Crucial Details of Jeff Tietjens Personality, Net Worth and Why Did He Divorce His Wife

The name of Jeff Tietjens is not one that would easily pop up on any given day as he is not your regular celebrity. He is an attorney who became famous following his marriage to actress and television personality Aisha Tyler. Not much was heard about Tietjens throughout the time he was married to the TV star until the couple separated after more than two decades together and got embroiled in a divorce that made him an interest to the public.

As sad and shocking as the divorce between the beautiful couple was, it gave people a better view of the very private life of Jeff Tietjens, as well as his personality and reasons why the marriage failed.

Who is Jeff Tietjens?

Jeff Tietjens was born on August 18, 1970 in the Californian city of San Francisco where he was raised by his parents. His father was an attorney and so the young boy always dreamed of becoming a legal practitioner. To achieve this, he got his early education from J. Eugene McAteer High School before enrolling at Dartmouth College where he obtained his bachelor’s degree in Law and Administration.

Being an outstanding student, Jeff graduated with honors and was employed in the law department of Dartmouth College. He worked there for some years before later moving to Oakland. He also attended Loyola Law School in Los Angeles and in 2000, was admitted into the State Bar of California. The attorney has since been practicing in the United States with law offices located in New York and San Francisco.

Jeff Tietjens caught the attention of the media following his marriage to actress Aisha Tyler. Because of this, he has remained in the spotlight for so many years.

How He Met and Married Aisha Tyler

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Jeff Tietjens is a very sexy and handsome guy with a wonderful personality. This was one of the reasons Aisha Tyler was probably attracted to him. Their love story was said to have started when they were both students at Dartmouth College in the early 90s. The duo dated for a while and were head over heels in love with each other as they went on to tie the knot in a small wedding attended by close friends and family in 1994.

After becoming man and wife, the couple moved to Oakland where they continued their different careers. The love between them blossomed as they appeared to be perfect for each other and were supportive of their individual careers despite whatever differences they had in their schedule.

It is said that the two tried desperately to have kids but could not as a result of infertility issues. In their effort to get around this, they tried IVF but it failed so they decided not to continue with it.

Jeff Tietjens and Aisha Tyler’s Divorce

The love between Jeff and Aisha was being used as a reference point to many other celebrities unable to hold their union for a long time. Unfortunately, the two later found themselves, to the surprise of fans, in the web of divorce after they separated in January 2015.

According to Aisha, all she had wanted at first was for the separation to be private since Jeff was not in the public eyes by choice. She further added that divorcing a man that she shared a major part of her adult life with was very hard but they realized that it was the only option since what they wanted in life turned out to be different.

Jeff filed for divorce at the LA Superior court in 2016, citing irreconcilable differences. Despite his cited reason for divorce, there were rumors that it could have something to do with the inability of the duo to have kids. This was, however, not confirmed by either party involved.

Jeff Tietjens and Aisha Tyler’s divorce process was eventually finalized in May 2017. Aisha was asked by the court to pay a total sum of $2 million to her ex-husband as spousal support. This was broken down to $31,250 per month for the next four years, and an additional $500 thousand insurance policy until the end of 2020. As for their properties, Jeff got their 2012 Lexus while she kept their Tesla 2013 model. The duo will also get an equal share of their Hollywood Hills home that was sold last summer.

Since their divorce, Tietjens has slipped back into his private life, hence nothing is known about his love life at the moment. Aisha Tyler, on the other hand, has since started dating again. In 2018, it emerged that she was already in another relationship. The surprising thing this time around was that her new lover was a woman named Emily Bett. She drew the attention of the public to their relationship after sharing a picture holding a film strip that had the two women sharing a kiss. The picture was tagged “True Love”.

Like Aisha, Emily Bett is also an actress. She was previously linked to Colton Haynes before he came out as gay. As of 2020, Aysha and Emily were still dating and continue to share pictures of each other on social media.

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Breakdown of Tietjens’ Finances

Jeff Tietjens has had an outstanding career and has recorded great success thus far. With him operating offices in New York and San Francisco, the lawyer appears to know what he is doing and is one of the people at the top of the game.

As a result of this, as well as what he was paid in spousal support by his wife, he has been able to afford himself a decent lifestyle with a net worth that is estimated at $5 million.

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