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Many movie stars have had to wait to become adults before beginning their adventure in the movie industry. This category of movie stars usually go through acting schools and take acting classes to horn their skills at portraying movie characters before going on to shine in the make-belief world. However, there are other movie stars who appear to have been born with the sole purpose of entertaining the world with their incredible talent onscreen. This set of people usually start mesmerizing audiences right from their early, preteen years before going on to carve out awesome careers in the industry. Jackson Robert Scott is one actor who falls in this second category.

Jackson Robert Scott’s Bio & Age

Jackson Robert Scott is an American actor who has been described in some quarters as ‘the next big thing’ because of his bold and utterly believable portrayal of the characters he has been assigned in movies and TV series. Even though he is only a child, he has succeeded in warming his way into people’s hearts with his incredible performances onscreen, winning lots of praises for his work.

As an actor, Jackson Robert Scott is best known for his portrayal of Georgie Denbrough in It, an American supernatural horror film which launched him to immense popularity in America. In fact, some people now call him “the scariest 10-year-old in America” following his role in the horror movie.

Jackson Robert Scott was born on the 18th day of the month of September in the year 2008. The child actor was born in Los Angeles, the southern city of California, USA. It was here that he grew up with his family. As a toddler growing up, it was clear that he loved acting. According to sources, he was super-intelligent and often ran around the house gesticulating with his hands. As such, it is not surprising that he has already begun making some waves with his talent as an actor.

Details about Jackson’s education has not been revealed just yet. It is, however, believed that he is combining his acting career with school.

Who Are Jackson Robert Scott’s Family Members (Sister and Parents)?

Jackson was born to a father called Dan Scott. However, the identity of his mother remains unknown at the moment. The actor has a sister called Addison Scott. Jackson is very fond of Addison. In fact, his Instagram page is filled with photos of the young girl whom he seems to adore. Fans are fascinated by the show of care between the two siblings.

Facts To Know About Jackson Robert Scott

1. His movies and TV series

Jackson Robert Scott was just about 7 years old in 2015 when he kick-started his acting career after he was cast in an episode of Criminal Minds, an American police procedural crime drama TV series. Jackson portrayed Cole Vasquez in this series and the role prepared him for more exploits in Hollywood.

Jackson made his big break in 2017 after he was cast to play Georgie Denbrough in It, an American supernatural horror film. The movie became big and made him quite popular around America. In fact, because of the very believable way in which he portrayed his character in the movie, some people have started calling him “the scariest 10-year-old in America”. The same year in 2017, he appeared in an episode of Fear the Walking Dead, an American post-apocalyptic horror drama TV series which saw him playing the role of Young Troy Otto.

Jackson Robert Scott
Jackson Robert Scott and Taylor Schilling in “The Prodigy”

Jackson continued his Hollywood adventure in 2018, scoring the role of Troy in Skin, a short film. In 2019, Jackson starred as Miles Blume in The Prodigy, an American-Canadian horror film. The same year, he was also cast as Bode Locke in Locke & Key, a drama web television series.

2. Net Worth

Jackson Robert Scott is still just a small boy but he has been heavily involved in the making of Hollywood movies and has gotten his name on people’s lips over the years. He has even been hailed as one of the inspirational kids in America. Apparently, his roles in movies and TV series have, no doubt, fetched him money for his efforts.

At the moment, his net worth has been pegged at between $300,000 and 400,000 by celebrity wealth calculators. This figure is expected to keep increasing as the actor keeps working in Hollywood.

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3. He is a lover of sports

Jackson Robert Scott is an active young boy and a lover of sports. According to sources, the actor is in love with playing baseball and soccer.

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