Here’s How Jamie Little Became a Well-Earning Sports Reporter and Everything About Her Family

For many years now, Jamie Little’s name has become almost synonymous with pit reporting. The mother of two currently serves as the pit reporter for the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR) events on FOX Channel, a position she has been occupying since January 2015. Her pit reporting career has a history that dates back to 1998 and to ESPN’s XGames, where she first set sail into the challenging sea of pit reporting.

Because of how far she has come in this field, Little is someone that piques the interest of many with people wondering the kind of family she hails from, her upbringing, and if it has anything to do with what she settled for as her career.

She Studied Sports Journalism In College

As many have come to conclude, the fact that Jamie studied Sports Journalism in college goes a long way to show that she had been nurturing a dream for a career in the field. While we cannot tell much about Jamie’s elementary school days, available information shows that she attended Green Valley High School in neighboring Nevada.

At Green Valley, Jamie represented her school in the game of lacrosse. It is said that she was very much inclined to athletic activities and it saw her take part in other sports like basketball and wrestling. She was enthused and dedicated to sporting activities that many believed she would be pursuing a career as an athlete, this didn’t happen. Little had had her mind on something else that’s related to the field all along.

Upon graduating from high school, Jamie happily secured a sports scholarship which enabled her to study sports journalism at San Diego State University. She once disclosed that she had always loved sports; in addition to her passion for dirt bikes, it inspired her to pursue a career in broadcast journalism.

Jamie Little Began Her Television Career With ESPN

It was at San Diego State University that she prepared herself for a career in sports reporting. While she was still studying to obtain her degree, she familiarized herself with the industry, reporting for ESPN2 on various motorsports and serving Supercross as a live announcer.

Jamie Little’s years in college lasted from 1998 to 2001. She wasted no time in kicking off her professional career after she graduated and she began in January 2002 as an ESPN reporter. In that capacity, she covered events ranging from XGames to IndyCar, NASCAR events, and Great Outdoor Games. Her time with ESPN lasted until 2014 but in between, she worked for networks like NBC, SPEED, and TNN.

As she covered various motorsports events, Jamie began to set herself apart as a female figure to look up to when it comes to pit reporting. Notably, she was the first female pit reporter for FOX Sports’ SPEED to cover the Indianapolis 500 in 2004.

Exploits Since She Joined FOX NASCAR

Jamie Little has been working with FOX Sports since January 2015. Initially, she was to focus on FOX NASCAR and cover pit road for the NASCAR XFINITY SERIES and NASCAR CUP SERIES. But being very industrious, she subsequently expanded her role to including reporting for NASCAR RACEDAY and various hosting duties.

She has continued to break boundaries since then, becoming the first female pit reporter to cover both the DAYTONA 500 and the INDIANAPOLIS 500 for a network TV’s live race coverage.

Her career has also seen her host many events away from the track. In 2020, she debuted as a reporter for America’s Top Dog, a new show of A&E Network. In all, she has been a very versatile TV reporter and host. She has worked with various media houses, gaining the experience and reputation that make her one of the well-paid sports reporters in the country.

Her Salaries Account for Her $2 Million Net Worth

Jamie Little accumulated her net worth from what she has earned thus far from her career. Apart from devoting almost her entire career to pit reporting, Jamie has done a bit of acting on the side. She filled cameo roles in the films Fantastic Four and Supercross, both of which are 2005 films. This has contributed to her wealth just as her book titled Essential Car Care for Women has been a steady source of income.

In addition to her regular job, Jamie and her husband own two Jimmy John’s franchises in Las Vegas and also has a cake store called Nothing Bundt which they established in 2018. Without a doubt, these ventures are a significant source of income for the journalist and her family.

It has been estimated in various quarters that Jamie Little’s annual salary is around $50,000. As for her net worth, it is estimated at $2 million. The reporter has an exquisite car collection that includes a Toyota Sequoia, a Yukon SUV, and a Pontiac Firebird.

Jamie Little Has Been Married Since 2010

Jamie Little family husband
Jamie and her husband with their son Carter in 2013: Image source.

The beautiful journalist is happily married with kids. Her husband’s name is Cody Selman. After brief months of dating, the couple got married in December 2010, in a mid-size event that held at La Jolla, California, and was attended by their friends and family members.

Two years down the line, on August 9, 2012, Jamie gave birth to their first child, a boy named Carter Wayne Selman. About four years later on October 24, 2016, the couple welcomed their first daughter and second child named Sierra Lynn Selman.

Much isn’t known about her husband apart from the fact that he is very supportive of his wife’s career and manages the ventures he founded with her.

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What We Know About The Family She Hails From

Jamie Little was born an American on April 9, 1978, in South Lake Tahoe, California. Her mother is Laura Thomas and all that is known about her father is that he divorced his wife Laura while Jamie was only 5.

Despite the odds, she went ahead to grow up in the Big Blue city alongside three siblings who we are not yet able to identify by names and other specifics.

Jamie’s family life revolves around her mother, siblings, husband, and kids. According to her, being a mother is a hard job but she is very grateful for her kids and the family she has built with Cody.

When the journalist isn’t working or spending time with her family, you may find her doing some animal rescue work. It is known that she volunteers at The Animal Foundation, the biggest animal rescue shelter in Nevada.

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