Janet Elway – Kids, Family & Facts About John Albert Elway Jr. Ex-Wife

In America, football is not just a sport but a part of the American cultural landscape, a status that has transformed many personalities beyond mere sportsmen into gods, worshipped by citizens who see them as a bringer of joy and excitement. One of these gods is John Elway, who is worshipped by the citizens of Denver, and during the course of his existence, he has been married to a couple of women, one of which is Janet Elway.

Janet Elway was married to John Elway for nineteen years; during this time, she became a celebrated personality as the wife of the greatest football personality in Denver History. Unfortunately, their love story did not end at forever after and in this article, we take a closer look at why, her background, and everything else you need to know about her.

Janet Elway Biography

Janet Elway was born on the 17th of February, 1961 in Seattle, Washington to unknown parents. Much of her familial background is unknown but we do know that she grew up in a middle-class family.

Janet read through high school and through her academic brilliance, was enrolled into Stanford University where she earned her bachelor’s degree and also joined the university’s swimming team. It was during her time as a part of the school’s sports team that she met her future husband, John Elway.

She graduated from Stanford University in 1983 and it is believed that she spent a considerable part of her post-graduation years being a housewife, raising their four children.

While her professional life, if she has any, has remained out of media reach, her ex-husband, John Elway has built a life in the media through his status as a football player. He joined the NFL in 1983 and spent a total of sixteen years playing for the Denver Broncos, spending his entire career at the team.

During his time at Denver, he established himself as a superstar quarterback, going on to win two Super Bowls for the franchise, including six AFC Championships and setting a host of personal records. Since retirement, he has maintained a close relationship with the Broncos by becoming their General Manager. Janet Elway’s husband is also an inducted member into the College Football Hall of Fame and the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Husband (John Elway) and Kids

Janet Elway met John Elway back when both of them were at Stanford University. They began a relationship and shortly after graduation and John’s draft into the NFL, they got married in 1984. As John Elway’s supreme talent began to unfold on America’s biggest football stage, her relationship with him transformed them into one of America’s royalty.

They went on to have four children together, Two daughters, Jessica and Julianna and two sons, Jack and Jordan. Her oldest child, Jessica is a sportswoman who attends her parents’ alma mater, Stanford and is on the basketball team. So also, is her son, Jack who plays football at high school level for Cherry Creek High School.

However, after nineteen years of being together, the demands of John Elway’s career, which included frequent traveling resulted in the fracture of the fabric of their marriage and ultimately a divorce that was completed in 2003.

Despite the publicity of the divorce, which was a result of the couple’s popularity, it was a relatively smooth affair and both parties have since moved on to other relationships. Janet Elway, after eight years of being maritally single, got married for the second time to Kevin Kretzmar, while her ex-husband, John Elway got married to Paige Green in 2009.

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Other Facts About John Albert Elway Jr. Ex-Wife

1. Janet Elway’s son, Jack Elway was once the subject of domestic abuse allegations having been accused in 2014 of acts of violence against his girlfriend. According to the story, Jack and his girlfriend got into a verbal fight that divulged into a physical one, that left his girlfriend with injury to her knees. He was subsequently arrested and was bailed by her ex-husband.

2. Her current husband, Kevin Kretzmar, is a branch manager for Summit Brokerage Services and also the President of Centennial-based Safe Money.

3. Janet Elway for a couple of decades has been accustomed to a lavish lifestyle through her marriage to John Elway and from it, she has grown a personal net worth estimated to be just over $5 million. Her ex-husband, on the other hand, has a remarkable net worth of $145 million.

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