A Look Into The Life and Achievements of Nancy Kerrigan’s Spouse Jerry Solomon

The marriage between Nancy Kerrigan and Jerry Solomon continues a recurring theme in Hollywood where one half of a couple, a popular person, marries a less famous partner.

The trend itself has often brought about allegations of gold digging and strategic marriages, but not every case has been linked to the lack of success on the part of the less popular partner. Most of the time, their success resides in a less popular field, such as that of Jerry Solomon, a successful sports agent, and manager.

Here is a quick look at Jerry Solomon and his life thus far as CEO of Stargames LLC and the husband of Nancy Kerrigan.

Jerry Solomon Biography

Until he got married to Nancy Kerrigan, Jerry Solomon was one of the faceless sports agents and managers who is written about in sports articles, at least to a majority of the American public. His status as a public personality changed in 1995.

Jerry Solomon was born sometime in 1954 to Edward D. Solomon and Roberta Madison. One could say that Jerry’s eventual climb to the summit of corporate sports is an ambition he got from his father who was the Chief Executive Officer of ‘Shoe Town, Inc.

A little trace through his educational history showed a man who pursued excellence all his life, starting from his academics. Following graduation from high school, he attended the prestigious University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). Not one to relent on minimum achievements, Jerry Solomon went on to bag a master’s degree from Columbia University where he majored in International Business and graduated in 1978.

After the completion of his academic pursuits, Jerry Solomon is believed to have begun his career in the professional world in 1980, as the director of Volvo Grand Prix. It was his introduction into the world of sports management and after five years at Volvo, he made the transition to ProServ.

Whatever reputation or fame Jerry Solomon has in the world of sports today can be credited to his time at Proserv. Jerry quickly climbed through the ranks, signing sportsmen and women to the firm as he rose to the position of Senior Vice President of the management firm in 1990.

It was a rapid rise for Jerry who had begun his career just 10 years ago. Before he eventually left Proserv to start his own company, he also served as the firm’s marketing president.

Jerry’s roster of clients, while he was at Proserv, included names like Shannon Miller, Ivan Lendl, and former client turned wife, Nancy Kerrigan.

He left Proserv in 1995 to start his own business, Stargames LLC. Through the business, he has produced and organized several tournaments across tennis and volleyball such as King of the Beach Invitational, Scottish Grass Court Championships, among a few others.

His production skills have also extended to film and television. He is a credited producer for onscreen projects like Colors of Winter, Dreams on Ice, Nancy Kerrigan’s World of Skating and a few more others. Outside of being an accomplished sports manager, he is also a certified author with a published book – An Insider’s Guide to Managing Sporting Events.

Career Achievements

He might be operating in the less glamorous side of sports as a behind-the-scenes man but that hasn’t stopped Jerry Solomon from recording lasting and impressive career achievements of his own. He has been named and inducted into the Hall of Fame for Personal Managers and the National Jewish Sports Hall of Fame.

While it is certain that ultimately, his dominating achievement is personal as a family man with children, he can also boast of other accomplishments such as being named among Top 100 Most Powerful People in Sports by Sporting News magazine.

Meet His Spouse Nancy Kerrigan

Jerry Solomon
Jerry with Nancy and their children

Jerry Solomon’s notable family began on the 9th of September 1995. Following two failed marriages, he married Nancy Kerrigan and the couple has remained together ever since.

To sports followers in the US and fans of figure skating, Nancy Kerrigan is a known personality. She has competed at the highest level in world championships and the Olympics where she has won several medals from bronze to silver. Her contribution and accomplishment in the sport have led to her being named in the United States Figure Skating Hall of Fame.

Apart from her accomplishments in figure skating, Nancy is also an actress who has appeared in films like Blades of Glory and The Easter Egg Adventure.

From his previous marriages, Jerry had one child and has been able to raise three more from his marriage to Nancy. Their children are named – Matthew, Brian, and Nicole.

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