Meet Jenna Vulcano: Sal Vulcano’s Sister And James Murray’s Ex Wife

Everyone seems to be in a constant search for success in life and it is a given that one can always hope to work hard enough to be successful. Alternatively, there are people who have been known to also take a different route to the ‘city of success’ by hanging on the shoulder of a giant. Jenna Vulcano so far seems to have taken to the latter route as her claim to fame comes almost exclusively from being the sister of Impractical Jokers star, Sal Vulcano, and somewhat the ex-wife of the other Impractical Jokers star from New York, James Murray. Did we say ‘somewhat’? Yes, and you will see why we said so.

Jenna Vulcano’s time in the spotlight has mostly been down to her relationship with the aforementioned stars and their troupe, including her appearance in a couple of episodes on their popular comedy show Impractical Jokers. Whatever be the case, Jenna has become a name to reckon with as we talk and you can learn a lot about her below.

Here’s A Summary of Jenna Vulcano’s Background

She mde her entry to the world on the 4th of August, 1986, as the daughter of Dianne Fernandez-Vulcano and Sal Vulcano Sr. Jenna Vulcano was born in Staten Island, New York where she was raised as part of a family of five that consisted of their parents, Dana, her sister and Sal Vulcano, her famous brother. Her ancestral roots are traced to Cuba, Puerto Rico, and Italy.

Not much detail is known about her upbringing but the display of filial love as shown on her Instagram page reveals Jenna’s close and loving relationship with other members of her family, particularly her father whom she never stops doting on everywhere.

We have no information on Jenna Vulcano’s journey through the conventional school system. However, her work history has seen her work as a receptionist and a coordinator in various places. Some sources report that she still works as a medical receptionist for an institution in her hometown of Staten Island.

How She Came To Be Known To The Public And The Media

Even as the sister of a brother who was already making waves on television as part of the Impractical Jokers comedy troupe, Jenna remained relatively unknown until she appeared on a couple of episodes on the comedy group’s shows. She appeared in her first episode of the show, Strip High Five in 2012 where she made a brief cameo as Sal’s sister.

Jenna’s appearance on the show has always been an occasion for a running joke on her brother who is considered overly protective of her. The other members of the group try to use Jenna to make Sal mad by pulling pranks that make Sal think they are making out with his beautiful sister.

This scenario played out in her second appearance on the show in the 2013 episode Down in the Dump. She appeared in a slideshow presentation of a vacation resort which showed Jenna Vulcano kissing Brian Quinn and standing beside him while he was, well, completely naked.

Some Detail On Jenna’s Brother, Sal Vulcano

Jenna Vulcano’s brother, Sal Vulcano is one of the founding members of the comedy troupe, The Tenderloins. He started the troupe along with his friends, Brian Quinn who is often referred to as Q, James Murray, and Joe Gatto. With Sal, the troupe has been the main cast of a comedy show on TruTV entitled Impractical Jokers which has been on the air for over six seasons, ever gaining more popularity with each passing season.

Sal was born on the 5th of November 1976. His full name is Salvatore Edward Anthony Vulcano and he is of Italian, Puerto Rican and Cuban origin. He attended Monsignor Farrell High School and St. John’s University where he studied Finance.

As one of the stars of the very successful show, he has been able to accrue a net worth to the tune of $5 million as reported.

What We Know about Jenna Vulacano’s Love Life – Did She Really Marry James Murray?

Jenna Vulcano
Jenna during the prank wedding with Murr: Image source

A show entitled Impractical Jokers and focused on daring pranks is bound to pull some stunning stunts over time. It has even led to the point of contracting an actual wedding in the church.

In the third episode of the show featuring Jenna entitled Brother-in-Loss, the Impractical Jokers‘ mischief took its most bizarre form ever when James Murray (who is known as Murr by fans and viewers of the show) married Jenna in a televised ceremony which had many friends and family in attendance. Imagine that!

This was a prank marriage, yet it was made to look so real that Sal Vulcano was absolutely out of his mind. The marriage even had a legal backing as it was registered at the city hall to make it appear completely real (the reason why Jenna is now rightly and widely reported as the ex-wife to James Murray). It was, however, annulled the following day once the episode was done.

We got to know that Sal Vulcano’s Impractical Jokers colleagues (particularly Murr) arranged the highly daring prank wedding as revenge on Sal for his earlier prank on Murr during the first episode of the third season in 2014 entitled Look Out Below.

You Need To Know This About Her Real-world Love Life

Oh yes, Jenna Vulcano is now known as an ex-wife of James Murray. But, as all fans of Impractical Jokers know, that was all staged no matter how real it was made to look. To the best of our judgment, no real romance ever existed between them – it was never mutual at most.

This left us asking (as you probably are) to know who Jenna Vulcano is dating or has dated in real-world circumstances. We found that Jenna had been dating a New York-based singer and songwriter known as ‘Famous Shamus’. Although we have not ascertained his real name, he is the founder of an eponymous band group, Famous Shamus Band.

Sources report that, even at the time of her make-belief one-day-marriage with Murr, Jenna was already dating the band group founder. We have no reason to think that they have broken up either.

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