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From the story of a military general who died leaving a fleet of 240 armored vehicles for his family to another story of a widow whose only inheritance from her late husband was a signed photo of a baseball legend, the Fox Channel’s docu-series, Strange Inheritance dwells on just that – strange inheritances. The program has been presented by Jamie Colby since its debut in 2015.

In this post, we focus our attention on the lady who pilots Strange Inheritance at Fox Business Network. We will discuss her life generally and delve into some of the thorny questions folks are asking about her.

Jamie Colby Bio

She was born Jamie Nell Colby four days to the Christmas of 1970, that is December 21. Her birthplace is Forest Hills, a residential neighborhood in Queens borough, New York City. An American national, Jamie belongs to the white Caucasian ethnicity.

While we do not have details of where and when Jamie Colby attended elementary and high school, we know she studied accounting at the International School of Business of the University of Miami. It was from there that she graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree. She then went ahead to acquire her Juris Doctor (J.D.) from the University of Miami Law School. It is worthy of note that Jamie earned her J.D. at 21 years of age.

If you’re wondering why Jamie Colby is now a TV anchor rather than working as an attorney, here is the story: it is reported that Jamie Colby never had it in her original plans to become an anchor. Instead, she had just moved to New York after being in private practice for ten years in California. She was waiting to take the Bar examination to start practicing as a lawyer in New York when she was asked to stand in for an anchor who was on maternity leave. No particular media house is mentioned in this story. However, our research reveals that the only program Jamie ever anchored on fill-in basis is CBS’ Up To The Minute (now, CBS Overnight News).

Surprisingly, she enjoyed the work so much that she decided to continue it for life. She would later take and pass the New York Bar examination though. But she felt she had found her place in broadcast journalism. So, she continued to practice as a journalist rather than as an attorney.

Since then, it has been glory all the way. For instance, in 2002, Jamie Colby was the receiver of the prestigious Edward R. Murrow National Award for her coverage of the 9/11 Attack among other accolades.

Is She Married and Does She Have A Husband or Boyfriend?

Jamie colby marc wallack
Marc Wallack and Jamie Colby: Image source

As far as we know, Jamie Colby is currently single, but she is reported to have been married twice. While her first ex-husband is relatively unknown to the media, her second ex-husband is Dr. Marc Wallack.

Dr. Marc Wallack is a New York-based surgeon who specializes in surgical oncology. He is currently the Surgeon-In-Chief at Metropolitan Hospital/New York Medical College as per LinkedIn. Dr. Marc is a former marathoner, his athletic career was brought to an end when he was diagnosed with a coronary artery disease manifesting as angina. With respect to this health challenge, Jamie Colby co-authored a book with Marc. The book is named Life After A Heart Crisis: A Doctor And His Wife Share Their 8-Step Cardiac Comeback Plan.

Contrary to what is reported in some sections of the media, Jamie Colby and Marc Wallack have a son together. His name is Gregory Green Berg.

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Other Facts About Jamie Colby

Birth Sign

If Jamie Colby believes in astrology, her sun sign would be Sagittarius. Therefore, according to Astrology.com, everyone should be able to get along with her very well. She is also expected to be friendly and easy-going, with a positive outlook on life. Furthermore, she should be energetic, excited about life with a magnetic smile and very honest and confident.

This description happens to be largely true about Jamie. They are the qualities that have made her great as a field TV anchor.

Salary and Net Worth

Jamie Colby has enjoyed a splendidly successful career even though she hasn’t been that successful in marriage. After being in private legal practice for a decade, she has worked with reputed media houses like CBS News, CNN, WPIX/WB-11 New York, and Fox.

While we do not have the exact figure that Jamie has earned in her career over the decades, Payscale reports that the average salary for Fox News Network LLC employees is $66,000 and the range is between $34,000 and $159,000. We presume that Jamie would be earning above the average given the awards she has earned as a TV anchor. Her net worth is estimated at over $3 million.

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