Who is Jeff Devlin? Here are Facts About The TV Actor

We can all agree that there is nothing that beats making a career off your passion. In a world where we are defined by our financial status and our ability to enjoy the comforts of human life, many are forced to settle for a job that simply pays enough to achieve these small victories. However, some are lucky enough to live a comfortable life doing what they love, such as Jeff Devlin, who is being paid to do what he loves – carpentry.

In the list of work interests one could engage in and make money enough to live a more than average life, carpentry is pretty low on the list, but Devlin has been able to use this to build a good life for himself through television. The diversity in American television which creates programs for people of different interests has given him a chance to become a television star through his passion.

We take a deep dive into the life of Jeff Devlin, and a closer look at his television career thus far.

Who is Jeff Devlin?

Jeff Devlin was born on the 19th of May, 1973, somewhere in the state of Pennsylvania to parents whose identities are currently unknown. His exact number of siblings is unknown but he is known to have a brother.

As for his education, Devlin completed his basic education at Neshaminy High School. There is no information on whether he attended college but we know that while his peers looked forward to life in the corporate world; to work as bankers, lawyers, insurance brokers, etc., Devlin looked forward to a life as a carpenter.

How and when Jeff Devlin fell in love with carpentry is unknown but the love and passion brought him into the limelight for the first time in the HGTV Network show, Spice Up My Kitchen. He starred on the show as a host and a carpenter between 2007 and 2008.

After the show went off the air in 2008, Devlin got a chance to showcase his talents again in 2010 when he was cast as part of the team in the show, Drill Team. He returned to being a host in 2011 for the show, I Hate My Bath and then again in 2013 in Hot List: Baths.

In one of a number of shows Jeff Devlin has stamped his name, he appeared in Ellen’s Design Challenge between 2015-2016 and featured in seven episodes as the carpenter to two participants on the show. In 2015, Stone House Revival gave him a chance to return to his status as a host. He has been hosting the highly rated DIY Network show since 2015.

The show, Stone House Revival is focused on Devlin applying his skills and ingenuity to revive the beauty of old looking houses. The show has so far been on the air for three seasons.

Jeff Devlin
Jeff Devlin working on the set of Riot for Design with a cast member

How Much is He Worth?

For a man like Jeff Devlin, who does not have the capital and machinery of big companies like IKEA, it would be a fair assumption not to expect his small business as a carpenter to make him a millionaire or allow him to earn enough to live an above-average life. However, with his status as a television host, which has lasted over a decade, applying his skills on shows like Stone House Revival and Spice Up My Kitchen, he has been able to build a net worth up north of $500,000.

His Personal Life

Jeff Devlin might be recognizable on the streets of Pennsylvania as the host of DIY Network’s popular show, Stone House Revival but the Pennsylvania-born carpenter still strives to live a regular life.

He does that with his family; wife Christine Devlin whom he married on a date in a not so distant past (specifics are currently unknown). Although the beginnings of the marriage are currently unknown, the journey has been one of love and joy as the couple has been able to raise two children; a girl named Resse Devlin and a boy named Aidan Devlin. The family further owns a dog named Gretel.

In a position like his, it is easy to be consumed by work and not have time to spend with family members but according to Jeff Devlin’s Instagram (@jeffdevlino), that has not been the case in the Devlin family. He regularly takes time off work to spend time with the most important people in his life – his family.

Social Media

As mentioned earlier, Jeff Devlin uses social media. His particularly active on Twitter through @DIYDevlin and on Instagram through @devlinpro


According to reports, Devlin used to be a member of a music band. While it is not clear why he did not pursue that career, he till today loves to play the guitar.

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