Who is Jennifer Hielsberg? Her Age and Other Facts About Bret Bielema’s Wife

With the appearance of a calm, calculated and pacific person, Jennifer Hielsberg is an American model and businesswoman who has caught attention in the media over the years, making headlines on tabloids and online newspapers sometimes. A model who started her career from quite an early age, she is admired for her facial beauty and body structure by some fans.

Jennifer Hielsberg is also known for her marriage to Bret Bielema, a famous American football coach. Their marriage threw her into the spotlight the more and got her name on many lips. However, despite the popularity, Jennifer gained by marrying Bret, fans have often asked about the background of the model. We bring to you here, all you need to know about her.

When Was Jennifer Hielsberg Born?

Jennifer Hielsberg was born in 1985. The exact day and month of the year in which she was born are not known but we know that she was born in Tampa, a city in the state of Florida, USA. She grew up with her family in America. The town or cities in which she spent her early days growing up are not certain. Details about how she spent those days are also vague at the moment.

Family background and education

The identity of Jennifer’s parents has not been revealed. We do not know what their names are at the moment. Also, it is not certain if she is an only child or if she has any sibling with whom she grew up. Some sources have claimed that she is an only child but this has not been confirmed just yet.

Although there is no concrete record of the high school she attended, sources say she had her college education at the University of Wisconsin from where she bagged a degree in psychology in 2006.

She started as a model

Jennifer Hielsberg was interested in modeling from when she was a young girl. With her blonde hair and pretty face, Jennifer is clearly a beautiful woman and it was not too difficult to get herself into the modeling industry. According to sources, she had a fine spell in modeling and worked with several modeling agencies in the USA.

Jennifer Hielsberg’s career in finance

Apart from being a model, Jennifer Hielsberg has also worked in financial companies. In fact, some sources say her original training was in finance. Bret Bielema’s wife has talked about working in these institutions but has not mentioned the names of the companies she worked in. Reports say she used to combine modeling and her work in the financial companies. Apparently a truly ambitious woman, Jennifer must have been a focused individual at the time. She took some time off to plan her wedding and it is not known if she has gone back to the corporate world.

Marriage to Bret Bielema

Jennifer Hielsberg
Jennifer Hielsberg and her husband, Bret Bielema.

Although Jennifer Hielsberg was functioning in the entertainment/fashion industry, she was not known around America that much until she met and fell in love with Bret Bielema. Bret Bielema whose full name is Bret Arnold Bielema is a respected American football coach who is beloved by many people. Bret used to work as the head football coach at the University of Arkansas from where he ended with a 29–34 record. He now works with the New England Patriots, an American football club which is based in the Greater Boston area, as the defensive consultant to head coach.

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According to sources, Jennifer and Bret met in the city of Las Vegas in Nevada at the popular Wynn Casino. At the time, Jennifer was with her friends and Bret was alone playing blackjack. When he saw Jenifer, he was stunned by her beauty and approached her to start a conversation. They hooked up and started dating shortly afterward. After being together for a while, Jennifer and Bret got engaged in April 2011 and then finally got married on the 11th of March, 2012.

Their marriage held in Madison, Wisconsin, and gave her some more exposure to the media. Many fans of Bret started to talk variously about her and she even got to be interviewed on TV programs where she talked about how she and Bret met and fell in love.

Meet Her Daughter

Jennifer Hielsberg and her husband, Bret, have a daughter named Briella Nichole Bielema. The couple welcomed their daughter on the 8th day of July 2017. At the moment, they have continued to live peacefully with no rumors of divorce on the horizon.

Jennifer Hielsberg is an animal lover

Jennifer Hielsberg is reported to be a lover of animals. In fact, sources say she owns two Yorkshire Terrier dogs that she named Lucy and Ricky.

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