Jerry Springer Net Worth: How Much Money Does He Have Since His Show Ended

Jerry Springer may have been famously derided as the host of trash TV but that has not stopped him from emerging as one of the wealthiest TV personalities in the world with an estimated net worth of $60 million. Much of this fortune comes from his controversial eponymous show which ran for nearly three decades and evenly polarized opinions due to its sensational and outlandish nature.

Springer called time on his iconic show in 2018 and for his next act, is now adjudicating a courtroom show known as Judge Jerry. The NBC series sees the trained lawyer decide a range of real legal disputes in the style of Judge Judy. The series has been syndicated across major U.S. markets and many are predicting its success, even if it does not get to be as long-running as Springer’s previous show.

How Jerry Springer Came about His $60 Million Fortune

He Hosted His Eponymous Show for Nearly Three Decades

Jerry Springer owes a major portion of his net worth to his infamous show, the Jerry Springer Show. The British-born American personality spent much of the 70s holding several elected offices at the state level. He subsequently morphed into journalism in the 80s and a decade later, exactly 1991, got his own eponymous show.

The show was initially geared towards political discussions and received low viewership. Springer and his producers had to re-jig it to focus on sensational topics and the effect was instantaneous.

Even though the show drew criticism for its content, millions of viewers nevertheless tuned in each week to watch the unruly and brawling guests and hear about controversial topics such as incest and adultery. Such followership would sustain the show for about 27 years during which Springer held sway as its host. It is estimated that he earned about $8 million per annum at the height of his reign.

Do Guests on the Show Get Paid?

A cornerstone of the Jerry Springer Show was its controversial guests. They often turned out scantily-clad and did not shy away from engaging in fisticuffs or verbal exchanges. Given such reality, one would naturally wonder what these guests were paid to descend to such levels. The truth remains that they were not paid much. It is now common knowledge that guests on shows such as The Jerry Springer Show are not paid anything directly to appear on the show.

Jerry Springer
A typical scene from the Jerry Springer Show: Image Source

The show rather takes care of the expenses for their appearance such as hotel room fees, flight tickets, and meals. The guests also get a small spending stipend of about $500. Such poor rewards have been attributed to the fact that the number of people desirous of appearing on the show was huge.

Earnings from Several Movies and TV Series

Springer’s fame has made him a household name all over America and as such, he has been tapped to make cameo appearances in several TV series. They include The Simpsons, Roseanne, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, and Gary & Mike.

He has also been tapped to star in some movies including Ringmaster (1998), Citizen Verdict (2003), and The Defender (2004). These acting gigs and cameo appearances weren’t done for charity. They have led to a cumulative hundred of thousands of dollars in paycheck which has further increased Jerry Springer’s net worth.

Paychecks from Hosting Shows like the Miss Universe Pageant

Springer has also deployed his trademark wit and charm towards the hosting of several prestigious events. They include the 2000 and 2001 editions of the Miss World Pageant as well as the final ceremony of the 2008 Miss Universe Pageant.

The man has also hosted several talent competition shows on TV, including the 2008 and 2009 editions of America’s Got Talent. What he was paid for the gigs is not known but we are certain they are no chicken feed.

Sources of the TV Presenter’s Wealth 

  • The Jerry Springer Show – $50 Million est.
  • Hosting Duties – $5 Million est.
  • Movies – $1 Million est.

Tracing Jerry Springer’s Net Worth Growth Over the Years

Jerry Springer commenced his career as a practicing lawyer in the mid-60s. He subsequently switched to politics in the 70s and was elected city councilman on two occasions. He also served a year as the mayor of Cincinnati. During this period, Springer earned salaries that ranged from $16,950 to $91,960 per annum. Thus, he was able to build up a net worth in the six-figure region.

This amount would then be boosted following his successful transition to journalism and emergence as one of the most popular anchors in his hometown. He tarried in this field for about a decade and earned between $48,421 and $60,454 per annum during this period. From journalism, Jerry Springer made a successful leap once more to hosting his own show in 1991. The show failed to garner much attention in its first few years of existence but upon the changing of its format, it attracted millions of viewers and surpassed Oprah in popularity.

This saw Springer’s salary rise to about $8 million per annum and he was able to not only enter the millionaires club but even become a multi-millionaire. This remained the standard until the conclusion of the show in 2018. Springer now hosts a new courtroom series, Judge Jerry, and his salary will be in the seven-figure region, thus further bolstering his wealth.

How Much Money Does He Make a Year and Was He Paid Salary?

Jerry Springer makes millions of dollars each year with the majority of it coming from his signature TV shows. Previously, this was the Jerry Springer Show which ran from 1991 to 2018. It is estimated that Springer earned as much as $8 million as his annual salary on the show during the height of the show’s popularity. The show of course ran for nearly three decades and this helped him build up his net worth.

The Jerry Springer Show wrapped up in 2018 and Springer has now found a new calling in a Judge Judy-type of show known as Judge Jerry. If the former politician-turned-TV personality can make a success out of this new venture, he stands to make so much more than he is actually earning right now. For instance, Judge Judy reportedly earns about $47 million per annum and is one of the highest-paid TV personalities in the world.

The Iconic TV Host Owns Homes in Several Cities

Jerry Springer
Aerial view of Jerry Springer’s Florida home: Image Source

A $60 million fortune certainly gives one the freedom to live the good life and Jerry Springer is doing exactly so. The TV host owns homes in several cities including his hometown of Cincinnati as well as Chicago.

He however maintains his primary residence in a $1.23 million mansion located in Sarasota, Florida. The 6,019 square feet home features four bedrooms and five baths and Springer and his wife choose it because of its proximity to water. They also love it because it gives them the chance of avoiding the ogling public.

Jerry Springer also Owns a Private Jet

Springer has been living in Sarasota since 1998 and commutes from there to meet his work obligations in places such as Las Vegas and Los Angeles. To get around, the TV host relies on his private jet, a Bombardier Learjet 35.

The top-of-the-range jet is a favorite for business, personal, and even military charter; thanks to its efficiency, speed, and astonishingly low fuel consumption. It can carry about eight passengers at a go and has an internal storage capacity of 40 cu. ft. It is reportedly priced at about $4.8 million.


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