5 Things To Know About Jennifer Lopez And Alex Rodriguez’s Wedding That Won’t Be Happening Soon

America does not have royal weddings like its ally, the UK, but it has one in celebrity weddings. Since Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez announced their engagement, fans and observers have been on the lookout for what to expect at the wedding of these two major American personalities. From the venue to who will walk her down the aisle and to wedding guests, the quest for details grows with each passing day.

Thankfully, we have been able to collect details about the oncoming celebrity wedding, and in this article, we reveal everything we know so far about Jennifer and Alex’s big day. Check it out.

All We Know About Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez’s Wedding

Due to the Corona virus pandemic, the couple have indefinitely postponed their wedding. However, the plan still remains for it to be held in Italy at a time when it will be safe for their family and friends to attend.

It Is Going To Be A Destination Wedding

If you guessed that major personalities like Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez would have their much-awaited wedding in an exotic location that would require a long flight, then there is a chance you might be right.

According to Alex Rodriguez and Jenifer Lopez, they are looking at a location in Italy, a place far from the United States. If that happens to be the case, it would be consistent with the theme of their engagement, which happened on a lovely beach in the Bahamas.

But of course, these are wedding plans between two multi-millionaires and everything can still change in a moment. They have maintained that Italy still stands as their wedding destination and that they are waiting out the COVID 19 pandemic.

It Could Be A Church Wedding

It might be an unspoken rule that after the first wedding, a church wedding is no longer cool; but when you are Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez, unspoken rules are meant to be broken and that might happen with the upcoming wedding of the A-list couple.

Despite the fact she has been married three times, Jennifer Lopez has never had a church wedding and that might change this time. She mentioned to the cameras during a video posted on YouTube that she would like to get married in a church, and when Lopez says she wants something, you can be sure that she is going to get it.

Her Son Will Walk Her Down the Aisle

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez’s children have formed a very close relationship and it appears that will continue into this super wedding. The children are expected to have a major role during the wedding which has yet to be specified, except for her son, Max’s role, who is expected to walk her down the aisle.

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez's Wedding
A day out for the couple

Jennifer Lopez suggested as much during the press tour in promotion of her film, Hustlers, where she admitted she would love her son to be her escort. So, do not be surprised when the pictures come out and you see Max in a dapper suit holding Lopez’s hand.

It Is Going To Be A Big Wedding

We weren’t kidding when we said that celebrity weddings are America’s equivalent of a royal wedding. Even though a few celebrities like to shirk away from that reality by holding a private secret wedding, it would appear that is not the route Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are taking.

The two have admitted it is going to be a big wedding, and considering how much they are both in love with each other, it is difficult to see why it wouldn’t be. Since the wedding is going to be a big one, the couple will be taking their sweet time with the planning, ticking each detail in between their day jobs.

It is anyone’s guess how big a big wedding will be for the couple, but with A. Rod once suggesting that every single ex will be invited, we might be in for a very big, and possibly dramatic wedding.

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The Wedding Has Been Postponed Indefinitely

2020 came with a few things to look forward – new Marvel movies, the Super Bowl Halftime Show featuring Shakira and Jennifer Lopez, the Summer Olympics in Japan, and the US Presidential election, and one item that has since joined that list since March 2019, when Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez got engaged, is their wedding. However, majority of these plans have all been affected by the Corona virus pandemic; throwing plans in shambles.

The couple has announced that their big wedding has been postponed indefinitely. The exact date is yet to be announced but considering the current situation with COVID-19, it is hard to say when it will be, but of utmost importance is the safety of the future guests – family and friends.

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