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Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III, more commonly known as Jeff Sessions may have been the butt of several jokes from Late Night Television hosts and he might be criticized by a large proportion of the country over his conservative positions but there is no denying the fact that the Alabama-born politician is an accomplished man who has reached the highest heights in US politics.

He has gone from being an Attorney General at the state level to being a United States Senator for 20 odd years to being a United States Attorney and overall, leaving a legacy that will remain in the history of the United States forever. Jeff Sessions is, however, more than the picture he has been painted as in the press and you can read all you need to know about him below.

Early Life and Career

The man that has come to be known as one of the notorious soldiers of conservatism in America was born on the 24th of December, 1946 in Selma, Alabama into a middle-class family with a war background that goes all the way back to the American Civil War. The Alabama-born former Senator was raised by parents Jefferson Beauregard Sessions Jr. and Abbie Powe who raised him by putting him through a segregated high school, Wilcox County High School before he went off to attend Huntingdon College where he earned his first academic degree in 1969.

As a result of his background and environment, Jeff Sessions grew up with conservative values and became a member of the Republican party at an early age. Combined with his conservativism and his ambitious nature, Jeff Sessions began taking on leadership positions as far back as high school when he became the president of the student body and a member of the Young Republicans group.

His ambitious nature and an eye for politics took him back to school for his second degree as a Juris Doctor at the University of Alabama School of Law. He graduated in 1973 and after a couple of years of serving in private practice, he joined public service, first as the Assistant United States Attorney in Alabama and then as the US Attorney in 1981.

He remained in this position as US Attorney for Alabama for 12 years until he was forced to resign in 1993 and later became the Attorney General of Alabama in 1995, serving in the position until January 1997 when he contested and won the election to become the US Senator for the State of Alabama.

Jeff Sessions ultimately served the Alabama people in the United States Senate from 1997 to 2017 before he was made the Attorney General of the United States, serving for a short period between 2017 and 2018, and bringing his time in public service to a close on the 7th of November, 2018.

His Family – Wife and Children

Jeff Sessions is notoriously conservative and thus, it comes as no surprise that he has lived a personal life of model conservatism – with one wife and children. He is married to a fellow native of Alabama; wife Mary Blackshear Sessions and they have been together since 1969. His wife, Mary Blackbear is a retired teacher and a member of the Huntingdon Christian Council.

Since Jeff Sessions became a public figure, there hasn’t been a hint of scandal between the couple and they have gone on to raise three children, two daughters named Ruth Sessions and Mary Abigail and a son named Sam. All three children are married and have produced a total of 10 grandchildren for Jeff Sessions and his wife.

What is Jeff Sessions’ Net Worth?

Jeff Sessions
Jeff Sessions (first right) with President Donald Trump

Sessions, he has spent the majority of his life in public service and whilst that means he hasn’t gotten to share in the lucrative wealth available in the private sector, he has managed to live a more than comfortable life over the course of his career.

He has a net worth of $7 million and a fixed yearly income of $60,520 as his pension for his years of service as a member of the US Senate.

Although details are unknown, Jeff Sessions’ additional source of wealth included revenue and income from other investments spread across the country. He currently owns three homes.

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Jeff Sessions’ Height

Some of the jokes about Jeff Sessions have often targeted his height and that is because the former Attorney General is well below the average US male height. He has a height of 5 feet 2 inches and a body weight of 65 kg.

He may not be physically tall but he has reached personal heights that many can only dream of and whilst he might be a short man, he is fit and maintains a healthy body.

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