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Jaclyn Glenn is a popular American YouTube star who has managed to garner a very large amount of subscribers on her channel over time. She has also managed to build a community of very loyal viewers with her penchant for regularly posting content for their viewing pleasure. Her gorgeous looks, as well as her hilarious personality, have helped to endear her to her audience.

Apart from being very artistic in the presentation of her content, Jaclyn is also considered to be very controversial, having professed to being a strong atheist. She is also an actress and has appeared in TV shows such as Alex and the Single Girls and The Millionaire Matchmaker.


Jaclyn Glenn was born on the 25th of March, 1988 in Florida. As a young girl, she was raised by her father, Stephen Hornbeak, who is a gospel singer and her mother, Alida Bostick Glenn. Jaclyn has a sister with whom she grew up together.

Jaclyn initially wanted to become a medical personnel but life had other plans for her. She attended South Florida University from where she bagged a degree in Biomedical Sciences and then proceeded to attend medical school to study to become a primary health care physician. However, soon after, Jaclyn took interest in the idea of owning a YouTube channel where she can share her views with many other people. Her channel soon blew up with subscribers and she abandoned her intended career as a primary health care physician.

One of the reasons why she is very well known on YouTube is because of her stance on atheism. Even though she was born into a Catholic family and was raised therein, Jaclyn later converted to atheism after she became a grown woman. When she started her YouTube channel, Jaclyn spoke mainly about her atheistic views and challenged the religious views of people. She thereafter gained serious attention because of her controversial speeches. Among her audiences are people who firmly agree with her views and those who completely disagree with what she has to say. Jaclyn Glenn is, however, not bothered by what people have to say about her as she speaks her mind and expresses exactly what she feels.

Today, she is known around America and even beyond as one of the main female leaders of the atheistic community. She is also known for taking a strong stance against the concept of feminism. Jaclyn believes men and women are not the same and should not be treated as such.

Family Life

It is noteworthy that despite being a strong atheist, Jaclyn Glenn is still very close to her parents who are devout Roman Catholics. In fact, her father has featured on her YouTube channel where he expressed his love for his daughter despite the fact that she is very different from him where religion is concerned. Her family members currently reside in Tampa, Florida – the place of her birth, while she lives in California. Jaclyn has often shared photos of herself with her mother and sister enjoying their time together.

Apart from being a YouTube star, Jaclyn is also a model. In 2015, she featured in a photo-shoot in the world-famous Playboy magazine. She is also a makeup artist and a singer. In fact, Jaclyn has covered hit songs by top singing sensations like Taylor Swift and her fans loved it.

Boyfriend or Husband

Jaclyn Glenn
Jaclyn Glenn and David Michael Frank

Jaclyn Glenn was previously married; in 2010, she met and married a school teacher whose identity has been concealed till date. They were married until 2013 before they got divorced. According to Jaclyn, they went their separate ways because her husband cheated on her and also did not support what she preached in her YouTube videos.

Following her divorce, Jaclyn has gone on to date other men. In 2013, she met Dave Days, another American YouTube star, comedian and musician. Their relationship was on and off for two years. When she and Dave Days parted ways, she fell in love with Toby Turner, an American YouTube star, gamer, comedian and vlogger; however, their relationship lasted for less than a year before they went their separate ways.

In 2016, Jaclyn Glenn met Richie Giese, an American musician who founded ‘Social Repose’, a well known musical project. The couple’s relationship was highly followed by fans because they appeared to be really crazily in love with each other. However, to the disappointment of many people, Jaclyn and Giese parted ways in 2017. She explained that Giese had cheated on her.

Following her separation from Giese, Jaclyn met and fell in love with David Michael Frank, a singer, producer, and writer. The couple are currently together and appear to be madly in love with each other. They both share photos of themselves on social media expressing their deep affection for each other.

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What is Jaclyn Glenn’s Height

Generally considered a beautiful woman with a charming build, Jaclyn Glenn is of average height. The YouTube star now stands at 5 feet 10 Inches tall. With her dark brown eye color and slender build, Jaclyn is surely one woman who commands admiration from the people who come across her.

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