Who is Jeff Cavaliere of Athlean-X? See Details Of His Wife, Height & Net Worth

A social media beast, weightlifter and fitness star, Jeff Cavaliere is an esteemed personality that needs no introduction when it comes to the world of fitness. With over a million devoted fans on his Instagram account, the fitness enthusiast has built a strong fanbase and reputation that has come to stay. And what makes him an exception in the fold is his wealth of experience as well as his unique skills.

Known as a conventional workout guru, Jeff has been in the bodybuilding industry for over 17 years. He rose to stardom as an independent trainer and head physical therapist in 2009 after quitting his duties at the baseball team, New York Mets. Since establishing his presence in the spotlight, he has amassed a fortune for himself and continues to rise in the field. Read more about the man behind Athlean-X.

Who is Jeff Cavaliere of Athlean-X and How Old is He? 

The professional fitness guru and personal trainer were born in Connecticut, USA. While much is not known about his parents, his date of birth is recorded as of June 28, 1975. Jeff’s first encounter with bodybuilding dates back to his childhood days when he was inspired by professional wrestlers, bodybuilders, and well-built action film stars particularly Arnold Schwarzenegger.

For a long time in his childhood in Connecticut, Jeff lived in the dream world, envisioning building similar physique for himself. He later decided to start weightlifting competitively in high school. The activity also helped Jeff who was athletically inclined to perform excellently in his other sports interests.

In pursuit of his dream career, Jeff enrolled at the University of Connecticut and majored in physio-neurobiology and physical therapy. Around this time, he had gained lean muscle mass that looked stronger and larger.

After bagging his first degree from the university, the gym guru once again proved his determination to grow by obtaining a Masters degree in physical therapy from the same school. Considering his qualifications, Jeff Cavaliere saw no need to wait and immediately launched his flourishing bodybuilding company in his beloved hometown. But he nursed an ultimate goal which was to work in the baseball industry.

He got a lifetime golden chance when he met Mark Johnson, a player in New York Mets – who helped him realize his biggest dream of working in a baseball team. Luckily, the team’s head therapist was moved to another club and Mark had informed him of the vacancy available to professionals in his field.

In 2006, after he got a favourable mention from the player, Jeff was finally hired by the baseball club. Sometimes, however, true satisfaction doesn’t come from reaching that most ambitious life goal. This was probably how Jeff felt after attaining his biggest dream. The job became emotionally draining to him. Plus the enormous travelling involved harmed him and his new marriage. One time, he had to travel to 14 cities in one day.

For three years, Jeff Cavaliere endured all the stress that accompanied the job and served the club in his best ability as not just the head physical therapist but also as an assistant strength coach, the fitness guru decided to quit as he was no longer having it. In 2009, he tendered his resignation letter.

His resignation motivated him to focus and build his career independently, adding publishing to his resume. Now he has published a number of men’s fitness books and devised a training system that would become the most known online fitness guide.

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How Rich is Jeff Cavaliere?

Jeff Cavaliere has over the years made a mark as a physical therapist. His level of skills, professionalism, and level of experience made him marketable, as well as the first choice of most sportsmen. This has positively affected his money flow. His net worth is estimated at $2 million primarily from his fitness endeavours.

Jeff Cavaliere’s Wife and Kids

Jeff Cavaliere
Jeff Cavaliere and his twin sons-1 (image source)

Jeff doesn’t talk much about his family online, but it is evident that he is a loving husband and father who puts his family above all else. His secrecy has deprived the public of certain details about his marriage and family life such as the date of his wedding, how and the year he met his wife, and more. Also, the well-built trainer hardly reveals anything about his wife too and only shows her in some of his videos, so her name remains unknown. Despite this, the spouses have given us the feeling that they share a tight bond. The couple welcomed a set of twins in 2016 and they have also become part of their father’s online videos.

Height and Weight

Jeff has a good physique that matches a professional bodybuilder and fitness trainer. From his well-chiselled chest and incredibly large stomach muscles to a nice set of arms, you will just know that he has worked hard enough over the years. He weighs 185-195lbs  (83.9kg-88.5kg) and stands at 5 feet 8 inches (176.7cm) in height. Many have suggested that he uses steroids but apparently, jeff relies on dieting and workouts.

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