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Jamie Davis is the highly talented British actor who filled the role of Maximilian Lindsey Gerald Walker (more popularly known as Max Walker) in the BBC One medical drama series Casualty between October 5th, 2013 and January 2018. So far, this is his longest-running and most recent movie role. But he has had at least 24 other credited roles in revered screen projects such as this one. Here are all the facts you need to know about the actor.

Jamie Davis Bio & Age

Jamie was born on April 18, 1981. His birthplace is the historic market town of Pontefract in West Yorkshire located near the A1 (the Great North Road) and the M62 Motorway in England. That is also where he was brought up. He attended both elementary and high school at Pontefract. But while we are yet to know the name of his elementary school, reliable sources testify that he attended Carleton High School.

Reports have it that Jamie began to manifest his acting prowess while he was a student at Carleton. Today, he remains a highly celebrated citizen of Pontefract, which is evident in the fact that on April 1, 2004, he was a special guest at a Carleton High’s drama presentation night entitled ‘Smithy’.

Since his acting career kicked off, Jamie Davis has become rather known for often filling football and sports-related roles, and that is not without reasons. Apparently, when he was much younger, he had wanted to be a footballer and played very well until he came in contact with acting and his attention got diverted. Indeed, he is even reported to have actually played semi-professional football for some time. Currently, by his own admission, Jamie Davis is a fan of Liverpool FC.

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Who is Jamie Davis Wife?

Jamie Davis Footballers' Wives
Jamie Davis and his co-stars on the set of Footballers’ Wives: Image source.

Beyond his role as an on-screen husband in movies like Footballers’ Wives, Jamie Davis is a responsible married man in real life. He has been married to Lucy Austin-Davis since 2011. Jamie’s wife Lucy is an actress who is famous for acting as a policewoman in the 2009 thriller, Murder In Mind. She is also active on Twitter.

With his wife Lucy, Jamie has two kids – Noah and Mabel Davis. Unlike many professional actors who often place career above family, Jamie is quite different. When he resigned from the BBC One Series, Casualty, in January 2018, he said it was to enable him to spend more time with his wife and kids. Also, to enable him to stay close to his family, Jamie takes residence in both England and Wales and keeps relocating his family based on his career schedule.

His Net Worth

Since Jamie Davis’ career debuted in 1993, he has appeared in no less than 25 movies in both film and TV and has amassed a sizable fortune over the years for those appearances. According to The Hollywood Reporter, actors earn mainly via their salaries, bonuses and endorsement deals. Moreso, when it comes to salaries, their earning profile depends on their individual bargaining power. For instance, there is an extreme case cited when a movie star earned 25 million dollars while a co-star earned only $60,000 on the same Project.

From the foregoing, it is not possible to say exactly how much Jamie Davis has earned over the years especially since his net worth is still under review and has not been pinned to a particular figure. From his lifestyle, it is apparent that he earns a good sum.

Other Facts About Jamie Davis

As already hinted, Jamie Davis’ professional acting career began in 1993 and his most important roles, no doubt, are as Harley Lawson in the ITV drama, Footballers Wive$ and its spin-off, Footballers Wive$: Extra Time (2004/2005); as Leon Taylor in the Sky One TV program, Hex (2004/2005), and as Max Walker in the BBC One medical drama, Casualty (2013-2018). Others are as Davey in the CBBC/BBC One science fiction series, The Sarah Jane Adventures (2007) and as Ben in the E4 science fiction comedy-drama Misfits (2009).

He auditioned and won the role of Harley Lawson in Footballers Wive$ while he was still in drama school in 2004. But he eventually abandoned the role in favor of Hex which required more of his presence in its season 2.

Jamie Davis has no social media presence.

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