly because the prankster was able to find love in fellow prankster partner Jeana Smith. The two were in a relationship from 2005 until 2016.

Many fans were not happy with the two breaking up, but as rumours have it, Jesse cheated on Jeana. The two have, however, still remained close even after the breakup and they still appear to be close friends. Reacting to the rumours that he cheated on his girlfriend, Jesse denied it.

Almost at the same time, reports emerged that the prank master has had a long time daughter that he has given up for adoption. According to him, the daughter, who was then 14 years old, but now probably 15, was watching his videos but didn’t know he was her father.

“Ok yes, I may have a daughter. We never met and its killing me. It’s a long and crazy story. I need to get off my chest and find her,” he tweeted. He later decided to delete the tweet.

He also said he knows the name of his daughter, but he is still looking to find her. As a result of what he does for a living, it would be easier for one to assume or believe that it is just another prank, but the prankster said it wasn’t.

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Even though through his pranks he has been able to get many people laughing, his life hasn’t been with no sadness. In 2015, his mother, Stella Wellens was reported missing. She was, however, later found dead. According to reports, she committed suicide after suffering from severe depression for quite a long time.

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Confirming this, Jesse said she was medicating herself due to the depression with the “wrong kind of substance” and, that she had been in the rehab for sometime before going missing. When she was found, he explained, she had already committed suicide.

Jesse Wellens Financial Standing

Wellens is in his 30s and already has a sizable amount of net worth estimated around $2.26 million. Although that is quite massive, it still keeps him a large spot below the top 10 people earning big on Youtube who make between 5 to 15 million dollars.

Age, Height and Other Facts

Full Name: Jesse M. Wellens

Profession: Vlogger, YouTube star, actor

Ethnicity: American

Nationality: American

Date of Birth: September 25, 1982

Place of Birth: Pennsylvania, USA

Astrological sign: Libra

Jesse Wellens Assets: $2.26 million

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