Truths About Jamie Colby’s Failed Marriages and A List Of all The Places She Has Worked

From the story of a military general who died leaving a fleet of 240 armored vehicles to his family to another story of a widow whose only inheritance from her late husband was a signed photo of a baseball legend, the Fox docu-series, Strange Inheritance, is one of the most unique shows on American TV and it is equally hosted by a one-in-a-kind personality namely, Jamie Colby.

The brilliant Colby first gained admission into college at the age of just 14. She subsequently went on to qualify as a lawyer, accountant, real estate broker, and mortgage banker. After years of reputable private practice, Colby switched to journalism and has gone on to excel in that area as well. Throw in the fact that she is a blonde bombshell, then you know that we have got a serious case of beauty and brains on our hands.

Before Journalism: How Jamie Colby Began As A Lawyer

She was born Jamie Nell Colby on December 21, 1970. Her birthplace is Forest Hills, a residential neighborhood in Queens borough, New York City. An American national, Jamie belongs to the white Caucasian ethnicity. While we do not have details of where and when Jamie Colby attended elementary and high school, we do know that she completed those stages of her education in record time.

The TV personality then gained admission to study accounting at the International School of Business of the University of Miami at the young age of 14. It was from there that she graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree. Upon completing her first degree, Jamie Colby went ahead to acquire her Juris Doctor (J.D.) from the University of Miami Law School. It is worthy of note that she earned her J.D. at age 22.

Following her qualification as a lawyer, Jamie Colby spent roughly the next ten years practicing law in California. She specialized in several areas including entertainment law which saw her represent legendary TV host, Johnny Carson, in his contract negotiations as well as his divorce. Whilst practicing law, Colby also put her accounting degree to good use. She further diversified her talents to the real estate and mortgage banking world.

Switching to Journalism and Joining CBS

If you’re wondering why Jamie Colby is now a TV anchor rather than working as an attorney, here is the story. It is reported that Colby never had it in her original plans to become an anchor. Instead, she had just moved to New York after being in private practice for ten years in California. She was waiting to take the Bar examination to start practicing as a lawyer in New York when she was asked to stand in for an anchor who was on maternity leave.

The said anchor did legal and consumer reporting for a local NBC station and Colby jumped at the opportunity to share her legal knowledge with viewers. Her first few camera appearances turned out to be awkward and imperfect but Colby felt “right” with the whole experience. She, therefore, decided to stick with it for a while and found work as a fill-in anchor for the CBS news program, Up To The Minute, in 1999. She subsequently went on to serve as a reporter for other CBS programs such as CBS Evening News and CBS Newspath.

Jamie Colby
Colby on an episode of Strange Inheritances Image Source

Journeying From CNN to Fox And Winning Accolades Along the Way

After three fruitful years at CBS, Jamie Colby moved to CNN where she spent one year as a national correspondent. She subsequently joined the Fox News Channel in July 2003. The New York native has been at Fox ever since then and has reported on issues such as the Sandy Hook elementary school shootings, the trials of George Zimmerman, Casey Anthony and Jodi Arias, the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI, the Boston Marathon bombing and Hurricane Sandy.

Colby started her own show titled Strange Inheritances in 2015. Just as the name suggests, the show chronicles the unusual things that people have inherited from their loved ones with some of them including 100,000 insects – that turned out to be worth between $5 million to $7 million, Winston Churchill’s dentures as well as a car collection featuring 3,330 restored antique vehicles.

Her expertise in journalism has fetched her several awards including the Edward J. Murrow Award, the Gracie Allen Award, and the Clarion Award.

Jamie Colby’s Earnings As A Fox Correspondent/Anchor

Jamie Colby has enjoyed a splendidly successful career even though she hasn’t been that successful in marriage. After being in private legal practice for a decade, she has worked with reputed media houses like CBS News, CNN, WPIX/WB-11 New York, and Fox.

While we do not have the exact figure that Jamie has earned in her career over the decades, Payscale reports that the average salary for Fox News Network LLC employees is $66,000 and the range is between $34,000 and $159,000. We presume that Jamie would be earning above the average given the fact that she is not only a correspondent for the network but also hosts her own show. Her net worth is estimated at over $3 million.

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Twice Married, Twice Divorced – Unveiling Details of Jamie Colby’s Failed Married Life

Some people are lucky to find lasting love at their first attempt while some others have to try multiple times. Jamie Colby is one of those who falls into the latter category. Even though the Fox personality is presently single, she is reported to have been married twice. There are no details about the identity of Colby’s first ex-husband or the date they tied the knot. It is also not known what prompted their divorce or when the split was finalized. What we do know is that following the divorce, Colby remarried to Dr. Marc Wallack.

Jamie Colby
Colby and her ex-husband, Dr. Marc Wallack  Image Source

Dr. Marc Wallack is a New York-based surgeon who specializes in surgical oncology. He is currently the Surgeon-In-Chief at Metropolitan Hospital/New York Medical College as per his LinkedIn profile. Colby and her husband were married for several years during which they welcomed a son named Gregory Green Berg. They provided a loving family for their child and also thrived in their respective careers. The couple’s happiness was however cut short after Marc started exhibiting angina symptoms whilst training for a marathon. It eventually turned out that his arteries were 95% blocked and he underwent quadruple bypass surgery.

The whole experience took a toll on husband and wife but they managed to get through it. They subsequently penned a book to share their story and help others deal with the emotional and vulnerability issues involved. The book, Back to Life After a Heart Crisis, was released in February 2011 and did quite well. The authors, however, got divorced that same year.

The couple has never revealed what led to their divorce and this has left room for speculations. Some say it may have been the residual stress of the whole health issue while others have muted infidelity. These however remain rumors baring any confirmation.

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