Jeremy John Wade is a British television presenter as well as an author who is widely popular for his own television series named “River Monsters” that is aired on Animal Planet. Jeremy has worked as a biologist, an actor, a teacher, an author and much more. This multi-talented personality is also noted for his passion for fishing and angling with which he has made a distinct image in television.

British television presenter and author of books on angling, Jeremy Wade has a net worth of $1.5 million.

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Jeremy Wade Age and Career

Born on 23rd March 1956 in Suffolk, England, Jeremy has a degree in zoology from Bristol University where he enrolled at Dean Close School. An excellent academician, Jeremy also has a teaching certificate for postgraduate in biological sciences from the University of Kent. As a keen biologist, he has taken his hobby of fishing far from just a hobby.

He has traveled extensively from one country to another just to satisfy his fishing enthusiasm. His travels have caught him in many surprising conditions as he has survived a plane crash, has been held at a gunpoint, arrested as a suspected spy and much more as he endeavored wildly for his passion as a biologist.

Jeremy became a famous personality as he started to present his show “River Monsters” and “Jungle Hooks” on Animal Planet which also helped him with his financial success. The program “Jungle Hooks” went on to become one of the most viewed programs on different channels as it premiered in 2002.

He has also acted in movies like “Blood Lake: Attack of the Killer Lampreys” which was released in 2014 and gave Jeremy a recognition as an actor. Jeremy is also a multi-linguist who excels in Spanish as well as the French language other than his native tongue, English. A keen learner and a nature lover, Jeremy has also spent some time in the Amazon rain forests as well as Congo.

Jeremy Wade has also put his enlightening and insightful learning in his books such as “Somewhere Down the Crazy River” as well as “River Monsters” where he gave extensive details about his close to nature trips. Apart from these, he has also printed many articles in different magazines where he has written about his findings, insights, and love for his freshwater fishing as well as angling.

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Who are Jeremy Wade’s Wife and Family?

Jeremy has not revealed many things about his personal life and likes to keep things low when it comes to his dating life. He has left little or no options for his fans to believe that he is still an eligible bachelor who has been enjoying life to the fullest with his enthusiasm.

Lifestyle and Body Measurements

Jeremy stands tall at the height of 6 feet and has blue eyes. He is equally famous amongst males and females. His program had about 45% female viewership. He is a supposed sex-icon among women but his love for fishing has hardly let any woman come into his life.

Wade is a hard working and unwavering personality craving for thrill and adventures. He loves traveling around the world with a fishing rod and net in his hand. Apart from fishing, he is also interested in scuba diving in cold and less visible water in the U.K. coast, free diving and rock climbing.

Jeremy Wade’s Salary and Earnings

Jeremy, the renowned fish hunter’s estimated asset is around $1.5 million whereas his annual salary is yet to be revealed. His television series and books such as River monster and Somewhere Down the Crazy River, have played a significant role in accumulating his million dollars earnings.

Jeremy has been living a luxurious life in a fabulous home in Somerset, England.

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Quick Facts about Jeremy Wade

Full Name: Jeremy John Wade

Profession: Biologist, Television presenter, author

Ethnicity: English

Nationality: British

Date of Birth: March 23, 1956

Place of Birth: Suffolk, England

Education: Bristol University

Marital Status: Single

Astrological Sign: Aries

Jeremy Wade Earnings: $1.5 million

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