What Does Jason Capital Do? – Biography, Net Worth and Facts You Need To Know

Although most people certainly think otherwise, problems are good. They are good because they provide very real grounds for our mental growth and maturity. And if you have overcome any major problem in your life, you can even make a lucrative career out of helping others in similar problems as you once had. That’s the case with the personality that has come to be known as Jason Capital in recent years.

Jason started by giving people advice on how to deal with romantic difficulties. People began to believe him because he claimed to speak from a backlog of personal experience: Once a shy fellow, he was nervous and could not speak to women, and it made his life one huge hell of demons appearing and reappearing. But then, he overcame the situation and even went on to become a relationship maestro.

Today, however, he does far more than just giving relationship advice. Instead, he also guides millions in ancillary concerns such as personal finance, overcoming fears, and more, and more,… and more. Here are details of Jason’s life to enable you to learn a lesson or two for making your own life better.

A Summary Account of Jason Capital’s Life So Far

The entrepreneur has so far done his best to keep his real name out of the media, but we have been able to unearth that he was born as Alex Maroko on June 11, 1988, and his birthplace is Detroit, Michigan. As he once mentioned, he doesn’t enjoy writing about himself, and as a result of this, there are so many details about him that are missing. But here is the much that we have been able to divulge about Jason Capital (yeah, let’s keep calling him what he now calls himself).

By his own account, he started as your typical American child, attending high school to college. He was even superb on his high school and college basketball courts until he decided to drop out and pursue another interest in his life. He has not been generous enough to let the world know the exact schools he attended though.

During his high school days, and well into college, Jason Capital was a very nervous fellow who performed woefully when it came to matters about romance, relationship, and life as a whole. But, at a time, he decided to take the bull by the horns to challenge his fears and idiosyncrasies. And he aced it, coming out as the copy of himself that he had always desired.

Jason has not told the world why he dropped out of college, neither have we been able to find out the reason ourselves. But what we do know is that, shortly after dropping out, the dashing dandy began life as a dating coach. It was as if he was eager to show the world his newfound treasure – which makes us almost suspect that this is why he dropped out in the first place. So, he began to help several men from all walks of life to acquire the tools necessary to date the women of their dreams, and thus began an operation that has spanned over 11 years at the time of writing this.

As a dating coach, he has produced several eBooks and has spoken at various seminars and conferences about his insight into the male-female relationship. As hinted on earlier, he has also expanded his operation into personal finance, including establishing his company, Capital Research International. Through the company, Jason Capital has been able to coach and teach over 100,000 clients how to improve their finances or get romantic partners, depending on their area of need, establishing a success record that earned him a place in the list of Top 100 Entrepreneurs in America by President Barack Obama. Jason Capital currently works out of Beverly Hills in California.

How Much Is Jason Capital Worth?

As a man who is well engaged in the business of coaching men and women on the very important subjects of romance, how to improve their finances, Jason Capital has been able to build a sustainable income model for himself, enough to live a luxurious life such as chartering private planes and staying in luxurious hotels.

The social media influencer has also been able to maintain a net worth estimated to be $2 million and still growing. His income is believed to come from the sale of his books, his conferences, and social media, particularly via YouTube, where he has thousands of subscribers and had his videos watched several millions of times.

Here’s A Lot More to Know About Him

How Jason Capital Merits the Status of A Social Media Influencer

Just as we have been implying all the while, Jason Capital tends to be all things to all men. Although he started as a relationship coach, he’s now pretty much into every topic you can think of. His videos are considered interesting by many people. It is for this reason that he now has over a million followers on Instagram and close to 150,000 subscribers on YouTube. You will find him posting such video titles as Should You Get A Girl Friend?, Never Do this At Bars or Clubs, The Real Reason People Buy things, and more. Have a feel of one of these videos:

He Has Been Dating His Girlfriend For Close to A Decade Now

Jason is known for his versatile knowledge, which is evident when he talks about so many things. Yet, to many people, he is synonymous with romance and relationship talks. And as it may seem, he is also a real-life example of faithfulness to a partner, a no-nonsense issue in relationship questions of the century. Yes, the relationship expert has been faithful to his girlfriend Nataly Biskay since 2013.

Even Nataly has had cause to gush over Jason, saying how lucky she is to have him. Like Jason Capital, Nataly is successful in what she knows best how to do; she is a fused glass artist by profession. The charming couple hasn’t shied away from celebrating their love on their social platforms, particularly on Instagram. They currently live together in California, with two French bulldogs.

Did You Know Jason Is Also A Published Author?

Jason Capital
Jason Capital during one of his seminars

Jason Capital’s mode of delivering knowledge to his audience has involved several eBooks, some of which are Make Women Want You, He Just Gets Me, The Power Switch, but while he has over 20 eBooks to his name, he has also written and published a full-length book entitled Higher Status: The New Science of Success and Achievement.

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Jason Capital’s Body Features

Jason Capital maintains the persona and looks of an attractive man, and he is further buoyed by a height of 6 feet 1 inch. His height has helped with his brief basketball career, and he also has a dashing look that is complemented with brown colored hair and black eyes.

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