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It’s hard not to love Anna Kendrick. She’s talented, beautiful, humorous, smart, unpretentious, and a social media delight. Her career is in full bloom and Hollywood is starting to understand just how gifted a performer she is. Anna is blessed with a remarkable voice and a flair for acting that has seen her take on several leading roles in film and television over the years. Her incredibly good looks and rising popularity have made her a choice candidate for all kinds of speculations, especially in the relationship arena. At one point or the other, you’ve probably asked: is Anna Kendrick dating anyone?

The versatile actress and singer has spent over a decade appearing on-screen since she made the move from theatre to motion pictures in the 2007 film Rocket Science. Since then, we have been regaled with her performance in movies like Pitch Perfect, Up in the Air, Mr. Right, and the Twilight movies. Many celebrities and fans have expressed a desire to date Anna Kendrick, as she is considered one of the hottest women in show business. Let’s take a deep dive into her love life and find out if Anna Kendrick is dating anyone or broken many hearts by getting married.

Is Anna Kendrick Dating a Boyfriend?

Someone like Anna Kendrick has to have hundreds of eligible suitors lined up outside her door just waiting to sweep her off her feet, right? One of the really cool but also frustrating things about the actress is that she loves to keep her private life to herself for the most part. She hardly ever talks about her life during interviews, and she puts extra effort to ensure her relationships stay out of the tabloids.

So, is Anna Kendrick dating anyone? Sorry folks, but this star is taken. Anna is in a loving and committed relationship with the British cinematographer Ben Richardson. Interestingly, the couple has been going out since 2014, but they managed to keep a tight lid on their relationship until recently.

Anna Kendrick and Ben Richardson
Anna Kendrick and Ben Richardson: Image Source

Richardson and Anna first ran into each other in 2013, when they worked together on the set of Drinking Buddies, but they didn’t really connect until they worked together again on the set of Happy Christmas in 2014. The lovebirds are going strong today and everything looks happy between them. Anna herself has said repeatedly that she has no tolerance for a guy who doesn’t respect her or refuses to treat her right, so we know Richardson must be ticking all her boxes.

Who Has Anna Kendrick Dated in the Past?

The Pitch Perfect star is not new to the dating scene. She has had her fair share of relationships, and we have been able to witness some of them.

Before things with her and her current beau got heated up, Anna was in a relationship with Edgar Wright, the film director. The pair dated long term from 2009 to 2013. They met while working together in Scott Pilgrim vs the World, a movie Anna starred in and Edgar directed. Although their breakup came as a shock to most of us, they actually ended things amicably.

Even though this is her only confirmed relationship since she has been in the spotlight, Anna had been rumored to be dating several other celebrities. There were some speculations going around that she was dating the Game of Thrones actor, Alfie Allen, but Anna took to Twitter to say it was just a rumor. She found it hilarious and even apologized to Alfie for the confusion he was probably experiencing because of the news.

In the past, Anna Kendrick has also been linked to Chris Pine, whom she starred alongside in Into the Woods, but this also turned out to be a work of the imagination. The general public also lost their mind for a while over the idea of Anna Kendrick dating Zac Efron, but it turned out people were just goofing around.

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Has She Ever Been Married?

It took us a while to learn the right answer to the question: is Anna Kendrick dating anyone? So, it wouldn’t be too much of a surprise if we found out she had secretly gotten married. However, Anna and Ben Richardson’s relationship has not yet crossed the line into marriage, although they’ve been together for five years. Whether or not wedding bells go ringing soon, we can’t help but adore their relationship and the love they have for each other.

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