Who is Jeremy Lin and What Do We Know About Him?

All over the world, basketball enthusiasts can never forget the “Linsanity” craze of 2012 in a hurry. The word is coined from combining Jeremy’s surname with the word “insanity” – and what does it mean? It refers to a worldwide euphoric feeling generated when Jeremy Lin, playing for the New York Knicks, led what may pass as the most sensational turnaround victory in the history of the NBA. It was in their game against The Miami Heat. Following this unforgettable event, there was a 2013 documentary film named ‘Linsanity’ which tells the inspiring life story of the Harvard-trained NBA bigshot. Jeremy Lin’s fans now fondly call him Linsanity.

But then, the Linsanity craze is not the only instance when Jeremy Lin has challenged a status quo beyond words. In this article, you will get to know more about this unique personality, including what he has divulged as the secret behind his accomplishments in life.

Jeremy Lin Biography

His birth occurred on August 23, 1988, after which he was named “Jeremy Shu-How Lin”. His father is Lin Gie-Ming and his mother is Shirley Lin. His birthplace is the city of Torrance in Los Angeles County, California. He was mostly raised in the most stimulating city of Palo Alto, California. For your own interest, Palo Alto is where many Silicon Valley’s high-tech companies like Facebook, Google, Hewlett-Packard, and many more, are based. So, Jeremy Lin grew up in one of the most fast-paced spots the planet has to offer.

In Palo Alto, Jeremy Lin’s parents encouraged him and his siblings to play basketball. They even employed coaches for them and arranged for them to have a training schedule that will not interfere with their studies in school.

Jeremy Lin attended the high-brow Palo Alto High School. There, he did not only rise to captain the high school basketball team but also led them to many unexpected victories. In one case, during the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) Division Two State Championships, Jeremy’s team pulled an upset of 32-1 victory over nationally recognized Mater Dei High School, Santa Ana, California. That feat earned Jeremy first-team All-state and Northern California Player of the Year.

Eventually, it was time for Jeremy to go to college, and he had his eyes set on the Ivy League and a couple of other high-brow colleges. He expected his basketball talent to pave a way for him towards gaining admission into any of those highly competitive colleges, thus, he decided to apply for an athletic scholarship. With this in mind, Lin made video highlights of him playing high school basketball and attached the video to his application addressed to those colleges. But, all of them refused Jeremy’s application except Harvard University and Brown University. Eventually, Lin ended up at Harvard, having met their minimum academic requirements also.

Professional Career, Salary And Net Worth

Jeremy Lin at Lakers
Jeremy Lin with his Los Angeles Lakers teammates – 2014-2015: Image Source

After graduating from Harvard, Jeremy Lin started his professional career as an NBA player with the Golden State Warriors based in Oakland, California. He signed for two seasons with a salary of $500,000. He also signed a deal of an undisclosed amount with Nike. Although we do not have the financial details of that Nike deal, we do know it attracted a huge income for the parties involved as Jeremy already had a fan base even before his professional career started. So, his jersey, made by Nike, was on sale even before his first-ever NBA game.

Since his stint with the Golden State Warriors ended, Jeremy Lin has signed playing contracts with no less than nine NBA teams, each time with its accompanying jersey deals. His current contract with the Toronto Raptors was signed on the eve of Valentine’s Day 2019. Although Raptors wouldn’t disclose the terms of the contract based on team policy, rumor has it that the deal is worth millions of dollars, after all, Jeremy Lin is now an NBA veteran and still very much in form.

With these unbroken yearly and mega sources of income accrued by Jeremy Lin, it’s no surprise that he is reported to be worth $170 million dollars in the first quarter of 2019.

Does He Have A Girlfriend Or Wife?

Fans have been wondering who his girlfriend or wife is but so far, although there have been rumors, there is no reliable information regarding these questions. However, we know Lin to be very puritanical about life. In fact, it is said that when Lin is not playing basketball, he must be praying to God. This is because he seems to be overly dedicated to his faith and even attributes all his successes directly to his belief in God.

Height And Weight

Jeremy Lin stands at the height of 6 ft 3 in (1.91m) while his stable weight averages 200lb or 91Kg. With such an excellent physique, it is easy to realize the personal assets that spurred Jeremy Lin to great heights in his basketball career.

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