Jahira Dar and Cesar Millan
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One of the best things that could happen to a person is finding the right life partner. To find that special someone who has the same emotional maturity that you have and truly understands you is sometimes hard to achieve. It comes with a level of harmony and nothing guarantees a person’s happiness in a relationship than likemindedness. This is simply the love story of Jahira Dar who knew what her heart needed early on when she fell in love with Cesar Millian, a famous Mexican-American Dog Whisperer, and behaviourist. Their relationship has been both a great source of joy as well as a blessing in disguise to both parties. Cesar has also served as her ladder to fame even though she is an actress, former stylist and wardrobe consultant.

Who is Jahira Dar and How Old is She?

Jahira Dar’s birth details show that she was welcomed into the world on the Ist February 1985 in the Dominican Republic. By the virtue of her birth country, the partner of Cesar Millan is Dominican. Apart from these facts, Jahira has exhibited utmost care in not revealing her personal details to the world about her background. Thus, she is basically famous for dating the iconic dog trainer Cesar Millan.

However, long before her well-publicized relationship with the popular dog trainer, Dar was already making moves to become a star. She worked as a stylist and wardrobe consultant in the fashion and entertainment industry. Also, she sought a career in acting which seemed unsuccessful as there is no film she featured in that was a hit. Her only recorded TV credit was in 2012 when she appeared in Dog Whisperer as Cesar’s girlfriend.

Everything You Need To Know About Jahira Dar, Cesar Millan’s Partner

Jahira’s Relationship With Cesar Millan

For Cesar Millian, 2010 was a year he can’t forget in a hurry as it came with its own streaks of bad luck. First off, he had to endure the loss of his beloved dog, American Pit Bull Terrier dog, he named Daddy that died on February 16th, 2010 following a battle with cancer. As if he didn’t have enough already on his plate, another bad experience reared its ugly head in less than five months, when his wife IIusion Millan filed for divorce in June of the same year. What hit him the hardest was when she asked for primary custody of their two adorable children, Ander, and Calvin born in 1995 and 2001 respectively. She also requested for $23,000 per month in alimony and additional $10,000 every month for child support. From our findings, Cesar ended up making a single payment of $400,000.

Naturally, the bad experienced crippled him emotionally at the time and the heartbreaking anguished it caused led Cesar to consider suicide at some point. Luckily, he was able to take back his emotional health by resorting to intense workouts. Also, his encounter with Jahira Dar helped him heal quickly from his losses.

It is not clear how they met but the two sparked a romance immediately after their meeting in August 2010 – barely two months after Cesar’s wife left him. Within three months, Cesar who had fallen helplessly in love was already thinking of marriage with her. However, it was until 2016 that he proposed to her.

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Is Jahira Dar Engaged Or Married To Ceaser Millan?

While some think their engagement is being drawn-out, the lovers appear to be in no rush and have remained engaged since 2016. There is no wedding in sight and Millan hasn’t announced when it will happen. What remains undeniable, however, is the fact that they still show a prospect of eventually walking down the aisle as they continue to share a strong bond.

Who Is Cesar Millan?

Cesar Millan is an animal lover who has lived his life tending after animals. He was born on August 27, 1969, in Sinaloa, Mexico but he relocated to the US at the age of 21. After working various jobs, he hit it big in the showbiz when through Jada Pinkett Smith‘s advice he considered walking dogs as a career. He became famous as the brain behind the famous show Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan on Nat Geo Wild and he is also a New York Times’ best-selling author

Jahira Dar’s Net Worth

Jahira Dar can’t be classified as a successful actress or star and there is no known high income-yielding venture she is involved in. As such, her net worth hasn’t been ascertained. However, she’s dating one of the most famous and richest dog trainers in the world. Her man, Cesar Millian has an estimated net worth of $25 million which is justifiable given the projects he has embarked on over two decades of his career. With this in mind, it is presumed that Jahira lives a luxury lifestyle backed by her boyfriend.

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