The Dynamics Of Jamie Zhu’s Works On YouTube And All About His Family And Love Life

With YouTube being a credible avenue to earn money and become a social media cum international star, the burden of attaining this status is on YouTube content creators tasked with the responsibility of attracting thousands and millions of viewers to their pages through each video they make. One content form that has proved popular is pranking, and while there are several hundreds of YouTubers who are creating content in the genre, not a lot are doing it better than Jamie Zhu.

In a world where the father-son relationship is continuously in the spotlight, Jamie Zhu has found a way to tap into that emotional market by repeatedly pranking his father in hilarious jokes. The pranks serve as entertainment and an exhibition of the healthy relationship between him and his father. The success he has attained making videos in this niche is evident of the over 700,000 subscribers with several million views he has earned for himself. Here is everything else you need to know about the YouTube star.

The Story Of The Prankster Jamie Zhu

A son who would later become the prankster thorn in the flesh of his parents was born to them on the 2nd of September 1993 in Sydney, Australia. Born into a mixed family of a Hungarian mother and a Chinese father, Jamie was raised in a multicultural environment that saw him develop a more rounded world view about cultures and personalities.

Although the exact beginnings of his academic journey are unknown, he attended an Australian boys-only high school. Before he became a YouTube star, he was a student of sports science at the University of New South Wales.

Jamie Zhu
Jamie Zhu has earned the title of the world’s naughtiest son: image source

Before pranking became his life, Jamie Zhu grew up with the desire to become a professional footballer and also a comedian. Unfortunately for him, he could only live one of his dreams, and he had to settle for the backroom work of being a sportsperson as a sports scientist.

The Evolution Of His YouTube Career

Football may not have worked out as he wished, but his childhood dream of making people laugh certainly materialized. As a comedian, Jamie Zhu found more luck and success in his quest after he created his YouTube channel on the 29th of April, 2014. Focused on comedy, mostly pranking videos, Jamie has since been able to develop an audience of over 700,000 thousand subscribers and tens of millions of views.

After a couple of videos uploads from him, his fame began following a prank video of him ‘accidentally’ watching porn without his headphones in a college classroom went viral. Through the video, Zhu began to draw the attention of many viewers all across the world, and he has been able to further solidify their interest in his work through multiple videos of pranking his father and mother.

While his videos of him pranking his parents dominate his channel, he also tends to take the time out to prank strangers. A viral moment in 2018 defines this fact the most. He was evicted from the Australian Open during a match for making sex noises.

Although it was a viral moment for Jamie, it did not come without some significant criticism from his fans and other viewers. Regardless, Jamie Zhu has been able to maintain a growing interest in fans and viewers across both his eponymous YouTube channel, Instagram and Facebook page, where he uploads his videos.

Though the prankster has stated that he started his YouTube channel with the sole goal of getting famous, he also seems to enjoy his work genuinely. In his own words, he enjoys acting and singing, but another hobby of his is being an idiot, especially in public.

When he is not making a fool out of himself for his viewer’s entertainment, Jamie vlogs about his life and uploads them on a separate channel, Jamie Zhu Vlogs, the channel has a modest number of subscribers with a growing number of videos.

The Facebook And Youtube Vlogger Is An Only Child

Jamie Zhu has built a YouTube career off of pranking his parents, mostly his dad, but it has been a good-natured joke based on the happy relationship he has with both parents.

Outside of the pranks and the hilarity that ensues, the Zhus are disciplined people. Jamie’s mother, Eve Zhu, is a teacher and organic food enthusiast. Unlike his father, who has been the subject of his pranks from the beginning, Eve only started appearing on her son’s videos on her birthday – June 25, 2019.

Jamie isn’t the only famous person in the family. His father, Zhu Xi, does not only share a name with the famed Chinese Confucian scholar, but he is also reportedly a prominent film director in China. Mr. Zhu studied at the Theatre Academy in Shanghai and has several credits to his name, including A Pink Girl, Not At The Crime Scene, and It’s You.

The YouTuber is the only child his parents share, as their union was not a long one. The couple divorced when their son was only five years old. Following the divorce, his father moved back to his home country while Jamie stayed back in Australia with his mother.

Although he spent a considerable period of his life living with his mother, he has a close relationship with both parents, maintaining a strong connection to both his Hungarian and Chinese roots.

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Jamie Zhu Is Not One For Commitment

Jamie Zhu
Many women admirers, but none has been confirmed to be his girlfriend: image source

When Jamie Zhu is not posting prank videos on his social media pages or gushing about his parents, he likes to post food pictures and videos featuring beautiful women. Many of these non-prank posts show him in cozy positions with some of these women.

However, most of such videos promote fitness and energy drink brands like Bang and Redline Energy. So unless he is the type to mix business with pleasure, the women on his Instagram can be ruled out as his love interest.

So far, he hasn’t said anything regarding his love life, and since he is the type to put the things that matter to him online, we assume that means he is currently single. If or when that changes, his fans will most likely be the first to know.

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