How Much Money Does iDubbbz Make And Who Is His Latest Girlfriend?

The millennial generation is the generation of the internet, and its relationship with it has been worthy of academic study. From social media to startups, millennials, through the use of the internet, have been able to shape social culture and modern life as a whole. There is no better example of this than YouTube, where popular content creators on the video platform are celebrated personalities in the media like Jake Paul, Logan PaulRiceGum, and Ian Carter, who is more popularly known as iDubbbz.

Ian Carter, or iDubbbz, as we shall refer to him henceforth, has been able to command a sizeable portion of YouTube followership with over 7.3 million subscribers to his channel and over 1 billion views since he started his channel. His genre of YouTube content cuts across comedy, gaming, and reviews.

iDubbbz’s YouTube Career Began in 2012

On 27th July 1991, a couple in Texas welcomed a newborn child that would one day become nationally known as iDubbbz. He is one of three sons born to his parents, but he never got to live the bliss of a happy family for a long time due to the fact his parents separated when he was young.

The man now known to millions around the world attended high school but details of that are at the moment unknown. There is also no evidence of him attending college. But while his education history might be a mystery to his fans and the media as a whole, the most crucial part of iDubbbz’s story began on 18th August 2012, when he created his first YouTube channel, iDubbzTV. His attempt at starting a YouTube career did not start until the 30th of the same month when he uploaded a video of himself playing the game, Overgrowth.

For a while, iDubbz uploaded gaming videos until 2013 when he decided to start a series called Kickstart Crap. The series is the first of three projects that have defined Ian Carter’s primary channel as a YouTuber.

The second is Content Cop, where he mocks fellow YouTubers who go to extreme and controversial lengths to attract subscribers to their channels. The third one is Bad Unboxing, which is dedicated to creating jokes and laughs out of some of the fan mail and strange gifts he gets.

Outside of the content of his primary channel, iDubbbzTV, iDubbbz has two additional channels – iDubbbzTV2 and iDubbbzgames. Throughout his YouTube career, he has partnered with other YouTubers like PewDiePie, Boyinaband, Maxmoefoe, and a couple more others.

He is One of YouTube’s Biggest Earners

Being the owner of one of the top channels on YouTube, iDubbbzTV, which has over 7.9 million subscribers with a record of over 1 billion views since its creation in 2012, it is estimated that Ian makes between $3.6k to $57.8k per month and $43.2k to $693.6k per year.

However, his earnings are not only limited to the channel above. Instead, it cuts across his other two, iDubbbzTV2 and iDubbbzgames, which have over 3.1 million and 883 thousand subscribers, respectively.

This earning potential has helped iDubbbz to a staggering net worth of $1.5 million. As someone with digital influence, he has also attracted sponsorships and endorsements, not to mention the income he rakes in from customized shirt sales. All of this has undoubtedly further contributed to his net worth.

iDubbbz is Still with His Girlfriend

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A video iDubbbz released on his channel in May 2016 may have sparked rumors about him being gay, but there is nothing that could be further from the truth about the YouTuber. He is very much a straight man and is in a relationship with fellow YouTuber Anisa Jomha. The content creator isn’t known to have been in a relationship with anyone else aside from her. So far, the couple appears to be happy together, sharing their highs and lows as social media personalities.

Anisa, a biracial diva of Irish and Lebanese descent, was born in Canada on 25th June 1993. Though her mother, Maureen, was Catholic before marrying her Muslim father, Anisa, along with her known siblings Iman and Muhammed, were raised in the Muslim faith. She, however, denounced the religion at age 16, and while her father did not take it well at first, he later understood.

Besides YouTube, Jomha is also a social media sweetheart and a Twitch Streamer. On the latter, she streams videos of herself playing games like League of Legends. Her streaming journey began in 2015, a year after she secured a B.Ed. Degree in Fine Studio Arts from the University of Alberta.

Exactly how long both YouTubers have been in a relationship is a piece of information unknown at this point. But the assumption is that they met online sometime around 2011. The couple eventually met in person in San Diego when Anisa traveled down from Canada for a Twitch conference. They have since then been in a relationship.

Once things got serious between the couple, Jomha moved from her hometown to California to be with her boyfriend, iDubbbz. Their relationship has been a substantial part of iDubbbz’s content, as he often features her on his videos. If his posts are anything to go by, the YouTuber is undoubtedly in love with her.

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Controversy Surrounding iDubbbz’s Girlfriend

iDubbz’s fans are not particularly fond of his girlfriend. A lot of people have benefitted from their partner’s online popularity, Anisa Jomha inclusive. However, her boyfriend’s fans do not seem to believe that she is worthy of their idol. This, in addition to some controversial incidents in Anisa’s past, is why iDubbbz’s stans are not her biggest supporters.

So, when Jomha made a tweet in March 2020 announcing her new business venture in the form of an OnlyFans account, the vultures saw it as their cue to dig in on her and iDubbbz.

Having been loud in his criticism of “Bobby Streamers” (content creators who draw attention to their page by dressing seductively) in the past, iDubbbz’s support of his girlfriend’s decision to sell her nudes on the exclusive adult site was tagged a hypocritical move.

In their outrage, the online community – fans and other YouTubers including PewDiePie – turned on him for his double standards and called him several names from hypocrite to simp.

In response, iDubbz made a video where he addressed the issue. He revealed how fans turned against him and essentially chose his girlfriend again, stating it is okay if some people no longer look up to him.

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