What Is Jasmin Cadavid Best Known For, How Much Is She Worth and How Does She Keep Fit

For any criticism that a liberal lifestyle might deserve, there is something to be said of the implicit trait in helping people create a better life for themselves, through any means necessary as long as no one is harmed. It is the very philosophy that has given rise to capitalism and ultimately, the rise of models, who have chosen to use their bodies in making a living for themselves. One of them is Jasmin Cadavid.

For a long time, Cadavid felt she was either going to work in a corporate environment or find something in athletics; having had an extensive background in the field, but upon her discovery of the asset that is her body, she has been able to make a living as a model, both locally and internationally. She has also gained fame as a video vixen, starring in some of the biggest hip-hop music videos out there.

She Had Her First Modeling Photoshoot In 2010 

Jasmin Cadavid was born on the 18th of November 1989 in Miami, Florida; to parents whose identities are unknown. She is, however, believed to have been born to parents who are of Colombian and Guatemalan descent. The rest of her childhood years, including the existence of siblings, are unknown.

Also, not much is known about Jasmin’s education history but it is known that she completed high school, where she revealed her capabilities as an athlete, playing soccer and softball. She also ran track and was part of her school’s cross-country team.

Following the completion of high school, we cannot say if Jasmin Cadavid attended or completed college. However, we know she worked as a hostess and did several car shows to make ends meet before she found her calling as a model. She had her first photoshoot in 2010 and her modeling career has been on the rise ever since then.

Her Fame and Wealth also Came from Being a Video Vixen

Jasmin Cadavid
Jasmin Cadavid (2nd left) with 50 Cent during an event

After some years of doing photoshoots and appearing at car shows, Jasmin Cadavid’s stock rose and she was tapped to appear in music videos alongside several internationally recognized artists. Since then, the Florida hottie has featured as a muse/video vixen for several hip-hop powerhouses including Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, 50 Cent, The Migos, 2Chainz, and Pitbull. Cadavid has revealed that the best artist she has so far worked with has been Pitbull as the Brazilian born rapper is quite kind and hospitable to everyone that works with him.

Meanwhile, Cadavid’s video vixen career has earned her some accolades including the 2015 Urban Model Video Vixen of the Year. It has also spread her fame like wildfire. On social media, the Florida native has cultivated a large following with over 1 million followers on her Instagram handle, @jasmincadavid, and 30,000 followers on her Twitter account of this same name. Such viral fame has enhanced Cadavid’s reach as a model. It has also been effective in growing other aspects of her professional life, including her career as an entrepreneur and a realtor.

It has however not been all smooth sailing for Cadavid. Because she is model and video vixen, many people erroneously assume that she is all looks and no brains. They, therefore, are quite surprised when she can hold her own in intelligent conversations. Cadavid has revealed that such stereotypes hurt her. She is however not letting it hold her down but keeps on living her best life and embarking on new adventures. Like her endeavors as a model, being a video vixen has been a major source of income for Jasmin.

Jasmin Cadavid Could Be Worth $5 Million

With over eight years of experience in the modeling circuit, both in the traditional and Instagram industry, there is certainly no doubt that Jasmin Cadavid would have accumulated an enviable fortune by now. She has worked with personalities like Pitbull, 5o Cents, and Lil Wayne as a video vixen. She has also done photoshoots for the promotion of different brands and all this must have resulted in handsome paycheques.

Jasmin is also a budding entrepreneur. The model has dabbled into the thriving and recently legalized industry of marijuana use and launched her line of industrial hemp products known as Jazzy CBD + CBG. The line carries a top-shelf batch of premium hemp flower flavored with terpenes, and containing high-quality CBD. It comes in various sizes of jars and is available for purchase online.

Finally, another potential stream of income for Jasmin is her music career. The model first fell in love with singing as a child. She subsequently joined the choir and even had a vocal coach at some point. Even though she later got side-tracked by modeling, Jasmin never forgot her passion for music and in 2017, she dropped her debut single, Strike a Pose. She has since released other songs such as Float, In My Feelings, and Sweat, and they have attracted massive streaming numbers online.

With the financial income from her modeling career, along with her entrepreneurial ventures and music career, there is no doubt that Jasmin Cadavid is worth several thousands of dollars.

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A Look at Her Body Measurements

We have touted how beautiful Jasmin Cadavid is and her physical features confirm this. The Florida native boasts of a slim, average build thanks to her perfect height of 5 feet 3 inches and a body weight of 57 kg. This moderate build is complemented by a bust, waist, and hips measurement of 35-24-35 inches respectively, thus making for a sexy physique.

Further completing the whole package is luxuriant brown hair and gorgeous brown eyes, both of which are a testament to her ethnic background as a Latino woman.

The Secret Behind Her Enviable Physique

Cadavid takes her fitness regimen very seriously and this is because she believes that one’s body influences the moods and feelings. She, therefore, gyms frequently, as much as three times a week.

Each workout session starts with 10 – 20 minutes of cardio, then treadmills and elliptical, followed by stretching, squats, and heavy lifting with her legs.

These sessions typically last one hour and the video vixen then hits the steam room. Cadavid also tries to eat healthily; a task that is made difficult by the fact that she smokes weed which makes her hungry almost always. The model however tries to eat in moderation and avoids foods such as cakes, caffeine, bread, and drug use.

Jasmin Cadavid Wants to Date a Regular Guy

Jasmin Cadavid’s physical beauty makes her an attraction for many men, and a look through her comment section on Instagram shows many would love a chance to date a woman like her. The model and video vixen, however, remains single for now and this may be due to some unsavory past experiences.

Cadavid has been in some long-term relationships in the past, including one in which she was engaged to the fellow for three and a half years, but most of them ended because the guys involved were not supportive of her career enough.

The model has therefore revealed that her future boo must be someone who supports her career growth and progress rather than hindering it. She has also hinted that she would love to date a regular guy as against a guy who is in showbiz.

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