A Look At The History of Jake Paul’s Legal Troubles, His Worth and Relationship History

Jake Paul is one of those people who perceived the limitless opportunities that came with social media and did not hesitate to jump on it. Starting from the now-defunct video sharing platform Vine, Paul transitioned to YouTube where he began to grow his popularity and created an entertainment company aimed at promoting and managing teen influencers. He’s also well known for being Dirk in the Disney Channel series, Bizaardvark, a feat that made him the first internet personality to be given a regular role on a Disney Channel series. Paul’s career has earned him several awards and nominations, including two Teen Choice Award wins and two Shorty Awards nominations.

Jake Paul’s Story Began in Cleveland

The YouTuber was born Jake Joseph Paul on January 17, 1997. Born in Cleveland, the family moved to Westlake, Ohio, where he grew up. Paul is the son of real estate agent Gregory Allan and Pamela Ann Stepnick (née Meredith). He is also the younger brother of Logan Paul, a fellow YouTuber, internet celeb, and actor.

Paul is of English, German-Jewish, Irish, Scottish and Welsh origins. He went to Westlake High School, where his passion for sports landed him in the wrestling team. Paul was so good at it that he participated in an Ohio-state tournament, finishing in fifth place.

After high school, Jake Paul began training to become a Navy Seal personnel. He ended up opting out and instead went the route of becoming an internet sensation, joining a list of other internet celebs who have made a living through the use of social media. When he was sixteen, Paul joined the video-sharing app, Vine, in September 2013 with his brother. They both rose to fame with the sketches they posted on the app and by the time the app became defunct, Jake Paul had a following of 5.3 million with 2 billion views on all his videos.

After Vine, Paul Continued His Internet Fame on YouTube

Jake Paul’s passion for directing and creativity led him to become one of the most prominent users of Vine. By the time Vine was discontinued, Paul moved to YouTube, where he was initially able to garner a moderate following thanks to his success on Vine.

In 2015, Paul was cast as Dirk in Disney Channel’s comedy series, Bizaardvark. Paul was in the main role of Dirk for all of two seasons until his departure. It was announced during Bizaardvark’s second season filming that a mutual agreement had been reached between Disney and Paul for the latter to leave his role as Dirk on the series.

Jake Paul
Paul as Dirk in Bizaardvark

This announcement came on the heels of a KTLA news report about Paul’s neighbors making public complaints regarding the noise made by Paul’s parties, pranks, and the large gatherings of fans in the neighborhood.

Shortly after Disney’s announcement, Paul confirmed via his Twitter that he had left the show and would be focusing more on his brand and YouTube channel. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, he revealed that he had actually been fired by Disney after the news report from KTLA.

In January 2017, reports began to circulate that Paul had launched an entertainment collaborative on his 20th birthday. Called Team 10, the collabo began with $1 million in financing to help monetize teen influencers while providing management and agency for teen entertainment.

The venture, under new media company TeamDom, had several backers, including Vayner Capital, Horizons Alpha, Sound Ventures & A-Grade Investments, and Adam Zeplain. According to the YouTuber, TeamDom stands for Teen Entertainment and Media Kingdom.

In May of the same year, Jake Paul released the audio and music video for his track, It’s Everyday Bro featuring Team 10, which got an outstanding 70 million views in one month. The millions of views were more for its infamy than its art. It became the seventh most disliked video on YouTube with 61.79% of viewers clicking the dislike button. The same year, he released his first extended play titled Litmas with Team 10.

Youtube Has Made Him A Millionaire

By 2016, Jake Paul had amassed 100k subscribers. That number went up to 1 million the same year before it got up to 10 million in 2017. The channel rose to 20.1 million subscribers in 2020.

Paul was ranked by Forbes as the 7th highest-paid YouTuber in 2017, with total earnings for the year at $11.5 million. For every video the YouTuber puts on his page, he’s reported to earn an income of about $37k. With hundreds of videos, as well as his music and branding ventures, Jake Paul’s net worth sits at $19 million.

In addition to his Youtube career, Jake Paul has also monetized from a couple of boxing matches. He was in a February 2018 white-collar match against fellow YouTuber Deji. He made his professional debut in December 2019 against YouTuber AnEsonGib. Paul won both matches, the fight purse, contributing to his net worth.

Jake Paul Has Had A Handful of Run-ins with The Law

Jake Paul has gained notoriety online for his behavior in several cases; from inside drama with the Team 10 members to his controversial mannerisms on social media. This has often spilled into the legal world, where Paul got charged for offenses he committed.

A July 18, 2017 report told that the internet celeb’s neighbors in the Beverly Grove neighborhood of Los Angeles met up with police officers and city council members to file a class-action lawsuit for public nuisance against Paul. This suit was a result of Paul making his home address public, which brought droves of fans into the neighborhood to gather in front of his home. On April 24, 2018, he was sued by Cobra Acquisitions, the company that owned the house, for $2.5 million.

Paul got into headline news in February 2020 after announcing he would collaborate with Los Angeles-based GenZ Holdings Inc. to create a $19.99 monthly fee platform aimed at teaching kids to build an online presence. Called the Financial Freedom Movement, it promised to share with subscribers Paul’s personal experiences, templates, and secret formula. The program was heavily criticized, however, with fans slamming the program and tagging Paul’s comments about traditional schooling as controversial.

Following the protests that began rocking the US after the death of George Floyd, Jake Paul was spotted with friends entering a P.F. Chang mall after protests at a Scottdale, Arizona protest escalated quickly. Paul, alongside his friends, was criticized for entering the mall and watching people loot stores. The YouTuber later apologized on social media, condemning the violence while also denying accusations of looting leveled against him. On June 4, 2020, he was charged with criminal trespass and unlawful assembly.

Is There Anyone in Jake Paul’s Life?

Jake Paul has had a rather colorful love life and has been involved with several ladies over the years.

Alissa Violet (2016 2017)

Jake Paul

Paul and Alissa were both part of Team 10 in the early conception of the group. A fellow YouTuber, Alissa met Paul at a mall a day before her high school graduation. They exchanged numbers and kept in touch until she moved to LA to pursue acting and modeling, which is what led her to join Team 10. The couple seemed strong together for a year until they broke up. Then, Alissa posted a video accusing Jake Paul of cheating and emotionally abusing her. In retaliation, Paul accused her of cheating on him with his brother Logan. Alissa fired back by sharing on her Twitter that the relationship had never been real, as all Paul did was manipulate things.

Tessa Brooks (2017)

Though never fully confirmed, rumors swirled around that Paul moved from Alissa Violet to fellow YouTuber and Team 10 member, Tessa Brooks, who also happened to be Alissa’s best friend at the time. A video uploaded by Tessa showed she and Jake kissing, which fueled the rumors. Not long after, the relationship was done. In early 2018, Brooks announced she was parting ways with Team 10 and was done with Jake Paul for good.

Erika Costell (2017 – 2018)

Jake Paul

In 2017, Jake Paul began dating assistant Erika and ended up getting married to her in a YouTube video. This brought about the term Jerika, denoting the couple. While the couple admitted later on that the relationship started out fake, it ended up turning into a real thing. The two broke up after they went on a trip to Greece together, something Paul revealed in a YouTube video. In a Twitter statement to his fans, Paul confirmed the breakup, calling it a heartbreaking decision. He also called Erika a beautiful soul and expressed gratitude for the time they shared together.

Tana Mongeau (2019 to Present)

Jake Paul and Tana Mongeau began dating each other in April 2019, and it didn’t take too long before the two got engaged in June of the same year. By July, the couple got ‘married’, though plenty questioned the legitimacy of their relationship altogether. Fans believe that, just like with Erika, this is also a sham relationship to bolster YouTube views. One piece of evidence they point to in particular is the fact that the couple isn’t legally married, as they didn’t fill out the necessary documents to make it legal. Despite this, Tana has insisted that the marriage is legitimate, and explained in a YouTube video that “legally binding yourself to someone takes away the love.”

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