Who Is Jackson Robert Scott, How Did He Become An Actor and Who Are His Family Members?

Many movie stars have had to wait to become adults before beginning their adventure in the movie industry. This category of movie stars usually go through acting schools and take acting classes to hone their skills at portraying characters before going on to shine in the make-belief world. However, there are other stars who appear to have been born with the sole purpose of entertaining the world with their incredible talent onscreen. This set of people usually start mesmerizing audiences right from their early, preteen years before going on to carve out awesome careers in the industry. Jackson Robert Scott is one actor who falls in this second category.

The American actor has been described in some quarters as ‘the next big thing’ because of his bold and utterly believable portrayal of the characters he has been assigned to in movies and TV series. Even though he is only a child, Jackson has succeeded in warming his way into people’s hearts with his incredible performances onscreen, winning lots of praises for his work, especially his portrayal of Georgie Denbrough in the American horror movie, It.

Jackson Robert Scott’s Early Years Before The Spotlight Found Him

The talented child actor was born on September 18th 2008 in Phoenix, Arizona, the USA. He was also raised in Arizona but details of his elementary education are not available. However, given his age, it is believed that Jackson is still pursuing his education and he is yet to graduate from high school.

According to sources, he picked up interest in acting from his days as a toddler when he would usually run around the house gesticulating with his hands. As such, it is not surprising that he has already begun making some waves with his talent as an actor. More so, he went on to hone his acting skills when he joined the CGTV acting program. During his time with the group, he was taught a lot about acting and had the opportunity to interact with top actors from Disney, Nickelodeon and even the owner of CGTV, Adrian R’Mante.

His Acting Career Kicked Off At Age 7

Jackson Robert Scott
Jackson Robert Scott and Taylor Schilling in “The Prodigy”

At barely 7 years old, Jackson Robert Scott had completed his training at CGTV and he started going for auditions which paid off when he landed a major role on the popular TV series Criminal Minds in 2015. His character was Cole Vasquez and he appeared on the 4th episode of season 11 of the TV series. In 2017, he played the role of the younger version of the character, Troy Otto in the episode TEOTWAWKI which was aired in the 3rd season of the TV series, Fear of the Walking Dead.

Having starred in two top-notch TV series, Scott was definitely on his way to becoming a star in Hollywood and his appearance in It sealed the deal. The young actor played the character, Georgie Denbrough in the American horror film which turned out to be a hit. Jackson Scott’s character was shown at the beginning of the film as he was haunted by Pennywise the Dancing Clown who was played by Skarsgård. The youngster portrayed his role fearlessly and was applauded by many for his acting and fans started to call him ’the scariest 10-year-old in America’. Jackson also reprised his role in the sequel of the film which was released on 6th September 2019.

His movie exploits can also be seen in the 2018 film, Skin, a short movie in which he portrayed the character, Troy. The movie landed an Academy Award under the category of Best Live Action Film during the 91st Academy Awards. The next year, Jackson continued to tow the path of establishing himself in the horror genre with his appearance in The Prodigy which had Nicholas McCarthy as its director. The young actor starred alongside the reputable American actress, Taylor Schilling in the movie and it also marked his first time to appear in a feature film.

The Best Moments Of His Career So Far

The talented actor was later recruited by Andrés Muschietti to star as one of the main characters of the series, Locke & Key. His role in the series is as Bode Locke and Netflix showcased the 1st season of the series on February 7th 2020. Jackson who has been having a fun-filled time on the set of the TV series revealed that his character on Locke & Key is the best role he had portrayed since the inception of his acting career. Moreso, his time with the other cast members of the series has been amazing as he has developed quite a close bond with them. He is also thrilled as he gets to star alongside the much talked about English- Australian actress, Frances O’Connor who plays the role of Nina in the American comic series.

Other notable works Jackson Robert Scott is associated with include the recent 2020 film, Gossamer Folds in which he played the role of Tate Millikin and had the likes of Shane West and Alexandra Grey as his co-stars. It is reported that this movie which was directed by Lisa Donator and had Yeardley Smith as the producer, was in post-production since 2018. Scott is also on the set of the short film, Rising, as Luke.

How Rich Is The Child Actor?

Jackson Robert Scott is still a budding actor, however, the handful of movies he has featured in have garnered a lot of recognition. It is just a matter of time before he turns into a full-fledged Hollywood sweetheart, raking in millions of dollars. For now, it is estimated that his net worth is between $300,000 to $500,000. All of his earnings come primarily from his roles in movies and TV series.

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What We Know About Jackson’s Family

Jackson Robert Scott
Jackson Robert Scott and Addison Image Source

Jackson was born to parents, Dan Scott and Robin Scott. His folks live a rather simple life, hence, no facts have been uploaded about who they are or what they do asides their names. However, from the actor’s Instagram page, we gathered that he has a sister, Addison, whom he adores and uploads a lot of her pictures on his wall. The bond they share fascinates Jackson’s fans who have also picked interest in Addison Scott.

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