Revelations About Jessa Hinton The Model Actress and Playmate

Absolutely prepossessing and breathtakingly gorgeous, Jessa Hinton is an American model who is renowned for having a really curvaceous and incredibly sultry figure. She has appeared on the covers of many international magazines and has become very popular on social media where many fans follow her to see what she posts online.

Jessa Hinton has appeared in movies like Snake & Mongoose and Secretaries and has interviewed celebrities on TV, wowing fans with her interview skills. She has modeled for various brands, raking in loads of money for herself over the years.

Who Is Jessa Hinton And When Was She Born?

Jessa Hinton was born on the 10th day of the month of April in 1984. An American woman, the model was born in the US state of California and grew up there with her family. Even though everyone now calls her Jessa Hinton, the model’s full birth name is actually Jessica Lynn Hinton.

As a child, Jessa was very active and loved to take part in many physical activities. She would eventually take part in dancing, gymnastics, and even cheerleading. Because she had been a beautiful girl right from when she was very young, she won the hearts of many people to herself.

Jessa has been a tomboy right from her childhood. This is not hard to believe at all considering that she has always been outgoing and always in the company of boys than girls. She’s also very vocal and could stand up to anyone so she easily comes across as a tomboy.

Details about the high school and university that Jessa Hinton attended are not quite available. However, it is known that she went through high school.

Her Family

The identity of Jessa Hinton’s parents has not been revealed just yet. However, the model is known to have a great relationship with her family. Jessa is not an only child; she has four siblings and is the eldest of them all.

Jessa Hinton
Jessa Hinton poses with her brothers (Image Source/Instagram)

The model has often shared photos of her siblings on her Instagram page and talks about them very fondly. Her followers admire this side of her. She also shares photos of her parents on her page. Apparently, Jessa is close to her family.

Her Modeling career

Jessa Hinton started out as a model. In fact, her interest in the art of modeling began right from when she was in high school and she got quite popular among her mates. Following her graduation from high school, Jessa began to appear on runway shows, wowing the audience severally. Soon, she started appearing in print campaigns.

Jessa burst into fame when she began appearing in some ad campaigns. In fact, she went on to become the face of Palms Hotel & Casino’s ad campaign. Her fame grew when she started to appear in billboards all over Las Vegas.

Soon, Jessa Hinton began to appear on magazine covers and got the attention of many people around social media especially when she joined Instagram. Her social media pages have grown over the years and today, she has more than 1 million followers on Instagram.

Her TV hosting career

Jessa Hinton is not just interested in modeling, she has also worked as a show host. As a TV personality, she has interviewed celebrities for Victory Poker and Top Rank Boxing. Jessa has interviewed great boxers like Manny Pacquiao for ‘Top Rank Boxing’. In 2015, Jessa Hinton began to host her own podcast which she calls Anything Goes with Jessa Hinton.

She is interested in fashion

Aside from modeling and TV hosting, Jessa Hinton also loves fashion. According to sources, she started designing bikinis right from when she was just about 11 years old. As she grew older, her interest in fashion increased and now she has a bikini line which she calls ‘Affliction’.

Her relationship

It is not clear if Jessa Hinton is in a relationship at the moment, however, we know that she was in a relationship with Dan Bilzerian, a popular American-Armenian internet personality and poker player. Their relationship was discussed by fans online who saw them as the perfect couple.

However, Jessa and Dan could not stay together for too long. Their relationship ended after Jessa read about allegations that Dan was dealing with prostitutes and was into drugs.

She is bisexual

Jessa Hinton has revealed that she is bisexual. She made the revelation during an interview she granted. According to her, she likes both men and women romantically. She also revealed that she loves women more than she loves men.

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Her net worth

Jessa Hinton has made quite some fortune for herself over the years. Having been a top-flight model and having graced the covers of popular magazines including Playboy, it is expected that she has grossed quite a lot of money over time. She also has her own fashion line and is huge on social media.

At the moment, Jessa Hinton’s net worth has been pegged at $1.3 million by celebrity wealth calculators.

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