An Inside Look At Jackie Braasch and ‘Big Chief’ Justin Shearer’s Relationship

Remember when the media went abuzz in 2017 about Justin Shearer’s extramarital relationship with Jackie Braasch? Ever wondered what became of the couple? To refresh your memory, Justin Shearer, popularly known as Big Chief, is a race car driver and host of Discovery Channel’s Street Outlaws show. Jackie Braasch, on the other hand, is an incredible female drag car racer who fell in love with a married man.

Seeing as Big Chief was still married to the mother of his children when their dating rumors started, their relationship started on a somewhat complicated note. However, in comparison to the loudness of the affair, Jackie Braasch and Justin Shearer’s time together has been on a low key. If you were also wondering what became of the two, join us for this inside look into their relationship.

The Common Ground Jackie Braasch and Justin Shearer Share

Big Chief is a well-known face in the television industry who has always been an ambitious car racer since his childhood days. His love and passion for the sport earned him a place in the hearts of the people of the Oklahoma City street racing community. It would also later set him on to his career in the television industry.

He became a TV personality at “Midwest Street Cars” which later joined Discovery’s Street Outlaws. The TV series premiered in 2013, alongside his career in car racing. His performance in the series did not only put him on the path to fame, but it has also made him a rich man as he has accumulated a net worth of $2 million.

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His lover Jackie Braasch, on the other hand, is the daughter of a garage owner. She has since become a professional motorsports racer who specializes in drag racing. Prior to her racing days, the member of the women motorsports organization, Car Chix, was a preschool teacher. She began her career after joining the Junior Dragster Division for children.

Braasch actively participated in different car racing competitions, including the SuperPro and the Rocket Brand Race Fuel Bracket Series. These competitions allowed her to win multiple championships before becoming a part of Car Chix in May 2015.

In addition to her racing career, Jackie Braasch likes to work on cars, a hobby she picked up along with her sister Erin Braasch while helping their dad build cars in his garage. With a net worth of over $1 million, Braasch is also cashing in big from her passion.

We may not be able to say for a fact how their love began, but we are willing to bet it had something to do with car racing.

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Their Affair Led To Shearer’s Divorce

Justin Shearer divorced his ex-wife and mother of his two sons, Alicia Shearer, in 2017 before he made things official with Jackie Braasch. However, Big Chief’s relationship with Alicia wasn’t always what it became. The street racer met his ex-wife, a respiratory therapist, long before he became a TV personality. He was then working at a gas station while Alicia was just leaving her teenage years.

The two first became friends, and shortly after, they graduated to lovers, leading to their exchange of marital vows on September 29, 2006. Their union was crowned with two boys Cobrin Shearer and Covil Shearer.

However, after over ten years together, their marriage went down a steep road in 2017 as rumors began to fly about a looming divorce. It was later said that Big Chief’s wife Alicia had filed for the divorce after discovering his extramarital affair with Jackie.

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Justin Shearer, however, denied the cheating allegations as rumors of his love interest in the female car racer Jackie Braasch was going on. Big Chief felt it was necessary to enlighten his fans on what was going on in his family and he did so during The Chief and Shawn show, saying that it was no secret he and his wife of 10 years were having trouble and that they were getting a divorce. He added that he and Alicia weren’t much of a couple even long before the rumor of an affair began spreading before reiterating that he wasn’t seeing any other person while he and his ex-wife were officially married.

Justin and Jackie Look To Be Happy Together

Jackie Braasch and Justin Shearer
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We may not be able to speak to the specific moment Justin Shearer and Jackie Braasch decided to give it a try, but we know it was sometime in 2016. It has been over three years since their relationship started – on a rather high note – and the couple is still together.

Jackie Braasch and Big Chief Justin Shearer have their relationship open to the ones closest to them. The proud boyfriend once posted a picture of himself and Jackie on Instagram, and his caption implied both his ex-wife and girlfriend are getting along quite well.

Besides her husband’s ex-wife, Jackie Braasch seems to be getting along well with her would-be stepchildren as well. Jackie may not be as active on social media as she used to be, but her husband Big Chief is still quite the active user. Though his posts are mostly about cars and race-related, there is also the occasional family time posts. He has posted cheery pictures of Jackie and him spending quality time with his sons.

With famous people not being known to date for long, any relationship that lasts as long as Big Chief and Jackie’s relationship has, is believed to be headed towards marriage. With every passing day of their long-term relationship, fans have been waiting for an announcement, one way or another.

While people wonder when they are taking the next step or whether they are even still together, Jackie Braasch and her partner are savoring their relationship in private. The couple do not have any kids together yet and it’s not clear if they intend to do so in the future. However, their little family is blessed with two of Jackie’s fur babies, her pet dogs. Add that to her boyfriend’s two kids, and they have a full house already.

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