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Jean Muggli first became known when she got married to Michael Strahan more than a couple of years after his first marriage ended. More than the popularity she got for the marriage to the former New York Giants defender, she became known even more after their sensational divorce. This is as the divorce gulped in a massive $15 million settlement which still remains among the most expensive divorce settlements in the sporting world. The marriage which lasted for less than ten years produced two daughters before it came crashing.

Who is Jean Muggli?

Born 20th of November 1965 in the United States, Jean Muggli grew up alongside her sister Denise Muggli. While details about their parents remain unclear, Jean and her sister are believed to have had a normal childhood. However, there are unconfirmed rumors that she has been battling with anorexia since childhood.

Regarding her education, Jean Muggli schooled in an elementary and high school located in New York City.

Jean worked as a cosmetic store manager where she met her ex-husband. The couple admitted that it was love at first sight for them. After first sighting and falling for her, Michael visited the salon for a month buying soap bars. Jean noticed and admitted in an interview later that she thought he was either the cleanest man on the planet or was working towards asking her out.

The only problem she had was that she never wanted to date athletes. She soon came to realize that Michael wasn’t the typical kind of athlete and so she gave it a try. They dated for several years before getting married on July 18, 1999. The marriage venue was undisclosed and only their close friends and family were in attendance. While this was Jean’s first wedding, Michael had married and divorced Wands Hutchins. He had a daughter and a son from his first marriage.

In 2004, Strahan and Jean were blessed with their first children together when Jean gave birth to twin girls (Sophia and Isabella). They appeared to have had a peaceful marriage until March 2005 when news emerged that there were already cracks in their union.

Jean reported that she was physically abused by Michael and produced past pictures of herself with bruises she claimed her husband inflicted. She claimed that the abuse has left her with a damaged kidney and she vomited blood for days.

She filed for divorce on this ground and claimed that his interest in her has waned as he no longer slept with her. She also accused him of extramarital affairs. One of the most shocking allegations she brought against the athlete was that he placed a camera in their bedroom for the purpose of filming and watching her sister while she undressed.

Michael Strahan, on the other hand, denied all the allegations and reported that he was only asking his wife for an explanation about the $3.3 million she withdrew.

The fight turned ugly and so many twists and turns unfolded with the proceedings. Without enough evidence, the physical assault charges against Michael were brushed aside and they were granted a divorce on July 20, 2006.

Another reason their divorce was sensational with the media was due to the huge amount of money involved. It is one of the most expensive divorces in sports even till date.

Jean Muggli
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Jean was granted alimony of $15 million and $18,000 monthly for the upkeep of her daughters. She also got half the amount of the sale from Michael’s ‘Montclair’ mansion which was valued at $3.6 million and sold for close to $3.85 million.

In her argument, Jean pointed out that the children liked to be accessorized. So she had justification for spending $22,500 on photo shoots, $27,000 on clothing, and $17,000 on classes for sign language on her daughters – One of the twins (Isabella) won’t leave home without a purse.

As at the time of their divorce, Michael’s net worth was said to be at about $65 million with a yearly earning of $17 million, so it wasn’t difficult for him to pay up.

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Where Is She Now?

Not much has been heard from Jean Muggli since her sensational divorce. Following the end of the marriage, she moved to North Dakota where she lives a very quiet life.

Jean Muggli rarely attends social events and seem to have dedicated all her time raising her daughters. Although her former spouse has moved on to date and even engage someone after their marriage crashed, nothing is known about the love life of Jean.

Jean disabled all her social media accounts and has tried in building and maintaining a good relationship with her ex-husband because of their kids. Michael even describes her as his best friend and pronounced her a part of his family.

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