Jean Currivan Trebek, Alex Trebek’s Wife – Bio, Age & Net Worth

Jean Currivan Trebek is an American businesswoman who shot into fame as the wife of Alex Trebek, a popular American-Canadian television personality who has been the host of the syndicated game show, Jeopardy!, since 1984. Alex has been making a lot of waves on TV for several decades, winning a lot of die-hard fans to himself. His fame rubbed off on his wife who immediately shot into limelight when she became associated with him. A very loyal wife, Jean Currivan Trebek has remained married to Alex for nearly three decades.

Apart from being known for her marriage to Alex Trebek, Jean Currivan Trebek is also known to be a businesswoman in her own rights. She was a realtor in New York and was very committed to her job. Fans have also admired her youthful looks which she has maintained over the years.

Jean Currivan Trebek Bio & Age

Jean Currivan Trebek was born on the 3rd day of the month of September in the year 1963. She was birthed in Huntington, a town which is located in Long Island, New York. Even though she is apparently an American woman, it is noteworthy that Jean has Caucasian roots.

Jean is quite a quiet woman who speaks only when she really needs to. She is known to be a little shy of the camera and has not revealed very much about her background. The identities of her father and mother have not been revealed. Details about whether or not she has siblings are also not readily available.

Growing up, Jean had her high school education at Harborfields High School, a secondary school which is located in Greenlawn, New York. However, it is not known if she attended any university. One thing that is sure is that she has a sound mind and knows how to carry herself.

Lady Trebek is a religious person. She is devoted to being a Christian. Known to be a strong member of the North Hollywood Church Of Religious Science, she initiated a service called the ‘singing bowl meditation’ at the church.

How She Became Alex Trebek’s Wife

The story of Jean Currivan Trebek can never be completely told without a mention of Alex Trebek. This is because his involvement in her life is what launched her to the limelight and changed her life forever.

According to sources, Jean and Alex Trebek met for the first time at a party in the 80s. They got attracted to each other and decided to get together romantically. The interesting thing about their relationship is that Alex is older than Jean by 26 years. That’s quite incredible.

The age difference between the couple is really wide and almost kept them apart when they first met. Jean revealed that she was very nervous when she first met Alex because he was already a superstar and was also a lot older than her. However, she and Alex decided to give love a try. They started dating and fell deeper in love with each other.

After dating for some time, Alex and Jean got engaged in 1989. Alex proposed to Jean on September 3rd, 1989 which happened to be Jean’s 26th birthday. He had invited her for a dinner party and then popped the big question to which she said ‘yes!’. They proceeded to tie the knot in 1990.

The couple now has two children together. Their first child, a son called Matthew Trebek was born in 1990. Their second child, this time a daughter, was born in 1993; she is called Emily Trebek. The family is a close-knitted one and the members are very fond of each other.

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How Much Is Jean Currivan Trebek’s Net Worth?

Jean Currivan Trebek
Jean Currivan Trebek and her husband, Alex Trebek

Jean Currivan Trebek is apparently a rich woman. Apart from being married to a wealthy and successful TV personality, she has also been involved in her own business as a real estate manager. This, without doubt, has fetched her loads of money over the years. However, her exact net worth is not known at the moment.

Unlike Jean whose net worth is unknown, Alex’s net worth is known to be a massive $50 million. He made all that wealth from his many years in the media industry as a TV show host.

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