Celebrity Facts About Jena Frumes’ Relationships and How She Became Famous

The internet remains one platform that has given meaning to the lives of some individuals whose personalities were less heard of and whose careers were considered as less important before the advent of the internet. Notable among such internet stars is Jena Frumes who gained a major push following her presence on platforms like Instagram where she is known for stealing the hearts of millions of her followers with her sizzling hot pictures.

The American model and social media star is also famous for her romantic ties with musician Jason Derulo and prior to him, she has been in a relationship with a number of other celebrities. Jena definitely seems to be living her dream in the spotlight just like she wanted right from her childhood days.

Jena Frumes’ Parents Were Initially Against Her Pursuing a Career In Show Business

Though she has been rather secretive with information about her parents and siblings, it is known that her parents were not initially thrilled when their daughter wanted to pursue a career as an entertainer but after much persuasion from Jena, they gave in to her wish and supported her pursuits.

She was born to them on September 21st, 1993 in Cornford Union Country, New Jersey and does have her parents to thank for her gorgeous looks; Frumes hails from mixed roots including mixed African, French, and Native American ancestry.

She attended high school in New Jersey before she got admitted into North Carolina University in Durham where she pursued an undergraduate degree, however, her course of study is publicly unknown. Frumes who had early on been bent on establishing herself in the showbiz left Durham for Los Angeles to chase her dreams of being an entertainer.

MTV’s Wild N’ Out Brought Her First Major Taste of Fame

Jena’s heart yearned to join the show business, particularly as relates to acting and modeling. Her dream finally became a reality when she moved to Los Angeles and got Draya Michele to be her manager. She started out with modeling.

Not long after moving to LA, she starting garnering traction on various social media platforms, thanks to her slim and athletic body. Her popularity grew further after she was featured in MTV’s Wild N’ Out show created by the American rapper, comedian, and actor Nick Cannon in 2016. Her role in the show, as well as her relationship with the show’s creator, thrust her deep into the celebrity society circle.

Her Success In Modeling Has Expanded Her Repertoire

Jena has featured in numerous photoshoots for different local clothes and cosmetic brands which has no doubt contributed to her rise in the modeling industry. Shoots for international brands soon followed and then came the endorsement deals.

She has modeled mostly beach wears; Frumes has represented the likes of Simpre Golden, a top Brazilian brand that deals in luxury bikinis and sexy lingerie.

Atypical of models, Jena Frumes has featured in a handful of music videos, most famous among them is her feature in Jacob Latimore’s music video for ‘Ah Yeah.’

Jena Frumes has also tried her hands on acting, her first movie role coming in the 2016 sports drama Mango & Guava where she played a lead female role. The movie tells the story of a young and talented athlete who gets disillusioned by love. Although it was her debut role on screen, Jena Frumes’ performance was beyond average.

The stunning lady stands among the many young celebrities who have successfully developed a personal brand on the photo-sharing site, Instagram, with over 3.3 million followers.

Her Twitter and YouTube pages are not left out either as she has thousands of followers on those social media platforms as well.

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The Model Has Romanced Some of Our Favorite Celebrities

Jena Frumes
Jena Frumes and Nick Cannon image source

Nick Cannon

Her first relationship to make the headlines was with the notable American actor and rapper, Nick Cannon back in 2016. The pair became so close that Jena got to feature on his Wild N’ Out show.

At the time she featured on the show, their relationship was reportedly 9 months old. Unfortunately, the relationship did not see the end of 2017 as they called it off. Their relationship lasted a little over a year.

Jena Frumes
Jena Frumes and Antonio Brown image source

Antonio Brown

Next on the Instagram model’s dating list is Antonio Brown whom she dated for a couple of months in 2017. Antonio is popular for playing for the NFL’s Pittsburgh Steeler.

At the time of his fling with Frumes he had not completely severed ties with his former girlfriend and mother of his kids, Chelsie Kyriss.

As fate would have it or according to Brown who believed God told him to mend his relationship with Chelsie, he ended his relationship with Jena and went back to Kylsie.

This did not go down well with the Instagram star who was of the opinion that Brown used her to get his ex-girlfriend jealous and left her when they reconciled.

She took to her page to share her views and even dropped his number on her caption calling on her fans to give him a call and ask him to return her belongings. Jena eventually got over the split and went ahead to delete all the memories she had with Brown on her page.

Jena Frumes with ex-boyfriend, Jesse Lingard

Jesse Lingard

The beautiful lady found love again with the Manchester United footballer, Jesse Lingard, later in 2017 and her time with him was spent traveling between Barcelona and Manchester. However, this relationship also came with its flaws as Frumes later realized that Lingard was having an affair with his staff, Leonie Borek. She called off the relationship sometime in March 2018 and they moved on with their separate lives.

Jena Frumes
Jena Frumes with Jason Derulo image source

Jason Derulo

Jena Frumes would then move on with the American singer, Jason Derulo. The pair seem to have become an item from the early part of 2020. It was reported that for a good part of the CoronaVirus lockdown in the United States, they were together at Jason’s home in Los Angeles.

Their time together have been amply shared with fans as they regularly keep them updated with videos of their workout sessions together.

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