Inside Scoop on Anna Kendrick’s Relationship History and Who She Is Dating Now

It is hard not to love Anna Kendrick. She’s talented, beautiful, humorous, smart, unpretentious, and a social media delight. She has a remarkable voice and a flair for acting that has seen her take on several leading roles in film and television. Along with incredibly good looks and popularity, Anna Kendrick has become a choice candidate for all kinds of relationship speculations and dating rumors.

Many celebrities and fans have expressed a desire to date Anna Kendrick, as she is considered one of the hottest women in show business. But out of many, only a couple have gotten a chance to call themselves her boyfriend. Who are they? First is the celebrated director, Edger Wright.

Anna Kendrick Has Been in One Long Term Relationship

Someone like Anna Kendrick has to have hundreds of eligible suitors lined up outside her door just waiting to sweep her off her feet, right? One of the cool but also frustrating things about the actress is that she loves to keep her private life to herself for the most part. She hardly ever talks about her life during interviews, and she puts extra effort into ensuring her relationships stay out of the tabloids.

However, when you are Anna Kendrick, you can only keep your relationships secret for so long. Eventually, the masses find out and rejoice in excitement for their new favorite couple. So far, we know she has been in two significant relationships—the first, with Shaun of the Dead director, Edgar Wright, and the other with the cinematographer, Ben Richardson.

Edgar Wright (2009 – 2013)

Anna Kendrick Relationship
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It is no surprise that the two major relationships in Anna Kendrick’s life involve colleagues in Hollywood. Based on scientific studies, you are more likely to date someone in your line of work. So, when she got cast in Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, it wasn’t just the start of one of the best films ever made, but also a long relationship with the film’s director, Edgar Wright.

For the uninitiated, Edgar Wright is an award-winning director who is known for his satirical genre films. He is responsible for global favorites like The World’s End, Baby Driver, and Shaun of the Dead. While filming Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, one of the early films in Anna’s onscreen career, the two Hollywood favs met.

Unfortunately for fans, during their four-year relationship, they barely made a peep on gossip blogs or tabloids. All we knew at the time was that they were together until an Us Weekly article in March 2013 revealed that they were not. Anna and Edgar quietly broke up, bringing their four-year dating journey to an end. According to the report, the relationship ended a while before the news broke, suggesting it ended in late 2012 or early 2013.

She Is Dating a Cinematographer Now

Some go on a dating cleanse after the end of a long term relationship. Sometimes it lasts months, other times, years. For Anna Kendrick, it took only a little over a year before she went back on the dating wagon. She began dating cinematographer, Ben Richardson, in August 2014.

Richardson and Anna first ran into each other in 2013 when they worked together on the set of Drinking Buddies. At the time, she was still in a relationship with Edgar Wright. They got another chance to ignite the spark between them again in 2014, on the set of Happy Christmas. They worked together again, but it was the one that sparked their romance.

Anna Kendrick Relationship
Anna and Ben on a rare public sighting: image source

Like her relationship with Edgar Wright, Anna Kendrick has mostly kept details about their romance away from the media. Except for a rare sight together in Honolulu, Hawaii, in July 2015, the couple is rarely photographed together.

Several reports suggest that they are still together. The lovebirds are going strong and everything seems happy between them. Anna herself has said repeatedly that she has no tolerance for a guy who doesn’t respect her or refuses to treat her right, so we know Richardson must be ticking all her boxes.

People Who Have Been in Rumored Relationships with Anna Kendrick

Even though she has only been in two confirmed relationships since she has been in the spotlight, Anna has had a few relationship rumors of her own with other celebrities. Unsurprisingly, most of them were actors she was working with at the time.

Alfie Allen

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Some speculations were going around that she was dating the Game of Thrones actor Alfie Allen. The two were together on a rare sighting of Anna Kendrick with a man. So naturally, the rumors began to fly.

To close the pandora’s box, Anna took to Twitter to say it was just a rumor. She found it hilarious and even apologized to Alfie for the confusion he was probably experiencing because of the news.

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Chris Pine

Anna Kendrick Relationship
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Anna Kendrick has also been linked to Chris Pine, whom she starred alongside in Into the Woods. But this also turned out to be a work of imagination. It was a particularly substantive rumor, not in terms of evidence, but based on how much most fans wanted it to be true.

Unfortunately, it was another internet hoax, and it wouldn’t be the last one in Anna Kendrick’s public relationship history.

Zac Efron

In the age of Instagram, sharing ‘intimate’ photos of each other with suggestive captions is how celebrities announce their new relationships. So, when Anna Kendrick and Zac Efron posted pictures of each other in 2015, the general public lost their minds.

They posted a supposedly sneaked photo of each other, with a cute caption to go with them. Sadly, Anna and Zack were simply goofing around during the filming of their romantic comedy, Mike & Dave Need Wedding Dates. There was also the added fact that she was dating Ben Richardson at the time.

Jake Gyllenhaal

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Jake Gyllenhaal is Hollywood’s resident hot/weird guy. Anna Kendrick has a similar reputation. So it was only a matter of time that the two of them became subjects of relationship rumors, and it happened in 2011. Like most of Anna’s other rumored relationships, the two starred in the film, End of Watch. Press insight into the filming process (it was very intimate), sparked relationship rumors, but like others, it turned out to be false.

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