Jeffree Stars facts you should know
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If you are fond of internet celebrities who are into makeups and everything that relates to facial beauty then you must have come across Jeffree Star. He is a Youtube star and entrepreneur who dedicates his time to offering makeup tutorial to his followers on the internet. Jeffree Star is also a model and singer-songwriter. His music, as well as his beauty-centric videos, have received wide acclaim.

Jeff’s pink hair and heavily-done eye makeup are his trademarks in the fashion and beauty industry while the lyrics of his songs which are smeared with clichés and gender-stereotypes brought him to the spotlight in the music world. In this article, we shall be looking at Jeffree Star’s private life as well as his financial strength. Here is all you would love to know about the YouTuber, singer, and makeup artist.

Jeffree Star – Biography & Age

Jeffree Star is an American citizen born in Orange County, California, USA. His birth name is Jeffree Lynn Steininger Jr and his birth date is November 15, 1985. He was raised by his mother after the death of his father. Jeff got his hands on makeup tools in his early years. He would wear makeup to school during his junior high years. with time, his passion for makeup and cosmetics grew until it eventually became the successful career he is currently enjoying. Education-wise, Jeffree attended Pacifica High School based in Garden Grove, California.

His career kicked off when he launched into Myspace, a social networking site that allows people to post their songs, photos, and personal profiles. Having created an account on the site, Jeffree posted his songs, makeup, and fashion designs. He had earlier exposed himself to various music, modeling, and makeup jobs immediately after moving to Los Angeles. While working to support himself, Jeff made a deliberate effort to work closely with top Hollywood stars during weekends. He would go to social clubs where his dress style comprising of heavy makeup, mini dress, and high heels will not go unnoticed.

Jeffree Star grew a strong fanbase on Myspace where he makes commentary on matters that range from beauty, fame to life, self-image, and confidence. He was also able to build his fashion career through the site. His dedication to the social media platform helped to place him among the most popular independent artists. When he launched his music career on MySpace, it was played over 25 million times, thus, he was named among the most popular unsigned artists.

Following the success of his site, Jeffree launched a self-titled Youtube channel which now has over 14.9 million subscribers. He has a similar growing number on other social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. While building his social media popularity, Jeff also got a job at makeup counters where he not only sells products but also gives beauty and makeup editorials.

In 2009, Jeffree Star released his first and only studio album Beauty Killer and it topped the US Billboard Top Electronic Albums chart. One of the songs in the album, “Lollipop Luxury” featured the Trinidadian-born rapper, singer, Nicki Minaj. The pop vocalist has worked with several musical performers, including  Larry Tee, Millionaires, Blood on the Dance Floor and  Deuce. He even signed to Konvict Muzik which is owned by the singer-songwriter Larry Tee.

Jeffree Star Net Worth

Jeffree is not an ordinary beauty star, he is a well-established beautician and a dedicated socialite. He earns much of his money from his profession as a well-known beauty guru. He owns a flourishing cosmetic brand Jeffree Star Cosmetics plus tons of other businesses including a marijuana business that fetch him lots of money. Star had once revealed that he received up to $165k from a particular brand just to use their product.

His musical career is also a good source of income for him. “Beauty Killer” his most popular song recorded over 15 million views on YouTube. With his tentacles spreading to various businesses, Jeffree Star’s net worth is estimated at $75 million. His Instagram followers are over 12.9 million while his Twitter account has over 4.6 million dedicated followers.

Jeffree has a well-furnished house in Calabasas, Califonia. Among his fleet of cars include BMW i8, Rolls-Royce and a BMW z4.

Jeffree Star’s Mom

Jeffree Star is fond of talking about his mom basically because of the bond they share. His mother’s name is Marra Shubyann Lindstrom Steininger – a strong woman who single-handedly raised her son after her husband, Jeffree’s father committed suicide. Shubyann is a model which explains where Jeffree’ picked up his modeling instincts. His mother supported his use of makeup tools at his early age. In fact, she is the bedrock of his success as a beauty star. Jeffree is obviously his mother’s only child, he has not failed to express how lucky he is to have a parent who supports him in all his ambitions.

Who is Jeffree Star’s Boyfriend?

Jeffry Star partner, Nathan Schwandt –Image Source

People often wonder what gender the pop singer and socialite belongs to. But being a very outspoken type, Jeffree has openly revealed that he is very much attracted to the male gender which automatically means he is gay. The makeup guru has dated a number of famous personalities who are also gay. These men include Tyler Carter and Chris Crocker. His most recent, however, is his well-announced relationship with Nathan Schwandt- a social media celebrity born in Michigan, USA. Star and Schwandt started dating in March 2015 and they both reside in their apartment in Los Angeles

Height, Weight & Other Measurement 

Jeffree Star is a tall model whose height falls at around 6 feet 1 inch. His bodyweight is 73kg. His other measurements including his biceps, chest, and waist are 12.5 inches (32 cm), 39 inches (99 cm) and 31 inches (79 cm). His partner is shorter with a height of 5 feet 9 inches with a weight of around 72 kg.

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