Who Is Jarrod Schulz From Storage Wars and Is He Married To Brandi Passante?

Jarrod Schulz is an American TV personality who became very popular after appearing in the Storage Wars television series. Also a fashion designer, entrepreneur, and storage unit buyer, the TV star is known for indulging in different lines of businesses.

A very hard-working man who has been described as a man with a multidisciplinary personality, Jarrod has succeeded in building his own storage auction business along with his wife with whom he has two kids.

Who Exactly Is Jarrod Schulz The Popular Face On Storage Wars?

Jarrod Schulz was born on the 15th of October, 1977 in Long Beach, California, USA. Information about his parents is not readily available at the moment. Also, the cities or towns where he grew up have not been disclosed, however, it is believed that he spent most of his early days growing up in his hometown of Long Beach.

A self-sufficient man, Jarrod began to find work to do as soon as he grew up. He would later go on to work as a sales manager at a carpet-cleaning company in Tustin, California. While working at there, he met and fell in love with Brandi Passante, one of his co-workers at the company. The lovers became inseparable and developed incredible chemistry.

After working at the carpet-cleaning company for some time, Jarrod decided to start a business and become his own boss. He soon set up a mortgage company with Brandi, however, the business did not flourish but crumbled after some years. He was devastated and for some time, he remained quite jobless. It was during this period that one of his aunts who was already the manager of a public storage facility advised him to join storage auctions and give that business a try. He agreed and a new phase of his life started.

Jarrod joined the storage auctions business and gained a lot of experience in the field. Before long, he opened a thrift store known as the Now and Then second-hand store in Orange County, California along with Brandi. All this time, he was unknown to most Americans. He only became famous when he finally made his debut on television in 2010 by featuring in Storage Wars which aired on A&E Network.

It is on record that Jarrod first met with the producers of the Storage Wars series while he was at an auction in Harbor City. They told him about the TV show and how they wanted him and Brandi to feature in it. Jarrod fell in love with the idea, agreeing to the terms because he felt it would give him some free publicity. The Storage Wars TV series is designed to feature the professional storage auction buyers who participate in an auction to buy things from storage lockers. As the show continued to gain prominence, Jarrod and Brandi’s fame kept increasing and his business kept thriving.

Apart from the Storage Wars, Jarrod and Brandi have also featured on Brandi & Jarrod: Married to the Job, a reality television show which focuses on their lives. The show has made them a darling couple to many TV lovers in America.

Jarrod Schulz
Jarrod Schulz and Brandi Passante

It is noteworthy that apart from his television appearances, Jarrod is also a fashion designer. In fact, the TV star was very much in love with fashion designing that he co-founded ‘Outlaw Apparel’, a clothing line with a friend back in 2002. At first, they started with creating only a few clothes but then, the clothing line began to get lots of customers and so, they had to expand and started creating a lot more clothes for men, women, and children. The clothing company soon got a lot of boosts when Jarrod and Brandi began to feature on Storage Wars. It is known that the TV star also wears his branded clothes during his appearances on TV.

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Is Jarrod Schulz Married To Brandi Passante?

Jarrod Schulz’s story can never be completely told without the mention of Brandi Passante. His life changed when their paths crossed. Jarrod met Brandi in 1999 when he was the sales manager at the carpet cleaning company in California. Brandi who is from Texas came to California to look for a job at Jarrod’s company and got it. They soon got attracted to each other and fell in love while on the job. The two have developed really great chemistry and have been together ever since that time as they continue to work as both a couple and as business partners.

Brandi has been with Jarrod through all the thick and thin and is credited for keeping him cool-headed whenever he gets anxious and upset. Their unbreakable bond has led to them being called ‘The Young Guns’ by fans for the work they do together.

Jarrod and Brandi dated for about 15 years and had two children, a boy and a girl together before they tied the knot. They are now husband and wife. However, the exact date and venue of their marriage have been concealed. Their son is named Cameron and their daughter is called Peyton. The family now happily lives in Lake Forest, California.

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