Jennifer Marie Brown – Everything To Know About Jake Tapper’s Wife

As far as popular journalists are concerned, there are few names more popular than Jake Tapper. You do not even have to be an avid CNN fan to be familiar with the journalist whose work on the news network has spread through the aisles of American politics and beyond. A part of him that does not share this national and global recognition is his personal life which features his wife, Jennifer Marie Brown and their children.

While Jake Tapper stands on the frontlines on CNN, defending the values of American democracy everyday, his wife, Jennifer Marie Brown, appears to work behind the scenes on a lowkey and you can learn all about her work and every other interesting information about her below.

Jennifer Marie Brown – Biography

Jennifer Marie Brown was born somewhere in Kansas City, Missouri on the 11th of May, 1977. Born to parents Thomas Brown and Linda Brown, there is no information regarding the existence or non-existence of siblings and thus, we cannot make the conclusion that she is an only child.

However, regardless of the number of siblings she may or may not have, Jennifer Marie Brown was able to have a complete education by American standards, up to college level where she attended the University of Missouri in Kansas City.

Much is unknown about her entire professional life, but we know she has spent considerable time working as a regional field manager for Planned Parenthood in Washington D.C. While she was working for the organization, she helped with the recruitment and education of supporters of the organization.

Since she left the role, Jennifer Marie Brown has worked as an advocacy consultant and also moonlights as a volunteer for the AmeriCorps Reading Partners’ Program, where she takes time off her day to help with the education of first and second graders, by helping them to read.

Her husband, Jake Tapper, on the other hand, has had a career that has seen him work for ABC News and CNN, earning multiple awards for the quality of his broadcast journalism such as the Emmy Award and the Merriman Smith Memorial Award. He is also a published author of a couple of books including The Hellfire Club, The Outpost: An Untold Story of American Valor.

Jake Tapper currently hosts The Lead with Jake Tapper and State of the Union on CNN and he is the new network’s Chief Washington Correspondent.

Relationship With Jake Tapper

Jennifer Marie Brown
Jennifer Marie Brown and her husband, Jake Tapper during an event

Anyone who takes a close look at Jake Tapper can tell he is a passionate man with a big drive, a trait that has defined his career since he joined the industry as a journalist. This is something Jennifer Marie Brown found out when they met for the first time while he worked for ABC News in 2004, covering the 2004 Presidential campaign.

The circumstantial meeting eventually evolved into a relationship and then they were married on the 3rd of September 2006 in a private ceremony that took place in Kansas City.

Since they got married, Jennifer Marie Brown and Jake Tapper have undoubtedly gone through their share of marital issues, especially from Jake’s work but they have been able to navigate the complexities with love and care. Together, they have two children Alice Paul Tapper and Jack Tapper.

The couple currently resides in Washington D.C in a 4-Storey home, which they have lived in since May 2007. Before they moved to their current home, they resided in Jake Tapper’s Bachelor Pad.


Jennifer Marie Brown has Linda M. Brown and Thomas H. Brown as her parents and they have both spent considerable time working as members of the American middle class. Her father is the owner of an independent general merchandise store, US 1 Dollar and her mother works as a customer service supervisor for Southwest Airlines at Kansas City International Airport.

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Other Facts About Jennifer Marie Brown

1. Her husband’s sister-in-law, Laurie Hahn Tapper, who is a Rabbi, officiated their wedding.

2. Before Jake Tapper met her, he had previously dated the famous Monica Lewinsky.

3. Her husband, Jake Tapper has appeared in movies and TV shows like and House of Cards.

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