Facts To Know About Noah Galuten (Iliza Shlesinger’s Husband)

A very affable and hard-working man, Noah Galuten is an American writer and chef who shot into the limelight when he got married to Iliza Shlesinger, a popular comedian. Iliza who is loved for her incredible ability to crack ribs has been in the spotlight for some time, winning so many fans and becoming a darling of many comedy lovers. Her popularity has rubbed off on Noah Galuten and has helped to expose him to a wider audience around America.

However, even though Noah became a known public figure following his marriage to Iliza Shlesinger, it is noteworthy that he was already a man of his own before he met her, having worked in different places and engaged in different things he was passionate about.

His Early Life and Career Beginnings

Noah Galuten
Noah Galuten, Brisket Hash, and Chelsea Peretti (Image Source)

Noah Galuten was born on the 21st day of September 1982 in Santa Monica, a popular city in California, the USA where he also grew up with the rest of the family. His mother has been identified as Nancy Lyons and his father is called Albhy Galuten. Noah’s father is a musician and producer who has won awards for his creativity including a Grammy award as a producer. During his career, he produced 18 No. 1 singles and has sold out more than 100 million albums.

Noah’s mother, on the other hand, is very passionate about aesthetics and worked as a landscape and garden designer. Apparently, Noah grew up in a well-do-to home and was provided all he needed to have a great life. Growing up, Noah Galuten attended the Santa Monica High School in California. When he graduated, he proceeded to attend the University of California in Los Angeles where he studied Theater and graduated in 2004.

What You Need To Know About The Writer

He Tried Playwriting

After he graduated from the University of California, Noah Galuten moved to New York and tried his hands at playwriting. However, he was largely unsuccessful with the move. He barely knew anyone and had no connections he could bank on.

At the age of 25, Noah found out he was a broke and unemployed playwright who was struggling to get himself through his days. He decided to return to California to do something else.

He Started a Food Blog

After failing to record any success as a playwright, Noah Galuten started a food blog called ‘Man Bites World’. It turned out that food was something he was very passionate about and so he decided to make a profession out of it. Noah revealed that he grew up around good food and so he has always known his way around the kitchen adding that when he was just 6 years old, he began to stand on a stool to make marinara sauce. This was mainly because of his mother’s influence on him; his mother loved cooking as well and often made sure Noah saw what she was doing.

When he opened his blog, ‘Man Bites World’, Noah decided to do something unique; he traveled around the USA trying out different cuisines from a different country every day in a row and then wrote about the taste and feel of the cuisines on his blog. He attracted readers with his experiment as several thousands of people visited his website within months.

He Met Iliza Shlesinger on a Dating App

Noah Galuten
Noah Galuten and Iliza Shlesinger on their wedding day.

Noah Galuten and Iliza Shlesinger are a happily married couple. But how did they meet? According to sources, the couple met on a dating app and instantly caught each other’s attention. They consequently decided to meet and started dating afterward.

Their love soared and less than a year after they started dating, Noah proposed to Iliza in a very romantic way. Talking about the experience, Iliza revealed that she and Noah had gone out for dinner and when they came back, she saw that their room was full of flowers and candles. Noah, who had enlisted the help of his mother and Iliza’s assistant to set the flowers and candles in place, then went on his knees and popped the big question. And Iliza accepted!

They eventually got married on May 12, 2018, in a traditional Jewish wedding ceremony which held at South Park City Center in downtown Los Angeles.

He Now Operates His Own Kitchen

Noah Galuten is now a chef and operates his own kitchen, a famous barbecue restaurant in Los Angeles. He also hosts his own food web series and used to upload several videos on his YouTube channel, Tasted.

Having been a food writer, the chef has also worked as a restaurant critic and has written articles on food for different publications including LA Weekly and Los Angeles magazine. In fact, he is reported to have covered all the angles of the LA Weekly’s food news beat.

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At the moment, sources have revealed that Noah Galuten works for the Golden State restaurant group, where he has been assigned to oversee affairs at different outlets of the group including Bludso’s Bar & Que locations, Cofax, and Prime Pizza in Los Angeles. Noah Galuten has also co-authored a book called “On Vegetables: Modern Recipes for the Home Kitchen” with Jeremy Fox, another renowned chef.

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