Who Was Jason Gaviati, What Was He Known For and How Did He Die?

There are many celebrities, both young and old, who have gone to the world beyond while making an imprint on the sands of time. However, while they are gone, their legacy continues to live on. Amongst them is Jason Gaviati, a talented and amazing pianist; who was making strides with his exceptional musical prowess before dying of an apparent heart failure at the age of 35. Prior to his death, Jason was popular for his numerous stints with several music groups and rock bands. Learn more about the star and what led to his death below.

What To Know About Jason Gaviati

Jason Gaviati was an incredible American musician, songwriter, producer, and pianist; who garnered fame through his excellent performances alongside the famous music star Lindsey Stirling. Interestingly, Jason featured on Lindsey’s first and second world tour for her album Shatter Me in 2014 and her self-titled album from 2012 to 2013. The amazing pair isn’t just band mates; they are also best of friends and was always together before his sudden demise.

The amazing pianist first stepped into this world on April 27, 1980. He was born in Westlake, neighborhood of California in the United States. Growing up, Jason developed a keen interest in music from a very tender age and he also participated in several shows during his high school and college days. He possesses an American nationality and is of white ethnic origin.

There is no much information regarding his early years and childhood experiences; as well as his family and educational background. Gifted in playing the piano, the youngster began playing the instrument from a very young age and at the completion of his education; Jason kicked off his career in earnest. He was associated with several band groups including STEFY, among others. Subsequently, he relocated to Los Angeles where he lived with Rian Dawson and Alex Gaskarth who are the members of All Time Low band group.

What Was He Famous For?

jason gaviati
Jason with Lindsey

Jason Gaviati became popular when he participated in Lindsey Stirling’s world tour for her first and second albums promotions. He featured both as the main sidekick as well as the pianist of the group along with Drew Steen. Signed up with Lady Gaga’s manager Troy Carter, Lindsey launched her first self-titled music album in April 2013. Afterwards, she embarked on Lindsey Stirling Musical Tour which lasted from 2012 to September 2013.

The musical tour was a successful one and was able to bring huge fame to Lindsey, Jason Gaviati, and the rest of the crew. While his popularity was on the increase, Jason went on to participate in Lindsey’s second world tour titled Shatter Me World Tour. Lindsey and her crew performed over 77 shows within five months. The show took Jason and the rest of the crew across Europe, North America, South America, and Asia from 2014 to 2015. Meanwhile, it was during this second tour that Jason developed the sickness which later cost his life.

What Caused His Death?

While the talented pianist was on a musical tour with Lindsey Stirling and her crew; he noticed a continuous swelling in his neck region. Afterward, it was discovered that he had an enlarged lymph node. Subsequently, when he returned to the United States, Jason, he underwent diagnoses after which the result showed he had Burkitt’s lymphoma. Following the diagnosis, Jason was placed on chemotherapy for months.

Not long after his recovery, Jason left the hospital. While getting ready to embrace his new phase of life, he had a sudden heart attack which led to his death. Jason Gaviati gave up the ghost on November 21, 2015, at the age of 35. It was quite a saddening moment for his friends and band mates as no one ever anticipated his sudden demise. After his death, his friend Lindsey Stirling and the rest of the All Time Low band group members paid special tribute to their fallen member; while their other fans around the world also sent their tribute on Twitter. Throughout his almost two decades of music career; Jason was associated with several musical groups as well as music tours. Even though he is no more, the beautiful legacy he has left will forever linger in the heart of his many fans around the world.

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