Compelling Facts About Janet Holden, Eric McCormack’s Wife

Following her marriage to the Canadian-American actor and singer, Eric McCormick, Janet Holden rose to fame, becoming a celebrity in her own right. Eric is known for his role as a Will Truman in the sitcom, Will & Grace. The duo may not have started as celebrity power couples (like of Jay Z and Queen Bey or David and Victoria Beckham) but they are now regarded as one of the cutest couples in Tinseltown. They have been together for over two decades.

Holden may be married to a Hollywood superstar but is still a sworn career woman who holds her end. Over the years, she has set herself up as a successful filmmaker and has worked on the set of several movies including the CBS series Lonesome Dove: The Series where she met her future husband, Eric. Despite their seeming disparity, they have been together for more than two decades.

Everything You Need To Know About Janet Holden

She Was Born Into A Middle-Class Family

Holden was born and named Janet Leigh Holden into a middle-class family, in Edmonton City in Alberta, Canada where she spent her formative years. Unfortunately, neither her birth details nor her family details are known. More so, it is not known if she is the only child of her parents or not as she has never disclosed any information regarding her family. Being a very private person, Holden hardly shares information regarding her personal life. The much we do know is that her family has been very supportive and caring towards her.

Holden Began Her Professional Career In The 1990s And Has An Impressive Resume To Show For It

Unlike her background details which are largely unknown, Janet Holden’s career info is one we could easily get ahold of. She started her professional career probably after her educational pursuit, in the ’90s and has been a part of several projects in Hollywood. She works as a filmmaker with a good number of movies and TV shows to her credit including the CBS series, Lonesome Dove: The Series (1994), Angel Flight Down, and Portraits of a Killer (1996), Cold Blood (1996), and The Edge and Mr. Magoo (1997).

She was experiencing a burgeoning career but her marriage with the iconic actor, Eric McCormick no doubt brought her into the limelight. It is on record that the duo met in 1994 while they both worked on the set of Lonesome Dove: The Series.

Janet Holden’s Love Story

Janet Holden
Holden with her husband and son

Her love story began sometime in 1994 when she was working on the set of Lonesome Dove: The Series. That was where she met McCormick who would become her husband and forever love. Seeing the connection between them, it didn’t take long for the lovebirds to hit things off. After three years of a successful relationship, they sealed their love in a marital union with a marriage ceremony held in Canada in 1997. Two decades and counting, they are still very much in love and are doing wonderful job parenting their son, Finnigan Holden McCormack. He was born on July 1, 2002, in a Los Angeles hospital in the United States.

The family now shares their time between Los Angeles, California, and Vancouver, Canada.

Her Husband Has Been In the Entertainment Business Long Before She Came On-board

Janet Holden is married to her compatriot, Eric McCormack, who is a renowned actor and singer. He is popularly known for his remarkable performances in thriller movies and TV series such as Will & Grace, Perception, and Travelers. Born in Toronto on April 18, 1963, he began his acting career in 1986 and has been active in the Hollywood industry for over three decades and counting.

Eric McCormick’s Wife Is Making The Real Bank Just Like Eric Is Doing

Janet Holden has both an impressive resume and a ton of money from her career. Like her husband, she still works in the showbiz business. She has accumulated a decent net worth through her various stints on the set of several films and TV shows. Her net worth is said to be running in millions; nevertheless, it is still under review. Meanwhile, her husband’s net worth is currently estimated to be $15 million. Perhaps, when her net worth is revealed, it might not be surprising to see that she has a net worth which when combined with that of her husband will make them one of the richest couples in Hollywood.

Despite Their Longtime Marriage, Her Husband Is Still Plagued By Gay Rumors

Eric McCormick may be married to his beautiful wife for more than two decades but that has done little to quell the gay rumors that still plague him. Interestingly, the rumors are not out of place. The speculations arose after he played Will Truman, a Manhattan-based gay lawyer in the CBS hit sitcom Will and Grace.

Eric McCormack and in a scene of Will & Grace
Eric McCormack and in a scene of Will & Grace

Sadly, long after the end of the show, he has been tagged gay and is still haunted by the gay image of his character. The fact that he is a supporter of the LGBT community may have further fuelled the rumors. Even if he is gay, McCormick would have never hidden his sexuality.

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Many people do not even want to consider the fact that he might be straight or that he is married and has a son. The tittle-tattle may have put a strain on their marriage but the couple is gallantly braving the storm. Given, there are many gay actors who portray heterosexual characters and also a lot of straight actors who play LGBT characters but just because someone plays gay onscreen does not mean that he is gay in real life.

Janet Holden Is Not A Social Media Freak

While her husband is very active on social media across a number of platforms, Holden is one very private person who probably sees social media as invading her personal space. As such she is hardly seen on any of the platforms, that is if she has an account on any of them. Perhaps, she would rather spend her free time with her furry friends – she has both cats and dogs – than scroll through social media feeds.

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