Jacksepticeye Net Worth – How Much Money the YouTuber Makes Online

Once upon a time, Sean William Mcloughlin was just a little boy growing up in rural Ireland. As most kids of his age are wont to do, he found himself quite fascinated with video games. His family however lacked the funds to give him these games, so he took to raising funds any way he could to purchase them. Sean would stick with his passion throughout his formative years and today, he is one of the biggest YouTube gamers in the world; he’s famed as Jacksepticeye.

Thanks to his distinct accent, energetic commentary, as well as colorful swear words, Jacksepticeye’s channel has grown to become one of the most subscribed YouTube channels in the world. His videos have been viewed more than a billion times and he has played with Hollywood stars such as Ryan Reynolds. The gamer now has a net worth estimated at $35 million but he is not losing his head over it. He rather remains calm and is dedicated to doing his bit to make the world a better place.

How Much Money Does Jacksepticeye Make?

The major contributor to Jacksepticeye’s net worth is YouTube gaming. As earlier stated, the Irishman began playing games (such as Super Mario, Pokemon Blue, and Donkey Kong) as a child and grew up wanting to be a voice actor much like the characters in his games. That ambition did not pan out as planned, so he spent some years in the university studying hotel management as well as audio engineering. Whilst doing this, he continued playing games and would often drop commentary on it online.

From dropping commentary, Jacksepticeye decided to try his hands at gameplay and so resorted to his eponymous YouTube channel. He had created the channel as far back as 2007 but only started posting gameplay videos in 2012. His energetic commentary and foul-mouthed nature took with some parts of the YouTube community and he soon gathered about 2200 subscribers. He then got a breakthrough after receiving a shout-out from a famous YouTube star, PewDiePie, in September 2013.

As the story goes, PewDiePie had done a competition for upcoming YouTubers and Jacksepticeye was one of the entrants. He finished among the top ten and had his name touted by PewDiePie. This led to an instantaneous growth in his subscriber base as it ballooned from 2500 to 15000 within a space of four days.

That steady growth has continued to date and Jacksepticeye now has over 25 million subscribers. His content has been viewed over 13.2 billion times which translates into serious cash for the young man. Going by YouTube’s monetization policy, creators make from $2-$7 per 1000 views, meaning that Jacksepticeye could have made as much as $30 million from his YouTube activities.

The Gamer’s Vlogs about His Life Has also Attracted Numerous Views

Another thing that has fueled Jacksepticeye’s YouTube viewership and consequently, his net worth, is his vlogs. The Irishman isn’t all about just gameplay and commentary but also does some random vlogs which give fans insight into his private life.

Through these vlogs, fans have been able to learn that he has a much-beloved younger sister, Allison, who is married; as well as a brother named Malcolm, who lives in France.

They have also been able to discover the fact that their icon once played in a band and that he is color blind. Such wonderful titbits and more have kept the viewership growing and this has contributed to the millions of dollars Jacksepticeye has made on YouTube.

He Launched His Coffee Company Called Top of the Mornin in 2020

Jacksepticeye’s net worth has also benefitted from his entrepreneurial endeavors, one of which is a coffee company. The YouTube gamer believes that coffee is the lifeblood of the world, so he decided to dip his toes into that market, much to the delight of his subscribers.

Jacksepticeye launched his Top of the Mornin coffee brand in mid-2020. The brand has varieties such as dark roast coffee blend and midnight oil. There are also branded mugs and t-shirts for fans with items ranging from $16 to as high as $30.

The brand sold out within days of launch and its owner revealed that a portion of the profits will go to the Feya Foundation; a non-profit dedicated to combating world hunger.

The YouTube Star Has a Clothing and Merchandise Line

Before going into the coffee business, Jacksepticeye had a merchandise line known as the PMA Movement. The line launched in 2018 and features branded joggers, hoodies, facemasks, as well as accessories such as socks, laugh pins, and collector boxes. Items are priced from $10 to as much as $55. PMA did quite well with the gamer’s fans and so in 2018, he joined hands with one of his frequent collaborators, Markiplier, to launch a clothing line known as Cloak.

With “Hidden in Plain Sight” as its slogan, Cloak is designed to cater to fellow gamers with its cool and comfortable nature. It has been quite successful thus far and its creators have gone on to partner with some popular video game companies for themed collections.
Back in April 2020, Cloak joined hands with the popular horror video game, Five Nights at Freddy’s, to create a 15-item collection which featured FNAF-themed hoodies, sweatpants, apron, beanies, t-shirts, jackets, and cloaks. Items went from $18 to $88 and most categories were sold out within minutes of launch.

Also in 2020, Cloak partnered with another popular YouTube game, Minecraft Dungeons, to release a limited edition collection emblazoned with the game’s imagery. The collection was timed to coincide with the release of a spinoff of the game and featured items such as hats, t-shirts, and hoodies. Prices ranged from $24 to $60.

He Has Also Earned from Embarking on Tours

The gamer has also grown his net worth by taking his act to the road. In 2018, the YouTuber launched his How Did We Get Here Tour. Described as a personal experience between the internet star and his fans, the initial leg of the comedy theatre tour ran from March to April 2018 across ten American cities.

It proved quite successful and so Jack decided to extend it to a 2nd, 3rd, and 4th leg. The 2nd and 3rd were confined to America as well, while the 4th, which spanned October to November 2018, saw him take his act to several European cities. They include Paris, Cologne, London, Manchester, and Ireland.

How Much Money Does Jacksepticeye Make a Day?

The famed YouTube gamer makes about $22,000 a day from his YouTube channel alone. Many will be tempted to write this off as easy money but the truth is that Jacksepticeye has had to work hard for it. The Irishman spends about two hours playing games in the evening. The next day, he would spend all morning editing the videos to a length of about 6-15 minutes each.

When done, he spends the next several hours answering comments before uploading the two videos. By the time the gamer is through, evening has rolled around again and he repeats the same process over again. His hard work is not in vain though as his videos garner an average of 4.5 million views each day, which translates to about 22k from YouTube each day.

The YouTuber is not just a millionaire but a multi-millionaire. Thanks to his ever-growing annual earnings, which was pegged at $16 million in 2018, he has been able to acquire a net worth estimated at $35 million. The gamer has done several charity live streams and has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for admirable initiatives such as helping out during the Covid-19 pandemic as well as the Australian bushfires.

Sources of Jacksepticeye’s Net Worth

  • YouTube gaming – $30 million
  • vlogs – N/A
  • Clothing line – $500k+
  • Coffee company – $200k+
  • Tour – N/A

His Social Media Numbers

  • YouTube
    Subscribers – 25 million
    Views – 13.2 billion
    Revenue generated – $30 million est.
  • Instagram
    Followers – 5.7 million
    Views – N/A
    Revenue – N/A
  • Twitter
    Followers – 4.85 million
    Views – N/A
    Revenue – N/A

Some of His Favourite Games

  • Shadow of the Colossus
  • The Escapists
  • Subnautica
  • The Sims 4
  • Grand Theft Auto 5
  • SKATE 3
  • Happy Wheels
  • Surgeon Simulator VR
  • Undertale
  • No Oxygen Included


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