Jennifer Walcott – Bio, Family & Facts About The American Glamour Model

In the world of modeling, there are different aspects of the profession. There are fashion models, whose works are limited to runways and photo shoots, using their body as exhibits for creative fashion designs. Another type of modeling is glamour modeling, which unlike fashion modeling where clothing pieces are the exhibited products, the human body itself is the product. Glamour modeling has had plenty of personalities who cut their teeth at the profession and one of them is Jennifer Walcott.

Today, she is a reserved woman who is married to a former football player but in her younger years, she was a popular glamour model that featured in several magazines, including the popular Playboy magazine. She also featured in a variety of music videos and was also an actress.

There is plenty to know about Jennifer Walcott and we discuss everything you need to know here. Read on to learn more.

Jennifer Walcott’s Biography

Jennifer Walcott was born on the 8th of May, 1977 to unknown parents who are of Irish, Polish and Italian origins. She was born in Youngstown, Ohio where she was also raised. She was one of four children born into her family.

While she was growing up, passing through the milestones of her human development such as attending high school, Jennifer Walcott harbored the desire to become a veterinarian, having fallen in love with animals as a result of the abundance of pets in her home.

However, life is a rollercoaster ride and after she graduated high school, a visit to Los Angeles changed her life plans. She relocated to Los Angeles permanently in 1996, struggling to make ends meet as she attended Santa Monica College while she worked two jobs.

After years of struggling, Jennifer Walcott decided to become a model and she got invited to a Playboy party as a makeup artist in the early months of 2001. At the party, her natural beauty was spotted and she was chosen to become the magazine’s Playmate of the Month for August 2001.

Thus, began a career as a glamour model for Jennifer Walcott who subsequently launched her own website as she continued to appear in several issues of the magazine. She also appeared in other magazines like American Curves, Moves, Muscle & Fitness, Hers, Iron Man and several others.

Outside of her work posing for magazines, she has appeared in music videos for musicians like Marc Anthony and Justin Timberlake.

She also worked briefly as an actress, in movies like The Pool Boys, American Pie Presents: Band Camp. Other than acting, she has appeared in a number of shows such as Street Smarts, Entertainment Tonight, MTV Cribs and a lot more.


Jennifer Walcott
Jennifer Walcott with her husband, Adam Archuleta

As mentioned earlier, Jennifer Walcott is now a married woman, to a former football player, Adam Archuleta. The couple met during a party in Las Vegas in 2005 which they were both invited to by a mutual friend.

At the party, they struck a connection and soon began dating, lasting for five years before they walked the aisle in a lavish ceremony at Cabos San Lucas. The wedding was attended by friends and family of the couple, including personalities like Elisa Shivers, Laura Chomokos, and a few more others.

After the wedding, the couple headed out to the Maldive Islands for their honeymoon and have remained married ever since.

Before they got married, Jennifer Walcott and Adam Archuleta gave birth to a son on the 10th of April, 2008.

Height And Body Measurements

Glamour Models are in the business of body expression and success in the profession often means having an admirable body, and there is no denying that Jennifer Walcott has an amazing physique.

She had a body measurement of 32, 24 and 32 inches for bust, waist, and hips respectively. Her measurements are manifested on a body with a height of 5 feet 3 inches and a body weight of 48kg.

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Other Facts About Jennifer Walcott

• Jennifer Walcott was handed the keys to Las Vegas in 2005 by the city’s mayor for her work in promoting the city.

• She was once a finalist for WWE Diva Search.

• Jennifer is also a poet and one of her poems has been featured in a Reader’s Digest contest. She also volunteers at the Ronald McDonald House in Washington D.C.

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