Who is Isobel Yeung and If Married, Who is The Husband?

Best known for her stints with media outlets like The Guardian and The Independent, Isobel Yeung is a freelance writer, TV presenter, and producer working for HBO series “VICE”. The young journalist is popular for her contribution to her professional field through various reputed publications such as South China Morning Post and The Telegraph. She is also involved in the coverage of a range of global issues including the impact of Islamic State on Iraq’s youth, women’s rights struggle in Afghanistan and the after effect of the fragile Philippine community.

Gaining inspiration from top personalities in the field like Christiane Amanpour, Yeung only aims for the best in her career. Her bold and gallant personality has also been the key to her successes and widespread acclaim as a correspondent. To know more about the award-winning TV presenter and producer, this article x-rays the personal and professional life of Isobel Yeung.

Early Life

Born to her Chinese father and English mother, Isobel Yeung is a native of Southern England. Her mother, Marguerite Yeung birthed her on November 2, 1986, and she belongs to mixed ethnicity of Eurasian. Her father who is of Chinese descent left Hong Kong for England in the early 1980s where he settled and raised a family. Isobel has an elder brother and a younger sister whose name is Chantel Yeung.

As regards her educational background, the beautiful journalist is yet to reveal the names of the schools she attended but it is known that she had all her education in England after which she proceeded for her professional career in journalism.

Is She Married or In Any Relationship?

Amidst her ever-busy professional life, journalist Isobel Yeung spares some time for some dalliance with the opposite sex. She is not married yet but she does share an intimate relationship with a fellow journalist who goes by the name Benjamin Zand. Zand who belongs to British-Iranian descent has been her boyfriend for quite some time and even though they both have hectic work schedules, they still find some time to build on their personal lives.

Benjamin Zand isn’t just a journalist but a filmmaker as well. He has helped in the production of some documentaries for BBC and like his girlfriend, he has also involved himself in coverage of some trending issues around the world. His most notable work is the documentaries in places like Kabul and in Caracas known for their high rate of kidnapping.

Isobel Yeung
Isobel Yeung with her boyfriend, Benjamin Zand – image source

The news about  Isobel’s relationship caught the media attention after she posted a picture of herself kissing Zand on her Instagram page. During an interview in April 2017, the beautiful journalist also spoke of her challenges in managing her professional life with her personal life as they both had to travel for their various work schedules and as a result, share little time together. That notwithstanding, the couple tries to maximize their free time together.

Other Amazing Facts to know about Isobel Yeung

She Has Worked As a Freelance Journalist in China

Isobel barely knew she would become a journalist while growing up but as she got older it became clear what her future career would look like. After college, she moved to China where she worked as a journalist for four years reporting and producing shows for a good number of Asian and U.K. TV channels. Isobel Yeung worked briefly for a state-run media in Shanghai before beginning her in-depth event coverage for publications and broadcasters. In 2014, she became a producer and field correspondent for HBO’s VICE. For the publication, she made a documentary piece of the 2014 Hong Kong protest which is often called the Umbrella Revolution.

Also, willing to eradicate all forms of injustice and to make voiceless people’s voice heard, the South England native has also covered stories about Libya’s migrant smuggling incidents, and the ISIS blockade on Philippine community. Her work has equally taken her to several war-disturbed countries like Iraq, Afghanistan, Tanzania, and Ethiopia, etc. One of her recent coverage was in Uganda where she investigated the country’s anti-homosexuality bill that includes a death sentence just for being gay.

Isobel Yeung’s Net Worth and Awards

Isobel’s experience in the field of journalism has earned her so much reputation. She is not only a recipient of the 2017 Gracie Award but also the 2018 Front Page award following her role in the fight for the rights of Afghan women. Her boyfriend Zand was in 2016, recognized as the Young Talent of the Year by the Royal Television Society,

As for her net worth, it is estimated at $500 thousand with an annual income of about $113,000.

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Height, Weight, and Other Measurements

The ravishingly charming TV presenter is averagely tall with a height of 5 feet 3 inches and a complementing body that weighs about 56 kg. Following her everyday work schedule, Isobel is fond of wearing a body comfy trousers and t-shirts but from a closer gaze at her appearance, she seems to have an hourglass figure. She also has dark brown eyes and light brown hair.

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